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Guatemala, al igual que otros países de la región latinoamericana, es objeto de interés para inversión extranjera sobre todo dedicada a procesos industriales: maquilería, minería de metales e hidroeléctricas entre otras. Al igual que los otros países de la región, se encuentra abierta al desarrollo, a mantener buenas relaciones internacionales y mejorar los índices económicos. Al igual que los otros países de la región se caracteriza por diversidad cultural, étnica, religiosa entre su población. Al igual que los otros países de la región es rica, riquísima en recursos naturales y en la fuerza de trabajo juvenil.

A diferencias de los otros países de la región, presenta las peores estadísticas de pobreza, más del 50% de su juventud está fuera del sistema educativo formal y uno de cada cinco niños y niñas lucha contra la desnutrición crónica. A diferencia de los otros países de la región, la niñez y juventud vive en carne propia las historias que contaron sus padres, madres, abuelos y abuelas sobre el conflicto armado interno mientras el gobierno actual retoma las acciones represivas y de espionaje militar.

Monseñor Juan Gerardi Conedera

Parte del compromiso y misión de la Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala -ODHAG- es acompañar, promover y defender el cumplimiento de la vigencia de los Derechos Humanos.  En ese sentido desde 1996 ha monitoreado y dado seguimiento a la situación de la niñez y adolescencia en Guatemala.

Es así como con mucha preocupación e indignación se ve cómo la problemática de la niñez y la adolescencia se agrava como resultado de la violencia estructural, dejando al descubierto las causas de problemáticas históricas no resueltas del país.

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Estrella es una niña del Programa de Apoyo Escolar de la  Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de La Salette en Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Probablemente no sea una de las mejores alumnas de  su colegio.  A veces es difícil motivarla cuando tiene tareas.  Un día en particular, tenía que trabajar en un proyecto para el Día de la Madre.  Como no avanzaba, traté de ayudarla a pensar con una pregunta.  “¿Cómo son las mamás?” le pregunté.  “Malas,” me dijo ella.  Yo pensé que estaba bromeando con su respuesta.  Por eso, le dije que continuara trabajando y que volvería más tarde. 

The Maryknoll Affiliate mission statement says that we Affiliates cross borders. This issue emphasizes some of the many ways we do that. Executive Coordinator, Bob Short gives a deeper explanation of the message of MAC 2014 and the New Wave, as do the Affiliates in the Spanish No Tan Lejos del Horizontes. Crossing Borders means new ways of seeing the world, resisting the injustices, working constructively to live new ways, engaging the power structures, transforming ourselves and being the new wave of mission.

We can cross borders electronically, too.  Almost 100 people have responded to the Affiliate Media Survey; We’ll report the results in the next NSFA issue.

Send us your comments and experiences crossing borders, or anything you see of interest to Affiliates at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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A Joyful New Wave – “The new paradigm aligns much more closely with Gospel values, with how Jesus preached and lived." – Bob Short

Unaccompanied Children Refugees – “I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.”

Responding to the Culture of Death – “How can I respond to the massive waste, environmental destruction, and disrespect for life that permeates these projects and indeed our whole society?" – Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

Still Talking about MAC 2014 – “A key issue for me was being able to share our personal work stories among the Chapters; it also helped to ground our everyday theory."
– Kitty Madden, Nicaragua

Join BDS – “By calling for sanctions against Israel, campaigners educate society about the violations of international law and seek to end the complicity of other nations in these violations." – Manny Hotchkiss

An Urban Home-Raising and So Much More – “We raised a 180-square-foot cob cabin that weekend, but what we really built was a beloved community." – Kyle Chandler-Isacksen

Advocacy Is about Relationships with the Powerful – A personal visit is most effective, but we can also advocate through personal letters, telephone calls, email, and prayer." – Penny Robinson


Check out all the pages, especially The Board and EC Speak and Features.




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A Joyful New Wave

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The Maryknoll Affiliate Conference has been described as a gathering point for cultures, countries, and communities rooted in the Affiliate pillars—spirituality, community, global vision, and action—as well as by their affection for each other. We come together to encourage and strengthen ourselves in building a society of brothers and sisters that make present the the Good News of the Gospel here and now.

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Advocacy Is about Relationships with the Powerful

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Maryknoller Ed Klecker (2nd from right) and ESTHER member Dave Robbins deliver immigration petitions to Rep. Ribble’s staff. [photo courtesy of Penny Robinson]

One of the best ways to mission is advocating for systemic change. Active members of Fox Cities-Wisconsin Chapter have all advocated through ESTHER, an Affiliate of the state organization WISDOM. We are an interfaith community-organizing group that works for social justice, and we are affiliated with the national organization, Gamaliel.

Maryknoller Ed Klecker (2nd from right) and ESTHER member Dave Robbins deliver immigration petitions to Rep. Ribble’s staff. [photo courtesy of Penny Robinson]
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An Urban Home-Raising—and So Much More

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Kyle Chandler-Isacksen – Reno Chapter

We raised a 180-square-foot cob cabin that weekend, but what we really built was a beloved community.

Be the Change Project and House Alive! conducted a joint three-day cordwood cob-house-raising workshop in early May, in Reno, Nevada. “Cob” is a slow and laborious building technique, and, as far as we know, this one-day effort was a first. Interest and registrations in the months leading up to the “One-Day Cob House” event were great, and we gathered on Friday morning with 60 people and high hopes.

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Join BDS

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The recent and repeated bombings in and around Gaza in the Holy Land expose the ineffectiveness and immorality of violence. I have heard folks say, “If only they would try to settle their differences using nonviolence.” BDS is a nonviolent way for those who are suffering in an unjust and untenable situation to join with those who are complicit. I first saw the injustices in Israel and Palestine in 2007, when I traveled there with Fr. Jack Sullivan, MM, and a group of Maryknoll Affiliates. We saw the suffering and the nonviolent response of the Palestinian people.

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Still Talking about MAC 2014

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Translated from No Tan Lejos del Horizonte, August 2014

Fatima Carrera, Perú: Meaning of the Third Wave: I think it’s time for the Maryknoll Affiliates to appropriate the true meaning of its role as laity and take our special role in society. It’s time to discern the signs of the times and in our daily work to be signs pointing to a just and equitable society, to defend human rights, to form a body of opinion about the country in which we find ourselves, to enforce the rights of people who have no voice, to be the hands and ears of God among the people.

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Responding to the Culture of Death

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I was most impressed and very depressed, almost paralyzed, by the incomprehensible scale of the nuclear waste projects we saw this summer on our free tour* of the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington State. How can I respond to the massive waste, environmental destruction, and disrespect for life that permeates these projects and indeed our whole society?

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