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New Chapter - Virtual Hybrid

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Until yesterday, Sunday, there were two affiliate virtual chapters.  The first formed has six members crossing three U.S. time zones and has met three times. The second is a contemplative virtual chapter that focuses on reflective conversation and prayer.  Members from both these chapters have spoken very positively about how meaningful the experiences have been.

On Sunday, October 1st, a third, hybrid affiliate chapter entered the virtual Maryknoll Affiliate world.  Approximately 15 members from three continents and as many countries – Kenya, Germany and the U.S. (crossing too many time zones to count) – held their first meeting. 

This hybrid virtual chapter evolved from the creative vision and organizational acumen of Gerry and Marita Grudzen, connected to Maryknoll in several capacities for many years.  Both have been involved in higher education, and there has been a particular focus in the area of interfaith – in spirituality, academics, trainings and personal investment. Gerry’s most recent book in this area is: Spirituality and Science: Greek, Judeo-Christian and Islamic Perspectives

I don’t think the Affiliate Board could have anticipated that virtual chapter could take such a far-reaching character when it was first proposed.  It’s a very encouraging development for mission.  Here’s their first meeting agenda:

October 1, 2017, 3:30-5:00pm (Kenyan Time)

  1. Welcome to Sites where participants are located
  2. Opening prayer and reflection
  3. Introduction and Description of how we will use our time
  4. Today we begin a journey of exploration
  5. Maryknoll Affiliates and Identity
  6. Why did we invite you to consider the Maryknoll Affiliates?
  7. What are the Maryknoll Affiliates?
  8. Vocation specific to Maryknoll Affiliate(s)
  9. What would forming such a community offer us individually and together?
  10. Presence of other Maryknollers in Kenya: Priests, Sisters and Lay Missioners. Read and Listen to their Mission Statements
  11. What would such a spiritual community as we might form offer Kenya?
  12. Maryknoll Affiliates in Tanzania
  13. Questions, Concerns, Clarification- Open Discussion in large group (15-20”)

Formation Process for the Affiliate over 12 months: What it will look like.

Five Themes: Affiliate Identity, Mission, Spirituality in Mission, Community and Prophetic Witness.

Emphasis on four pillars:  Spirituality, Community, Global Vision and Action.

Small group discussion at each site (15”)

Then we go back to the big group and each person introduces themselves and shares something in response to the program.   (25”)

Closing Prayer

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