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Friday, 15 February 2019 12:23

Prayers for Haiti

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Renate Schneider, Affiliate member of the Chicago Central Chapter, who for many years now, spends most of her days in Haiti, serving with the people there. See the Haitian Connection - www.HaitianConnection.org - which she started. A few days ago Renate wrote to Celine Woznica, Contact for the Chicago Chapter. 
HI Celine,
Could you share this with the Maryknoll Affiliates? As I said in my introduction these are difficult times here in Haiti and unless you live here the tremendous suffering cannot touch you directly.
I am doing ok, but I am not immune to what is going on. Prayers are welcome. 
Renate Schneider, MA Psych, MA Pastoral Studies, R EEG T, R PSG T  
President Haitian Connection
Director Divergent Thinking Institute
Director Pwogwam Sante Mantal Jeremie

From February 11, 2019 Blog:

The situation in Haiti is extremely dire. We are in the 5th day of demonstrations, people are fed up with the high cost of living, the rampant corruption, and the pace of inflation. But as always, there is violence and destruction that accompany these demonstrations. Nothing has been heard from the President or other leaders in the country. Nobody has even addressed the legitimate grievances. The whole country is paralyzed, banks and other institutions are closed, shops and markets are not functioning. Supposedly this will go for the whole week and longer, until the president resigns, although that is not necessarily a solution.

This whole situation is stressing everyday people to the limit. I would like to share a letter that a first year medical student sent me yesterday. She is studying in Port au Prince and it so movingly expresses how she feels. Nothing else to be said, except that you have to live this situation to really understand. Asking for prayers!

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