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Wednesday, 01 August 2018 19:31

UPDATE - Guatemalan Volcano of Fire

Written by Volcán de Fuego Committee - Guatemala Chapter
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The response of the Maryknoll family to the Volcano of Fire (Volcán de Fuego) that erupted on June 3rd in Guatemala was a wonderful expression of solidarity. 

In response, the Guatemala Chapter formed the Volcano of Fire Committee composed of Sister Dee Smith, MM and Affiliates Cecilia Garcés, Rosa María de León, Ana Garcés and Rosa Beatriz Castañeda de Larios. This committee, with the support of the Chapter, analyzed the situation of the victims; the needs already met; the organizations involved, and the government response. The immediate needs were covered but the conditions for settling again and moving forward have not yet been resolved. There is still a long way to go, requiring time, government decisions and financial support. The committee agreed, after giving assistance to the purchase of medicines and medical material, to work with the Firefighters and focus on addressing future situations that have a more lasting effect.  In the week of July 15, a donation of 25% of the donations received was given to four areas below.

  1. Community Studies and Psychosocial Action Team (ECAP). Prevention/attention to cases of violence against women and girls in shelters.
  2. Support for the Hernández-Sánchez Family: Three brothers and one sister, thirteen children. In the tragedy they lost their mother Olivia Sánchez and her sister Saida Lisbet Hernández, both identified and buried. The fund will be used to cover health care. One of the children, aged twelve, was hospitalized for five weeks because of burns on his feet and legs. The woman, who lost two teenage daughters, has needed gynecological attention. The child who suffered burns will need a wheelchair
  3. TECHO – an organization present in Latin America and the Caribbean that, through joint actions of its residents and young volunteers, seeks to overcome the situation of poverty that thousands of people are exposed to in precarious settlements. They have been working with Los Lotes for those who have experienced 100% damage in their respective communities.
  4. Community Councils for Urban and Rural Development (COCODE). This entity brings together various representatives from different socio-economic sectors of the population. They belong to the national system of Development Counselors of Guatemala, which is constitutionally created.

Based on their access to help and benefits, the COCODES locate and maintain communications with the inhabitants of Los Lotes, Alotenango,

In the month of August, the committee will evaluate the management of the funds delivered and will make the rest of the money available to the projects that are considered reliable and capable of dispersing the funds.

In solidarity


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