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Question of The Month #2 (QTM#2)

Written by Richard Lessard
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SEE PREVIOUS POST ON QTM # 1 [Note: post on QTM #1 might appear after this post on your computer]


Question of the Month #2 – “What (who) is a Maryknoll Affiliate?”

Maryknoll Affiliate leadership continues its interest in creating ways for Affiliates to connect with each other and with other Maryknollers. It is our desire to strengthen the bonds of our Affiliate movement and to create opportunities for dialogue at all and among all levels of Affiliate membership. We hope all Affiliates share in this desire and will participate in this "Question of the Month (QTM)" initiative.

The purpose of the QTM is twofold. The first is to provide a forum for dialogue. Not only does leadership need to engage and hear from Affiliates, but it is equally important for Affiliates to engage and hear from each other. The QTM is just one way for Affiliates to do this. Secondly, we hope that through this dialogue, we can all (Affiliates and leadership) become better informed about our movement and will ultimately give each of us a part in guiding, supporting and strengthening the Affiliate movement.

Each month, a "Question of the Month" will be included in a Monday Morning Affiliate Update. These updates are e-mailed to all Affiliates who have their e-mail addresses on file. Included will be a link to the previous month’s QTM and responses. If Affiliates in your Chapter do not receive the Updates, please forward this Update to them and encourage them to sign up at this link:http://maryknollaffiliates.org/contact/sign-up-to-our-newsletter.html. Also, please share with members without internet access at your next Chapter meeting.

This month’s QTM is below. You can complete the form below or click on the link to bring you to the Google form. All submissions are anonymous, unless you wish to have your name and contact information included, which you can provide in the designated text box.

It is our intent and hope that QTMs will come from individual Affiliates or Chapters. The questions are equally as important as the responses to them are. So, following the question, you also have an opportunity to suggest another question that will be considered for a future QTM. If you wish to have your name published along with the QTM that is used, please enter your name in the designated text box provided.

We thank the Affiliates who participated in last month’s QTM - “What ideas can you share on practical or creative ways that Affiliates can best connect to one another and to other Maryknollers in order to strengthen the bonds of the Maryknoll Affiliate movement?” A summary of responses can be found here (hyperlink to file). 

We look forward to and thank you for your participation in helping to make the Maryknoll Affiliate movement stronger.
What (who) is a Maryknoll Affiliate? *
Other Affiliates may be interested in contacting you to follow up and learn more about your response. Please enter your name and contact information, if you are interested in being contacted:
If you're interested in suggesting a future "Question of the Month" for consideration, please enter it here:
If you wish to have your name published along with a future "Question of the Month" that is used, please enter your name here:
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