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Consensus Action Statements - March 2015 Joint (RC/Board) Meeting.

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 Maryknoll Affiliate Board

Consensus Statements and Action Items

Meeting #55 March 27-31, 2015

 1)   The Affiliate Board by consensus has accepted a proposal from the JML that

           a. Maryknoll entity member will no longer serve on the Board Executive Committee.

2)   Maryknoll entity membership will continue on the Affiliate Board for now.  In the Spring of 2016, the Affiliate Board will revisit the issue and consider a process of evaluation of the experience.  This Board decision will be communicated back to the JML.

 3)   MAC 2017-The Affiliate Board strongly affirmed the proposal by the Guatemalan Chapter offering to hold MAC 2017 in Guatemala! Specific details include:

 a.    An early November 2017 date tbd; Thursday to Sunday time frame

 b.    The Board will offer a $1000 seed grant to the Guatemalan Chapter

 c.    The exploratory group of Patty B, Rich, Dave along with Bob will now continue as the Board liaison group to the MAC 2017 Planning Committee named by the Guatemalan Chapter

 d.    Patty B will communicate some suggested conference themes to the Guatemalan MAC 2017 Planning Committee but they will ultimately decide the theme.

 e.    The 2017 Board RC Meeting will be linked to the MAC.

 4)   The Affiliate Board agreed to officially recognize the Cochabamba 2 and Santa Cruz Chapters of Bolivia.  Ann C (and Patty B) will write letters to welcome them.

 5)   Bob will communicate the Board’s decision that our structure and guidelines do not allow for visa sponsorship to the Bolivian Affiliate requesting clarification.  The letter will be copied to the Board Executive Committee, Steven Judd, MM and Joseph Fedora, MM and an attached copy of the Affiliate Booklet with relevant documents will be provided.

 6)   A pdf copy of the Affiliate booklet will be sent out to all Affiliates.  Periodically, important parts of the booklet will be sent out via NSFA/NTLH to provide reminders to all Affiliates.

 7)   A standing agenda item for future Board meetings will be a reporting back for any Board members who have had the opportunity to visit with International Chapters.

 8)   Affiliate Survey – The Board approved the draft survey presented by Rich from the Survey Committee.  Specific next steps include:

 a.    The Survey will be sent out electronically

 b.    Latin American Affiliates will have the option of taking the survey

 c.    A separate communication to Alberto Bailetti, Nino Jesus and Maria Farfan, Peruvian RC, noting an appreciation of their input will be sent by Rich.

 d.    Hard copies of the survey will be provided to Affiliates who request this.  All hard copy data will be entered by Mary Moritz of the Survey Committee with assistance from others as needed.

 9) The Board will take a comprehensive view of all job descriptions at the Fall 2015 meeting.

 10) Bill Murphy of the Boston Chapter was selected as the newest member of the Board.  A letter welcoming Bill will be sent by Mary Massaro and Ann C.  There will also be a communication to the other candidates thanking them for their willingness to serve and clarifying that they may be asked to serve in the future as vacancies appear.

 11)The Board will authorize Bob to offer up to $2000 to retain Tobias Rinsche, the website designer with whom we have recently contracted, to provide additional support and training for Bob and the Media Committee.

 12) Formation- The Affiliate Board affirmed the following:

 a. John Moritz’s proposal for the development of a Formation Resources Group involving all four Maryknoll expressions will be taken to the JML by Rich, Ann and Bob.

 b. Patty B, the Board Latin American Liaison, affirmed that the five themes of formation are culturally appropriate for the Latin American Affiliates and John will continue to develop materials.

 13) Regional Coordinators- The Regional Coordinators, in dialogue with the Board, agreed to work with one another and Bob to:

     a. Contact Chapters to encourage participation in the survey once out

     b. Develop a plan for twinning with one another

     c. Utilize regional conferences for region/community building

     d. Spread awareness regarding the Formation materials to the Chapters

 14) The Board will continue to write a State of the Heart Letter following each meeting.   This will be posted on the website and sent to NSFA/NTLH.

 15) A proposal for Affiliate Board Meeting Minute Guidelines was reviewed, edited and adopted by consensus.  (See attached document).






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