Our Mission Statement

Maryknoll Affiliates, while continuing to pursue their own life's journey, commit themselves to the mission goals of Maryknoll in the context of Chapters that gather for prayer, reflection and action. Maryknoll Affiliates challenge one another to witness to mission as a way of life by going beyond borders, locally and globally, walking with the poor and excluded, and striving for peace and justice for all of God's creation.xx

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Our Story

Desiring to live out a faith journey in a world that is both increasingly interconnected and more fragile and fragmented, Maryknoll Affiliates gather in over 50 small mission communities spread throughout the US, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Guided by our four pillars of global vision, spirituality, community and action, we affirm our belief that God's presence and love invite all human beings into a fullness of life. Whether serving internationally or cross-culturally in our local context, we seek especially to be in solidarity with the poor, the oppressed and the excluded. We are continuously enriched by encounters with the life and faith experiences of a diversity of peoples and inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of adversity and suffering.

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