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Identity - Responses Received

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Two weeks ago we asked if someone(s) might make an attempt to restate the Affiliate Identity Statement... to something shorter than is presently available.  Please consider submitting your own take on this.  Four responses have come in so far.  As I didn't ask their permission, the contributors are not listed.

  • Being a Maryknoll Affiliate: Gives you the opportunity to be a part of Maryknoll, a world-wide American mission society. 


  • Maryknoll Affiliates see the spark of the Divine in all of Creation. They are committed to the 4 pillars; Spirituality, Community, Global vision and Action as a means of expressing mutual respect and love for all. Affiliates are connected to the greater MK community who have served as an example of how to live with a sense of Justice and harmony.


  • We are Maryknoll Affiliates, seeking to further understand and help realize Maryknoll’s charism and diverse service in the 21stcentury, empowering two-way and all-way interconnection in global vision, spirituality, community, and mission action.  As Maryknoll Affiliates we pray and work to live out God’s justice, mercy and the flourishing of life for all, “on Earth as it is in heaven.” Our covenant expresses our mutual relationship and commitments, with one another and Maryknoll.


  • Affiliates are a people of prayer, committed to Christian spirituality who want to be part of the 21st century Maryknoll mission to the poor, not afraid to take a risk and be led by the Spirit to be open to new possibilities of expression while pursuing their life's journey aware of the continuous creative tension between being and doing. The relationship between the Affiliates and the Maryknoll members is to empower both parties to be connected to the people they jointly serve in global vision, spirituality, community, and mission action.
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