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Los Afiliados Maryknoll están comprometidos a la solidaridad con los pobres, los oprimidos y los excluidos del mundo a través de acciones en pro de la justicia, la paz y el bien común.


Tuesday, 08 February 2011 22:05

Declaración de la Misión

Los/las Afiliados/as Maryknoll son personas llenas de fe que responden en comunidad al llamado de Dios de participar en la misión de Jesús. Nosotros/as expresamos el Espíritu de Maryknoll en el contexto de Capítulos que se reúnen para orar, reflexionar y actuar. Nos desafiamos, unos a otros para ir más allá de nuestras fronteras, localmente y globalmente, para caminar con los pobres y excluidos y luchar por la paz y la justicia para toda la creación. Reconocemos que el Espíritu que nos guía en nuestro caminar mueve sin limites y que el amor incondicional de Dios es presente en todas las culturas y los pueblos.

Maryknoll es un nombre usado por de tres organización católica distintas fundada en los Estados Unidos: Las Hermanas de Maryknoll de Santo Domingo, Inc., Sociedad Misionera Católica Extranjera de America (Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America), Inc., y la Asociación de los/las Fieles de la Mision de Maryknoll, Inc. Su propósito es la misión: una extensión en fe cada vez mas amplio, especialmente fuera de las fronteras geográficas, para compartir la buena noticia revelada en Jesucristo.

Thursday, 27 January 2011 20:15


ActionMaryknoll Affiliates are committed to solidarity with the poor, oppressed and excluded persons of the world through actions for justice and peace.

Thursday, 27 January 2011 20:12

Global Vision

Global VisionMaryknoll Affiliates foster in each other a global vision. We believe in a world that is made richer by its cultural and religious diversity, whether in countries around the globe or in our own communities. We promote a lifestyle characterized by respect for all creation and for our sisters and brothers around the world.

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SpiritualityCentral to all Maryknoll Affiliate Chapters is coming together in prayerful gatherings and committing to Spirit-filled service wherever they work. Our response to mission includes presence and witness, human promotion and liberation, liturgical life, prayer and contemplation, interreligious dialogue, proclamation and catechesis.

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CommunityDiverse people coming together in the local Chapter form a core community of support, while connecting with other Chapters and Maryknoll Missioners around the world, fostering a global community.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 21:41

Jackie Maggiore Interviewed on Public Radio

Vessel of Clay

Maryknoll Affiliate Jackie Maggiore was interviewed on their local Public Radio station,WUWM-HD 89.7 FM- Milwaukee Public Radio, this morning.

The discussed her book, Vessel of Clay, and Sr Carla Piette MM.

You can go to the WUWM website and listen to it here or listen here.

Joe Santos (Regional Coordinator for California) recommended this article as something that would be of interest to the Maryknoll Affiliates. Read the article "30 years later, Salvadoran martyrs’ struggle for justice lives on" on the National Catholic Reporter website.
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 18:04

Cypsers Acknowledged in America Magazine

Rudy and Betty Cypser were recently mentioned in a letter to the editor in America. Rev. Theodore Parker from Detroit wrote in a letter titled Visiting the Prisoners:

From 1982 to 1991 I was the Catholic chaplain at Fishkill Correctional Facility in Beacon, N.Y. During those years I had the assistance of bright, capable lay men and women from St. Mary’s Church in Wappingers Falls; St Columba’s in Hopewell Junction; and the great support of a dynamic couple who have made criminal justice their life’s work, Mr. and Mrs. Cypser of Katonah. The Cursillo movement inspired them to minister, and I am grateful to these men and women for their selfless ministry to men and women in prison.

Without their assistance, no doubt the ministry at Fishkill would have been very much diminished. They made it possible for us to have three Residents Encounter Christ retreats each year for nine years. It was a time of great grace for me, as well. I thank Mrs. Schultz for reminding me of those great years when I had the God-given opportunity to devote my younger life in ministry to those men in great need.

You can read the entire letter in the August 2-9, 2010 issue of America.

Fr. Robert Kus, Fr. Marcos Leonand Fr. David Labuda MM

On September 12, the Fr. Price Chapter in Wilmington, North Carolina, had their own kickoff for the celebration of the Maryknoll Centennial at St. Mary's Parish. On this date in 1910, Father Thomas Frederick Price, a diocesan priest from North Carolina, met with Fr. James Anthony Walsh, from Boston, at a Eucharistic Congress in Canada and together decided to establish the first America foreign mission society, what would eventually become the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, popularly known as Maryknoll.

Fr. Price, known as the Tar Heel Apostle, was the first North Carolinian to be ordained to the priesthood in 1886. He died in China on September 11, 1919. You can read about his cause of canonization here.

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