Robert Short

Robert Short

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 13:54

Affiliate Book Group - Session 2

The Maryknoll Affiliate Book Group restarts in early January.  Participants from last year’s group told us that it was a very positive experience for just about everyone. Not only was it substantive with a good deal of learning taking place, but in many ways it (all three groups) became a kind of virtual community with a sense of camaraderie and trust.  Here’s what we propose for the next session:

·    Meeting (call) times will be the same as before – see below. However, we will try to accommodate another time, if there are sufficient requests. 

·    Format – we will use the same format as last year: A weekly conference call using free UberConference with approximately 1 hour for each call.  Participants will, if possible, take turns identifying 3-5 questions for each session that will be submitted 3 or 4 days before the upcoming session.  Participants on the call are mindful to allow appropriate time for each person to speak.  Participants will each obtain their own book. Also, we will limit the number of participants in any group to 12. 

·    Book Selection – after receiving over 25 suggestions from book group participants, we have listed two books to choose from – see below.  Please choose your preferred book between these two.  We will correlate the books chosen with the respective group, i.e., if, arbitrarily, there are 12 people in the Sunday group and 4 choose book A and 8 choose book B, we will go with book B for the Sunday group.  We realize this could mean that you might want to change to a group that selected the book you prefer.  This is not a perfect arrangement, but we will do our best to accommodate as many as possible.  Note: ORBIS BOOKS provides a 40% discount to all Affiliate Book Group participants.  Just mention "Maryknoll Affiliates".

·      Expanding the participants – Please forward this notice to your Chapter, friends, parish community, etc. if you wish to invite them. 

To sign up, please complete the associated form and paste it into your email and reply to Bob at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If the form is not writable for you, please simply send Bob your name, the time (day) and book preference without using the form.


Thank you,

Paula Schaffner, Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss, Bob Short

Book Group Committee

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 13:46

Book Club Session 2 SIGN UP SHEET

Affiliate Book Club

Sign Up:

1.                   Name_________________________________________(indicates that you plan to participate)

2.                   Preferred time/group:

                                          ______ Sunday – 8:00 pm ET (7:00 CT/6:00 MT/5:00 PT

                                          ______Tuesday – 11:00 am ET....etc.

                                          ______Friday – 1:00 pm ET

                                          ______ Other day/time (provide) ____________________

3.                   Book Preference (select only one)

___A. Living Cosmology, edited by Tucker and Grim - Exploring the Christian responses to the Universe Story and its implications for the contemporary environmental crisis. Beginning with excerpts from recent statements by Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the book draws on the contributions of leading theologians, ethicists, scientists, and activists, including John Haught, Ilia Delio, Catherine Keller, Larry Rasmussen, and more than twenty-five others. (

___B. Abounding in Kindness, Elizabeth Johnson - Elizabeth Johnson is widely regarded as among the most influential and creative Catholic theologians in the world. Among her books are path-breaking works on God, Jesus, the church, Mary, and the communion of saints. This volume is the first collection of these writings. It offers an overview of her essential work. You can find her book on (

Orbis offers a 40% discount to Affiliate Book Club members.

4.                   If there are more than three Book Groups are you willing to be a group organizer? ______ yes or no?

5.                   Suggestions or comments____________________________________________________________




Monday, 21 November 2016 21:06

Appeal Letter - November 2016

mber 20

Maryknoll Affiliates

P.O. Box 311 Maryknoll, NY 10545-0311

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It’s November—time to ask you to help support our 2017 Affiliate Operational Budget. Remember, the Affiliates are funded cooperatively by the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, Maryknoll Sisters, Maryknoll Lay Missioners, and us. We Affiliates pay for Executive Coordinator travel, printing, website technical assistance, and other day-to-day expenses, such as paper clips and rubber bands. The other Maryknoll expressions fund the salary and benefits of our Executive Coordinator. Without their steadfast commitment to the Affiliate movement, we would not be.

For the fifth year in a row, our fund raising effort has met and surpassed our operational budget goal of around $22,000. We have been fortunate to receive several large gifts, including investment distributions and estate bequeaths. We are most appreciative of all contributions, but we hope to develop a diverse donor base. A generous donation came from the Seoul Korea Chapter. While we do not actively solicit donations from our international chapters, we appreciate their desire to fully participate in the Affiliate life. .   감사합니다 – Thank you!
Our gift to you is the enclosed bookmark for the MAC2017 Conference hosted by the Guatemala Chapter. We will be at the beautiful retreat house and grounds at Casa de Retiros Verbo Encarnado, in the mountains above Guatemala City, from Thursday through Sunday, November 9th the 12th. Post-conference, we will have the opportunity to visit Maryknoll missions in the area.

Two Guatemalan Affiliates came to our fall Board meeting with a preview of the planned program. The theme, “¡Buen Vivir!—To Live Fully,” will be joyously fulfilled at the conference. Many of you are already planning to attend, and ideally every chapter will have a representative at MAC2017. Has your Chapter looked at ways to help make that happen? To encourage broad attendance, the Affiliate Board approved a travel grant program made possible by your generosity. Details on MAC2017 and travel grants will be available after the first of the year.

I prefer a church that is bruised, hurting, and dirty because it has been out in the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security. – Pope Francis

As I read the stories of Affiliates in Not So Far Afield and No Tan Lejos del Horizonte, I am moved by the actions of Affiliates “…out in the streets…” From Claudia Samayoa, tireless fighter for human rights in Guatemala, and Renate Schneider, working with the poorest of the poor in Haiti, to Affiliates championing a local food pantry, interfaith dialogue, or help for Alzheimer’s caregivers, all are witnesses to an outward facing church, not one clinging to its own security.

We need your financial contribution to the Affiliates to provide a communication network where you can connect. Through the website, newsletters, and the executive coordinator’s efforts, you can share your experiences, ideas, invitations, and concerns with the larger Affiliate community.

Ideally, all Affiliates will contribute, as they are able. The enclosed giving form offers alternatives: a one-time donation or periodic contributions, either from a checking account or by credit card. We urge you to contribute today. However, if you are unable to make a monetary contribution at this time, you can always help through prayer and volunteering your time and talent.

In peace and thanksgiving for the many ways you give, 

David Schaffner                                                                    Virginia McEvoy

Chair, Affiliate Board                                         Finance Committee

Monday, 21 November 2016 20:51

Appeal Form - November 2017

Affiliate November 2016 Appeal – 4014

Please complete the appropriate section and return the form to:

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, PO Box 302, Maryknoll NY 10545-0302

Please make check payable to the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers and write Maryknoll Affiliates Annual Appeal in the memo line of your check.

Contribution from: ________________________________________  Date: _________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: ______________________ State: ___________ Zip/Postal Code: ____________ Country: _______________

Amount:   $25  $50  $100  $200  Other $__________

  Credit Card:  VISA  MasterCard American Express Discover

Name as it appears on card: _________________________________________________________

Card# ___________________________________________________ Expiration Date ___________

You can have donations directly charged to a debit card or credit card or debited from your checking account on a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

I would like to enroll

YES! I would like to make regular automatic transfers to Maryknoll for the Maryknoll Affiliates 4014 Mission Account using my credit or debit card in the amount of $ __________. Should I decide to cancel, I will call Maryknoll. I understand that my donations will be recorded on my statement, which will serve as my receipt.

Debit date is either the 5th or 12th day of the month. Please circle one: 5th or 12th

Your full signature is required here: _______________________________________________________

Please check the giving option you prefer: Monthly Bimonthly Quarterly Semi-Annually  Annually

Name as it appears on card: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State _________________

Zip/Postal Code: __________________ Country: ________________

VISA MasterCard American Express Discover     Card # ____________________________________

Expiration Date ________________

YES! I would like to make an automatic transfer from my bank account to Maryknoll for the Maryknoll Affiliates 4014 Mission Account in the amount of $ __________.

Should I decide to cancel, I will call Maryknoll. I understand that my donations will be recorded on my bank statement, which will serve as my receipt.

Debit date is either the 5th or 12th day of the month. Please circle one: 5th or 12th

Your full signature is required here: ______________________________________________________

Please include voided check along with your donation.

Please check the giving option you prefer: Monthly Bimonthly Quarterly Semi-Annually  Annually

Name: __________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State ___________________

Zip/Postal Code _________________________  Country: _______________________________

*  If you are a new enrollee to Maryknoll Mission Direct, please enclose a check for your next donation. After that, your donations will be transferred to Maryknoll electronically.

If you would like to volunteer time and talent, whether you give financially or not, please fill out this portion of the form. You can also email Fred at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 877-897-2386. Please check any ways in which you would be willing to help.

Through prayer                                                                                                        Help edit Not So Far Afield

Write articles for Not So Far Afield                                                               Any other volunteer work as needed

Help translate from and to Spanish for our newsletter, web or other documents

Help update the Maryknoll Affiliate website (articles, news, links, other items of interest)


Maryknoll Affiliates

PO Box 311

Maryknoll NY 10545-0311

Saturday, 19 November 2016 03:03

Lay Missioner Sending Ceremony - 12/10/2016

Sending Ceremony, Saturday, Dec. 10


This year's Maryknoll Lay Missioner Sending Ceremony will take place on Saturday, December 10 at 2:30 pm in Annunciation Chapel, Maryknoll Sisters, 10 Pinesbridge Road, Ossining, NY

The eight new Maryknoll Lay Missioners of the Class of 2016 will be called and welcomed to their mission countries.  The Lay Missioner Staff has extended a warm invitation to Affiliates.

If you plan to attend, please contact Bob Short at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Light reception to follow.

Thank You,



Bob Short – Executive Coordinator

Somewhere in his writings, Saint Francis of Assisi wrote that the Lord “…wants me to be a new kind of fool in the world…” Just a few minutes into gathering together as Maryknollers—seeing how the New Orleans Chapter welcomed all of us, the global and local issues that consumed us (and the consumer issues that didn’t), the wholehearted laughter that filled us, and maybe even the simple dress that clothed us—gave some evidence that we too were aspiring towards the new fool in the world classification. The advanced levels of insight, education, creativity and life experience don’t disqualify in this regard. 

This week - November 3, 2016 - Claudia Samayoa, member of the Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter in Guatemala was given the Myra Mack Chang A. for her untiring work in Human Rights on behalf of the people of Guatemala.  In the accompanying photo you can see Claudia receiving the award from, the Procurator General of Human Rights in Guatemala, Jorge Edwardo de León Duque. 

If you know Spanish and would like to read Claudia's poignant words after receiving the award, email at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





 Maryknoll Affiliates Board

 Consensus Action Statements – Meeting #58

 October 21-23, 2016

CAS #1: The Board approaches with an open heart the request of the Nairobi group to become a Chapter.  To move this dialogue forward, Society and Congregation members in Kenya and Tanzania will be contacted. Bob Short will communicate with the Nairobi group to explain more about the Affiliate formation program and about our search for an accompaniment person.


CAS #2:  The Affiliates will continue the dialogue with a group in Mombasa concerning the possibility of its becoming a virtual chapter.  In November, Bob Short will meet with group representatives to explore this possibility further.


CAS #3.  The Affiliates will allocate  $15,000 - $16,000 to fund the travel grant program for MAC 2017.


CAS #4. The Board approves the six revised Roles and Responsibilities documents presented, with the agreed-upon changes.


CAS #5. The Board affirms the nomination of Manny Hotchkiss to the Affiliate Board.


CAS #6.  The Board agrees the three committees created at the April 2016 meeting – Communications, Connections, and Growth & Sustainability – should be reinvigorated.  To this end Bob and Rich will communicate with the committee members concerning continuing work.


CAS #7.  The Communications, Connections, and Growth & Sustainability Committee chairs will submit articles for Not So Far Afield and No Tan Lejos del Horizonte concerning their work.


CAS #8.  Bob Short, Mary Massaro, Paula Schaffner, and Ginny McEvoy will revise the Affiliate Handbook to have a provisional updated Handbook by the Spring Board Meeting in May, 2017. Archival material will be transferred to the Maryknoll Archives.  The team will also assess what additional material needs to be updated and how to proceed with updates. 


CAS #9. The Board approves the 2017 Affiliate Operating Budget.


CAS #10.  The Board commits to cover the possible shortfall of $7,400 if fewer than 60 people from outside of Guatemala attend the MAC.  The number is based on the fact that 40 people have so far indicated their intent to attend.




The Board enthusiastically received the MAC2017 report, expressing wholehearted support of the conference plan, and deep appreciation to Rosa Beatriz Castañeda, Claudia Samayoa and all involved.


DJS 10/31/2016




Friday, 28 October 2016 18:49

Prayer for Syria (Leonore Smith-Aman)

I copied the message below from something my affiliate friend Beth Begley sent out from Pax Christi. It's short.

Most of you know that I have a very special feeling for the people of Syria, and especially the city of Aleppo, which I visited in 2008. The recent news photo of the little Syrian boy, 5 years old, bloodied and shell shocked, speaks volumes about the incredible suffering of the people there. 

Pray with Pope Francis for Peace in Syria (shared by our partners from Catholic Relief Services)

In July, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, said, “We need a worldwide movement towards peace in Syria." On October 31, 2016, please join Pope Francis in prayer.  Pope Francis will be saying a prayer for Peace in Syria at 3 p.m. in Sweden. Caritas International is inviting people of faith around the world to pray at that time (9 a.m. EDT) or at 3 p.m. local time—or any time that works.

Here are links to the prayer and the overall campaign website.  Click here to learn more about CRS’ work to address the needs of Syrians.

Often it seems as if there is little we can do in response to crises such as these on an individual level, yet there is something very powerful about joining together in prayer for special purpose. That's why I ask you to join me in a prayer for Syria on Monday.


Lenore (Smith-Aman)


Thursday, 27 October 2016 12:47

Thank You from Renate

A note to all of us from Renate just before she returned to Haiti.

Hi Bob,

I am leaving for Haiti tomorrow, but did not want to leave without letting you know how deeply I have been moved by the Affiliates response nationwide. I am so proud to be part of that community. Please let all the Affiliates know that I am deeply grateful and will share their generous contributions with my people in Jeremie.
I will be sending periodic updates.
Renate Schneider, MA Psych, MA Pastoral Studies, R EEG T, R PSG T  President Haitian Connection    Vice Rectrice University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse Do I dare to disturb the universe? T.S. Elliot

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