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Kathryn Ress - Social Worker of the Year

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At about five years old, the Northeast Ohio Chapter (Akron area) is among the most recent to become part of the Maryknoll Affiliate movement.  It is also among the most unique.

All Chapter members have a strong sense of global justice (global vision pillar).  Even before they were officially recognized as an Affiliate chapter, members would regularly travel as a group to a developing region of the world to be with the people there and, through the people of the given country, become enlightened (and impassioned) by what they had heard and seen and shared.  Very often, though not exclusively, these were Maryknoll Lay Missioner Friends Across Borders (FAB) trips.

Chapter member Gerry Mullaney joined the Affiliate Board about two years ago and is a very positive, wise and gentle force within that body.  Last week, Kathryn Ress was honored as Social Worker of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers.  In her straightforward and unpretentious manner, upon receiving the award, Kathie simply said, “Well, this was an honor. The National Association of Social Workers cares about immigration!” As is her way, she put the cause and people she serves in the forefront.


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