Robert Short

Robert Short

Saturday, 27 August 2016 21:59

Genuine Community

Bob Short – Executive Coordinator

Seeking Global Community is our Affiliate vision statement. “Seeking” might not be the perfect verb (up until a few years ago, it was “Creating,” but that seemed a touch grandiose). Nevertheless, global community was and is at the heart of our intention.

So, we ask if the world today is more unified or less unified than it was yesterday? Is there a sense, if still faint, that we are a part of a wondrous whole, an integral, connected global community? The evidence for and against this supposition is abundant.


We launched the Affiliate Book Club about a month ago and chose Ilia Delio’s Making All Things New- Catholicity, Cosmology & Consciousness as our first book.  When the planning team – Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss, Paula Schaffner and Bob Short – first thought of the book club, we anticipated that 6 to, optimistically, 10 might sign up.  By the time we launched the first session, 41 had requested to join.  It would be fun to speculate why so many latched onto this initiative – 1) Ilea Delio 2) interest in new cosmology 3) virtual community 4) following through on a New Year’s resolution to shut off the TV and read more 5) etc. – In the end, we don’t know, but are very encouraged by such a positive response.

We divided the full complement of participants into 3 groups on separate days and to date have covered three chapters of the book.  Anything by Ilia Delio and authors like her is challenging.  She speaks of quantum consciousness, evolution and emergence, Big Bang catholicity, Jesus and creative wholeness and much else.  Nevertheless, what I found in the Friday group of which I am a part (and I’m sure this is true of the other two groups), is that all are enthused, engaged and, on an intuitive level, very much concur with what we are reading.  I think that must have a lot to do with the life experience, faithfulness, interior center and developed critical sense of the participants

Essentially, like Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Berry and others who came before her, Ilia speaks to us about a new paradigm for understanding our God, faith, Church and the human community.  In the end, it might actually be a very old paradigm. 


Ken Eppes, South Central Regional Coordinator, "Got to thinking" about talking points for 'Why I should be a Maryknoll Affiliate/Why I should form an Affiliate Chapter?  He brought this to his Chapter in North Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area) and they came up with the following talking points. 

Can you think of others?

Being a Maryknoll Affiliate:

  • 1.     Gives you the opportunity to be a part of Maryknoll, a world-wide American mission society. 
  • 2.     Gives you the opportunity to be part of an international network of lay people who spread the Good News of God’s love in the way their unique circumstances permit. 
  • 3.     Gives you the opportunity to be educated and spiritually formed in mission.
  • 4.     Gives you the opportunity to rub elbows with veteran, lifelong missioners and draw on their wisdom.
  • 5.     Gives you the opportunity to meet regularly with like-minded people.
  • 6.     Gives you the opportunity to find support for your current involvements.
  • 7.     Gives you the opportunity to help others to answer their baptismal call to mission.
  • 8.     Gives you the opportunity to participate in a rich dialogue about mission.
  • 9.     Gives you the opportunity to engage in a continuous mission formation process.
  • 10.  Gives you the opportunity to grow in solidarity with the poor people of the world.

Sr. Peg Donovan, Director of Maryknoll Mission Institute, invites us to consider attending this important Mission Institute Program: EMBODYING THE OPTION FOR THE POOR which will be held July 17 – 22, 2016. Maria Teresa Davila is a dynamic presenter giving many talks to CALL FOR ACTION and in her teaching at Andover Newton.

Maryknoll Affiliates are eligible for 1/2 off the tuition charge.

Contact Information:
Sr. Peg M. Donovan, MM
Maryknoll Mission Institute
P.O Box 311
Maryknoll, NY 10545-0311
(914) 941-0783 Ext.5671 (direct line)
(914) 941-7575 Ext. 5671
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The New Orleans Affiliates are hosting this regional conference - "Mission as Accompaniment" - from September 30 - October 2, 2016.  Housing will be at the Archdiocesan Retreat Center on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans.  See a complete description at: 

Regional conferences provide a wonderful opportunity to build cohesiveness among Affiliates and Chapters in the region and beyond; and, for Affiliates to connect with Maryknollers from all the entities.  The also help to broaden our perspectives on mission today.  For a brochure, write to Matt Rousso at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To register, fill out the form below and send it with your check to the address listed:

Name___________________________________________________  Address_________________________________________________

Phone __________________________________________________  Email___________________________________________________


Room/Meals 2 nights (no double)................................$150

Commuter (meals only)..............................................$100

Make check payable to Matt Rousso and mail to:

Maryknoll Mission Center c/o Matt Rousso, 7730 Walmsley Ave. New Orleans, LA 70125



In their May meeting, the New Jersey Affiliate Chapter explored “…what might be an Affiliate response to the present political climate, and if there are any possible ways to elevate the level of discourse. In other words, as people of faith and hope, imbued with the values of Maryknoll, is there anything in particular that we have to offer?”

It struck me that these are critical questions for all of us striving to live out the Maryknoll charism. 

In sending along the minutes for this New Jersey Chapter meeting, Lenore Smith-Aman wrote that members listed a sampling of pressing concerns that included:

·      The fact that serous issues are being ignored in favor of inflammatory rhetoric.

Racism, lies, outrageous claims.

·      Fear of polarization.

·      Climate change

·      Supreme court

·      Bullying in international relationships

·      Immigration issues, isolationist trends

·      Influence of Israel on ourMiddle East policies

·      Generalized feelings of anxiety/hopelessness about real solution

·      Tendency to “ escape from freedom” by giving power to demagoguery.

The also included a quote from Richard Rohr that speaks to our present historical reality and reminds us of the kinds of approaches (energies) that won’t help in this regard:

Our collective shadow is on display, exposing fear and bigotry, yet oppositional energies cannot bring about the change we so desperately need.

A much more through look at that Chapter meeting will appear in the next edition of NSFA.  For my part, I wondered if other chapters and others from among all the expressions within Maryknoll have begun to address this concern.  Please send along any of your efforts in this regard.


Friday, 10 June 2016 11:41

Mid-Year Appeal 2016


Maryknoll Affiliates

P.O. Box 311

Maryknoll, NY 10545-0311


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




June 2016




 Dear Affiliates:

First the good news: we have met our budget goals for each of the past four years, and are hopeful of doing the same this year. In recent years, we have reached our goal due to significant contributions through either investment distributions or estate bequests, but we recognize that income from such generosity is not recurring.

At the same time, the number of Affiliates contributing annually dropped from 194 in 2013 to 170 in 2015. We hope this is not a trend—we only ask for help from you who are on the Affiliate rolls. Bottom line: we appreciate our special friends, but we need a solid base of Affiliate contributors. To continue on a sound financial path, we are asking that each member make some contribution.

Our modest budget, in the $21-22,000 range, funds our operating costs, such as printing and distribution of our newsletters, technical assistance on the website, and travel for the Executive Coordinator. Remember, the Fathers and Brothers (Society), Sisters (Congregation), and the Maryknoll Lay Missioners fund the Executive Coordinator’s salary and benefits. Be assured that support exceeding our budget will be used wisely, whether to fund MAC travel grants, keep the website working well, or meet unforeseen expenses. We do all this to serve our larger vision to be in mission to the world, striving to build expanding circles of compassion through our pillars of Spirituality, Global Vision, Community, and Action.

For MAC2017 (to be held Nov. 9-12, 2017 in Guatemala), we hope to again offer travel grants to assure broad attendance. Look for details in Not So Far Afield or the Monday morning email. If by chance you are not receiving these, please contact Bob Short at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, please consider whether your chapter might be able to facilitate sending a representative.

If you have made a contribution since November 1, we say “Thank you!” for doing your part! We are not requesting a second donation, but if you choose to help a little more, it will be gratefully accepted.

With our thanks and prayers,


David Schaffner                                                                    Virginia McEvoy

Chair, Affiliate Board                                        Finance Committee


Thursday, 09 June 2016 18:54

2016 Spring/Summer Appeal Form

Maryknoll Affiliate June 2016 Appeal – 4014

Please complete the appropriate section and return the form in the envelope provided to:

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, PO Box 302, Maryknoll NY 10545-0302

Please make check payable to the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers and write Maryknoll Affiliates Annual Appeal in the memo line of your check.

Contribution from: ________________________________________  Date: _________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: ______________________ State: ___________ Zip/Postal Code: ____________ Country: _______________

Amount: o $25 o $50 o $100 o $200 o Other $__________

Credit Card: o VISA o MasterCard American Express Discover

Name as it appears on card: _________________________________________________________

Card# ___________________________________________________ Expiration Date ___________

Text Box: 	MARYKNOLL MISSION DIRECT AUTHORIZATION FORM FOR  CREDIT/DEBIT CARD USERS: You can have donations directly charged to a debit card or credit card or debited from your checking account on a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.


o YES! I would like to make regular automatic transfers to Maryknoll for the Maryknoll Affiliates 4014 Mission Account using my credit or debit card in the amount of $ __________. Should I decide to cancel, I will call Maryknoll. I understand that my donations will be recorded on my statement, which will serve as my receipt.

 Debit date is either the 5th or 12th day of the month. Please circle one: 5th or 12th

 Your full signature is required here: _______________________________________________________

 Please check the giving option you prefer: o Monthly o Bimonthly o Quarterly o Semi-Annually

o Annually

 Name as it appears on card: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State _________________

Zip/Postal Code: __________________ Country: ________________

o VISA MasterCard o American Express o Discover    Card # ____________________________________

Expiration Date ________________

I would like to enroll!*

o YES! I would like to make an automatic transfer from my bank account to Maryknoll for the Maryknoll Affiliates 4014 Mission Account in the amount of $ __________. Should I decide to cancel, I will call Maryknoll. I understand that my donations will be recorded on my bank statement, which will serve as my receipt.

Debit date is either the 5th or 12th day of the month. Please circle one: 5th or 12th

Your full signature is required here: ______________________________________________________

Please include voided check along with your donation.

Please check the giving option you prefer: o Monthly o Bimonthly o Quarterly o Semi-Annually

o Annually

Name: _________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State ___________________

Zip/Postal Code _________________________  Country: _______________________________

Text Box: Can’t give at this time or would you like to help in other ways?
There are many other ways you can help out.
If you would like to volunteer time and talent, whether you give financially or not, please fill out this portion of the form. You can also email Bob at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please check any ways in which you would be willing to help.

o Through prayer                                                               o Help edit Not So Far Afield

o Write articles for Not So Far Afield                                               o Any other volunteer work as needed

o Help translate from and to Spanish for our newsletter, web or other documents

o Help update the Maryknoll Affiliate website (articles, news, links, other items of interest)



 Maryknoll Affiliates

 PO Box 311

 Maryknoll NY 10545-0311


Friday, 20 May 2016 19:28

New Regional Coordinators

We are very happy to announce that two regions - California and the Northeast - now have new Regional Coordinators (RCs).  The new RCs will be replacing two foundational figures in the Affiliate world - Joe Santos (along with his wife Peggy) of California and Beth Begley of the Northeast.  Joe will remain the Affiliate liaison to the exploratory Cuba initiative and Beth the liaison to Just Faith Ministries and the Sisters' Mission Institute.  Un millón de gracias to these  wonderful, committed people.

The new Regional Coordinators will be:

CALIFORNIA - Hugh and Jean Menton of the Los Angeles Chapter.  Joe Santos provided a brief bio from which the following is extracted:

In 1970 Hugh began working in Pomona Unified School district, where he worked for 36 years as a teacher and administrator.  Jean was at home with the children until their youngest was a preschooler and then she began a journey towards returning to teaching.  This time she was attracted to preschool and a 20 year career as a Head Start teacher followed.  Both worked primarily with students, families and schools in poorer neighborhoods serving immigrant, low income and diverse linguistic, racial/ethnic neighborhoods.

They have been active in their parish, Our Lady of the Assumption, since the early 1970s.  Besides the usual religious, educational and social activities their four children drew them into, they have been involved in a variety of social justice activities beginning with the Christian Family Movement, Outreach Coordinating Council of the Parish Leadership Council, JustFaith programs, actions and development, St. Camillus Spiritual Care Center in Los Angeles, serving LAC+USC Medical Center (county hospital) and the Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program.  They joined the Greater Los Angeles, Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter a few years ago after a Maryknoll Lay Mission Immersion with other JustFaith program graduates to lay missioners’ projects in El Salvador.

They spent time discerning the invitation to become California Region Coordinators.  Their belief that the Spirit works in communities and linking communities increases the affect of the Spirit’s work lead them to say yes to this role.    

NORTHEAST - Santa Orlando of the Albany Chapter. 

Many of you will remember Santa from her extensive work on the 2014 MAC at Stony Point.  You might also remember her son, Kevin, who was the DJ for our wild parties during the Conference.  Santa is originally from Long Island (her NY - down city - accent will confirm that) where she began her career as a medical technician doing lots of work in chemistry.  She then moved to the greater Albany area where she started a lab for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  Santa now teaches high school biology. Any one who has who have come to know Santa is inevitably struck by her straightforward charm.  There is no pretense in Santa, but there is a strong commitment to Maryknoll's mission charism.

Last year she took a Friends Across Borders trip to Bolivia and wrote about that in a thoughtful and moving article for NSFA.  She has also taken three trips to Guatemala as part of the sister relationship the Albany Chapter has there.  Perhaps what stands out most about Santa is the energy, insight and integrity she brings to anything she believes in.  And, she believes in the Affiliate movement a great deal.

Welcome aboard Santa, Jean and Hugh




Thursday, 28 April 2016 01:00

NEW - Maryknoll Affiliate Book Adventure

Join the Affiliate Book Group?

A new book discussion group, open to all Maryknollers, is forming. In response to the Affiliate survey and inspired by the new series from Orbis Books, Catholicity in an Evolving Universe (, several Affiliates suggest discussing “Making All Things New: Catholicity, Cosmology, Consciousness” by Ilia Delio, OSF (

Participation does not require travel because the discussions will be through free conference calls and/or on-line, but email and a telephone are needed. Participants will determine the group’s timeline and format. If you’re interested, send your name, email address, and phone number to Bob Short at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When enough folks have replied, we will send an organizing email with further information and questions.

Do your fellow Affiliates enjoy discussing books? Perhaps your Chapter could also read Ilia Delio’s book together, enriched by your involvement in the Affiliate group discussion.

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