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Maryknoll Affiliate Identity

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There is a beautiful statement of our Affiliate Identity in the Affiliate Booklet (see below).  Whereas it is beautifully stated, it is long.  Board member Richard Lessard of the Albany Chapter suggested that, if someone asked us who we are, we should be able to respond in a sentence or two, less the questioner leave bewildered and unconvinced.  So, do you think you could provide a statement of our identity in a sentence or two?  We were thinking of offering a BMW to the one who came up with the best identity statement, but that would wipe out our entire operational budget.  Instead, we're offering "thank yous" in many languages along with an abundance of grace.  We're not sure of the exact amount, but it should be lots. Send your suggestions to Bob Short at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Affiliates are those committed to Christian ideals

who have a strong desire for bondedness in community

who want to participate in Maryknoll's mission to the poor

in its global and local dimensions

Affiliates are people of prayer

committed to continuous formation in their spirituality in their sense of mission

aware of the continuous creative tension between being and doing

Affiliates want to be part of the 21st century Maryknoll movement

of Maryknoll's new, developing understanding of its charism which

moves beyond Congregation, Lay Missioners and Society and is led

by the Spirit to be open to new possibilities of expression

Affiliates bring a uniqueness to this charism while pursuing their life's journey

Affiliates are willing to claim Maryknoll and want Maryknoll to claim them.

They offer and seek a relationship based on mutuality, on trust patience, and presence

matching needs with resources and are willing to enter into healthy,

creative tension in working out this relationship

The relationship between the Affiliates and the Maryknoll members is to

empower both parties to be connected to the people they both serve:

in global vision, spirituality, community, and mission action.

The Covenant is a means of expressing the mutual relationship in which

Maryknoll and Affiliates covenant to each other

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