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Los Angeles Chapter Christmas Party - not far from the Los Angeles fires

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(L-R around the table) Lyn Ibanez, Mary Heyl, Alf Pacaon, John Hernandez, Richard Perez, Cordelia Ontiveros, Hugh Menton, Sr. Kathryn Shannon MM, Jean Menton, Tim Moffet (not pictured, I'm the photographer) but that's my plate of food, lol.  

Tim wrote:

After our Christmas feast of tamales and such, we cleared the table, chose a Christmas card, then surveyed the list and picked who we would like to send Christmas greetings and appreciation for their P&J work. Later we gathered in chairs in a circle, and each one dropped their letter in the basket, picked out a white elephant gift, told the group why they chose that particular person to write to, and then opened their gift.  It was fun and relevant.  

Of the Los Angeles fires Tim also wrote:

All of us Affiliates in Los Angeles are not living within in the current fire zone, however the Maryknoll Sisters in Monrovia are just below the foothills and it is possible that they might be in danger in the future.  If it weren't for the horrible fires burning homes, ranches and wildlife, it is actually very very nice weather, mild and very comfortable and very dry. Tourist weather.   The air is very invigorating, but the wildfires like it too.  We all live more south and eastward in L.A. County, and are not getting the smoke from the fires, the sky is clear, but those who live on the west and north side are dealing with the smoke and fires. The Santa Ana winds were blowing from the east to the west.  

Let us prayer for the people who are experiencing very difficult times because of these fires.

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