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Some Notes on the Future

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In a recent conversation with Teresa Baldini MM on possible new directions for Maryknoll, she shared the thoughts (not the cartoon) below:

I believe the future has invited us to embrace communal contemplation anew so that we can enter the crucible herein our unknown future and the Love that compels us forward are being put to the fire! (Nancy Sylvester, IHM)

Dwell in Possibility…

Not knowing when the dawn will come,

I open every door of my heart this day.

(Emily Dickinson)

Our role is not only to ease suffering, bind up wounds and feed the hungry, but through every form of effort to raise the powers of LOVE upward to the next state of consciousness!  (Teilhard de Chardin, SJ)

Please pray for me, one whose life is filled with many tasks, while her soul is lost in God. (Mother Mary Joseph)

We need to be among those who have courage to go out on a limb, for that is where the fruit is. (Mary Luke Tobin, SJ)

We are called to a new vision of collaboration involving a communion of people with the maximum of diversity. (Cletus Wessels, OP)

Deep within we long for unity because, at the most fundamental level, we are already one. We belong to one another because we have the same source of lover; the love that flows through the trees is the same love that flowers through my being… We are deeply connected in this flow of love, beginning on the level of nature where we are the closest of kin because the Earth is our mother. (Teresa Baldini MM)

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