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Sunday, 10 November 2019 20:50

Letter from the Guatemala Chapter to Cardinal Ramazzini

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Below is a beautiful letter of support from newly installed Cardinal Ramazzini.  It tell us something about the Cardinal and the commitment of the  members of Guatemala Chapter.  This is a translation from the Spanish.  Some of the formatting could not be carried over to this site.

 Guatemala of the Assumption, October 2019

We celebrate and are in solidarity with you through your struggle, Monsignor Álvaro Ramazzini

"If I say that I love God, I have to prove it through love of neighbor and this love means fighting for justice." Bishop Ramazzini

 The Guatemalan Chapter of Maryknoll Affiliates, linked to the Maryknoll Affiliates Movement based in the United States and one of the four entities that make up the Maryknoll family, along with priests and brothers, sisters and lay missionaries; today we embrace a hope that celebrates life and strengthens our faith by receiving the news that on October 5, Monsignor (Bishop) Ramazzini was elevated to the College of Cardinals of the Catholic Church.

 Thank you, Monsignor, for your defense of the territory and for the defense of those who in this country are invisible to the powerful. Thank you for accompanying the social justice struggle in a country where it is difficult for us to find the pieces of the justice puzzle. Thank you for fighting for the rights of those who do not live, but who survive in this land where power does not assume their history.

 We recognize that his studies of Theology in Italy, being appointed Bishop of San Marcos and later of Huehuetenango - far from separating him from reality, motivated him to tour the area and, by becoming aware of the amount of impoverished people, he developing a social pastoral that responds to hunger, lack of education, employment and health; and, promotes the defense of the human rights of native peoples, peasants and migrants. His journey did not stop and he created the Peace and Ecology Commission of the diocese of San Marcos, from where the water quality of the rivers and births around the Marlin mine is monitored.

 He has had a leading role in historical moments of the country since the late eighties, especially for the defense of the most vulnerable groups has caused people to question his suitability. The power blinds them and because of this chosen blindness they are not able to understand that their sensitivity and humanity lead them to work hand in hand, side by side, together with the majorities to build a different Guatemala, with an end: to find God in the communities. Nicolás Thevenin, Apostolic Nuncio, acknowledged that, “You are a man of dialogue and absolute rectitude, that you have an intellectual honesty and desire to support the poorest and most abandoned, and that you give great importance to the migratory problem.”

 The Guatemalan Chapter of Maryknoll Affiliates, like you, wishes to embrace the Kingdom of God of truth, love, justice and peace. We say "you are not alone", we are with you with faith and heart. We will be present with you in the struggles that call for a response. We admire your ability to “give yourself” for the defense of human dignity and, in essence, to be the voice of the voiceless, to announce life and denounce the injustice so that the love of the Kingdom is lived on Earth. We admire you for defending the rights of the dispossessed and of Mother Earth, as well as for being a defender of Buen Vivir (living well).

 Those of us who live from love and faith in God, celebrate that the Church of Guatemala has a Cardinal, who will be a path lit by schools of fireflies, an immense light for our country and the whole world.

For the Guatemalan Chapter of Affiliate and Maryknoll Affiliate

Rosa Beatriz Castañeda de Larios, Chapter Coordinator


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