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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 20:47

Year of Mercy

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To celebrate the Jubilee Year of Mercy, from December 8, 2015, through November 20, 2016, the end of the liturgical year and Feast of Christ the King, the Catholic Church around the world will proclaim God’s love and mercy, invoking God’s blessings and pardon. 

During the Year of Mercy, as missionary disciples through Baptism, you are invited to share mercy moments that you have witnessed or acts of mercy that you have offered to or received from others. The Maryknoll magazine will publish some submissions throughout the jubilee year. Mercy moments also can be posted to a special Maryknoll Mercy Moments web page:


Excerpted from Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers’ Year of Mercy press release dated Dec. 7, 2015.
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 20:35

Spirituality, San Diego Style

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A Chapter Profile

San Diego Affiliates used a meeting early in 2015 to ask themselves, “What drew you to become a part of this group?” and “What keeps you coming back?” Their answers, which member Michele Dunne summarized, were very revealing. Personal invitation and a personal connection to someone in the chapter drew them in, and Spirituality and Community (two of the Affiliates’ Four Pillars) keep them coming back.

Sunday, 01 November 2015 06:07

The World Needs You!

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Yes! The world needs Maryknoll Affiliates. Bob Short emphasized this at two Regional Affiliate Conferences this summer and now in this NSFA.

This issue also includes a tribute to Ann Carr by the Board and other Maryknollers for her many years of service as she leaves the Affiliate Board. Please post your special memory of Ann on the Maryknoll Affiliate Facebook page.

We’ve also been inspired by the Pope’s US visit and his challenging environmental encyclical. Several Chapters, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Sacramento, and New Orleans, plan to study and reflect on Laudato Si. The USCCB’s discussion guide and the Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns’ newsletter, Encounters, add to the conversation.  John Moritz’s formation article on Prophetic Witness also provides reflection questions that could be used in an Affiliate gathering.

Please send news about your chapters and mission activities to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

News from the Maryknoll Affiliate Board: 

  • At the October 2015 Board meeting, David Schaffner was selected to replace Ann Carr, the outgoing Chair, and will serve as Chair for the next year. 
  • Coming Soon! The annual request that you help cover our operating budget will arrive in your mailbox by December. Please be prayerful and generous in your response. 

Articles in this issue:

Come and See – "When asked, 'What did you do?' my reply is, 'We played with the children, giving them our attention. We met with the elderly, showing them they, too, were worthy of our visit.' "—Santa Orlando


The World Needs Maryknoll Affiliates – "When asked if the Affiliate movement was beginning to wind down, she immediately replied, “No! It can’t wind down; so much in the world needs people with our vision and commitment.”—Bob Short


Creating a Context for MaryKnoll’s work in the Global South – "In an age of rapid globalization and gaping wealth disparity, Pope Francis’ message transcends religion, culture, and language, calling us to end the systems that cause disenfranchisement and despair."—David Stoker

An Appreciation of Ann Carr – "The future of Maryknoll will be a reflection of your leadership."—John Moritz

When New Orleans Affiliates Meet... – "We share what we’re doing but don’t spend a lot of time socializing."

New Northwestern Regional Coordinators – "Janet and Ralph make a great RC team.."

Whose Prophet Am I? – "By where we live, what kind of car we drive, everything we do, we proclaim what we hold dear to us."—John Moritz 

To read this issue in its print version, you may access and download the pdf at Downloads- Not So Far Afield. And don't miss the entries in this issue's Features and  The Board and EC Speak!


Sunday, 01 November 2015 05:43

Come and See

Written by

Santa Orlando – Albany, NY, Chapter

As an Affiliate, I have had numerous opportunities to spend time with Maryknoll Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, and many other Affiliates. I have been to the Knoll for conferences, celebrations, and Institute classes and just to visit friends. What was missing in my Maryknoll exposure was contact with the Maryknoll Lay Missioners. I found myself asking, who are they, and what do they do? The desire to know led me to join 14 other travelers for a FAB (Friends Across the Border) trip to Bolivia. I met up with them at the Miami Airport, equipped with my carry-on luggage, a positive attitude, and the willingness to participate fully in the experience.

Saturday, 31 October 2015 19:06

Russell D. Carll—We Miss Him

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Matt Rousso – New Orleans Chapter

The Affiliates of New Orleans mourned the death of one of our very well liked and respected New members in early October. Though he, along with his wife Angela, was an Affiliate for only three short years, he always chided Matt for not inviting him to join the Maryknoll Affiliates earlier.

Besides being a good Affiliate, Russ was very active in many civic and church affairs. One of his friends described the Russ we knew: “He modeled what it was to be a Christian without pretension. He loved life; he loved people; he loved his family. ‘Professor Past,’ his clown name, was generous with his time and loved not only to entertain but to visit with those in the nursing homes. Sometimes faced with difficult choices, love was always the deciding factor.” 

We all miss him!



Saturday, 31 October 2015 18:51

The World Needs Maryknoll Affiliates

Written by

Bob Short – Executive Coordinator

Adapted from Bob Short’s presentations at the 2015 Western and Midwest Regional Affiliate Conferences.

A phone conversation with Celine Woznica, the Chicago Central Chapter contact person, inspired this title. She and her husband Don are my friends from our days as Maryknoll Lay Missioners in Latin America. When asked if the Affiliate movement was beginning to wind down, she immediately replied, “No! It can’t wind down; so much in the world needs people with our vision and commitment.” 

Join me in examining the impact of the Affiliate Movement from three perspectives: (1) the outer reality, (2) the inner reality, and (3) the Affiliate Pillars.

David Stocker – NSFA Editorial Board

The free flow of global capital and the restriction of migrants desperate to escape violence is a paradox for today. It is impossible to understand the tragedy of poverty, corruption, and violence in Latin America without placing in context the systems of economic extraction and oppression that have gripped the region for five centuries. Knowing our own part in the history of empire, we can begin to discern critical connections, for example, between wildly gyrating global financial markets and millions of refugees in Europe; between the US War on Drugs and the disappearance of 43 students in Ayotzinapa-Mexico; between US rapprochement with Cuba and the immense US military build up in Colombia. 

Saturday, 31 October 2015 18:15

An Appreciation of Ann Carr

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Ossining, New York – October 24, 2015

The October 2015 Board meeting completed Ann Carr’s final year as chair of the Maryknoll Affiliate Board. At a reception that weekend, Board members and many other Maryknoll missioners expressed gratitude for her dedicated service. 

Below are statements drawn from a collection of tributes to Ann that were presented to her that evening. If you would like to add your remembrances of Ann not only during her tenure as Board president, but from any time in her life as a missioner, please feel free to post them on our Maryknoll Affiliates Facebook page.

Ann’s dedication to the Affiliates has kept us going, on track, and growing. I can only imagine the amount of time she has spent in thorough, thoughtful and respectful emails, phone calls, and meetings, late into the night.—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

Saturday, 31 October 2015 18:07

When New Orleans Affiliates Meet...

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A Chapter Profile

Affiliates of the New Orleans/Gulf South Chapter eagerly shared what being an Affiliate means to them and how they maintain an active chapter.

New Orleans Affiliates say: 

  • There’s a spiritual energy in this group.
  • For me the Affiliates can be summed up by Peace through Christ. We’re all in this together. We need to be active pursuing that peace.
  • Maryknoll for me is a faith community that crosses borders, locally and globally.
  • Maryknoll nurtures my faith; I learn about and work for social justice in other parts of the world.
  • I like to hear about the missions, what’s happening, how we can help.
  • We are all on a faith journey.
  • I may not be able to go on the immersions but hearing about the missions of others helps me be in solidarity, to have the Maryknoll Affiliate global vision.
  • Affiliates are a family. We need to be a family to everyone.
Saturday, 31 October 2015 18:03

Hunthausen’s Struggles

Written by

Al Drinkwine – Seattle Chapter

A review of:  A Still and Quiet Conscience,  by John A. McCoy, Orbis Books

If you seek factual insight into how papal policy, teamed with political power, can instill fear as it controls the populace, then John A. McCoy’s book, A Still and Quiet Conscience—The Archbishop Who Challenged a Pope, a President, and a Church, should be at the top of your Must Read list.

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