Folder Maryknoll Affiliate Organizational Documents

Documents and packets for the Maryknoll Affiliates, including the Maryknoll Affiliates Handbook, Organizational Documents, Chapter Starter Packets, etc.


Folder Chapter Starter Packet

The Chapter Stater Packet includes the materials for people interested in pursuing the possibility of founding a new Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter. Once an individual or group indicates that they are interested in starting a new Chapter, we send this material. This material bridges the initial inquiry and the formation period. This could be considered the initial discernment. The material here helps in the first few meetings of a group to see what would be involved in starting a Chapter.

In addition to the Cover Pages, the Materials in this packet include:

  • Your First Meetings
  • Maryknoll Affiliate Identity Statement
  • Maryknoll Affiliate Covenant
  • Important Roles for Maryknoll Affiliate Chapters
  • Copies of the Affiliate Brochure (These can be requested from the Executive Coordinator)
  • Facilitator Information
  • Sample Meeting Minutes (registered users have access to the minutes of other Chapters on Chapter webpages)
  • A List of Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to Register for the Maryknoll Affiliate Website

Folder Introductory Packet

The introductory packet is for people interested in the Maryknoll Affiliates. It contains material beyond the basic brochure and FAQ sheet, though they are also included in this packet. This would normally be given to someone who actually goes to a Maryknoll Affiliate meeting and could be given to them at that meeting. The packet includes the following, some of which can be download here.

  • The Maryknoll Affiliate Booklet
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Maryknoll Affiliate brochure
  • A back issue of Not So Far Afield Newsletter, the Maryknoll Affiliate Newsletter
  • Basic Information Form
  • How to register for the Maryknoll Affiliates Website

Feel free to make copies of these materials to give to the person interested.


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