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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 16:45

First Thoughts (Bob Short)

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In A Sacred Voice Is Calling, John Neafsey writes that, “Our sense of vocation is intimately linked to the people and things that move us to passion and compassion.” On September 1st I started in the position of Affiliate Executive Coordinator. Previous escapades with Maryknoll have included work, with my family, in Bolivia and Ecuador; six years in Lay Missioner leadership; vocation/recruitment work; and, just last year, working on the Society’s Centennial. I have been part of the Boston Affiliate chapter since its inception. Seeing this, some might credibly surmise that ‘this guy has some kind of weird Maryknoll addiction thing going on here.’ In my defense, I simply cannot shake the notion that the mission and people of Maryknoll continue to move me to passion and compassion. As the latest expression within Maryknoll, the Affiliates join with the other entities, each in their unique vocation, to live out this mission. 

While it’s too early to make any cogent projections about Affiliate developments in the months to come, what is clear is that, unlike the very difficult state of affairs Barack Obama was confronted with when he first took office, thanks to the work and planning of Fred, the Board and so many others among you, the Maryknoll Affiliate house is in very good order. I’m very grateful. Like so many who have come to know him, it quickly becomes evident that Fred is a person who goes beyond what is asked of him. I’ve now come to see that the Affiliate Board members appear to be very much in that same mold. Given that their financial compensation is in all cases a multiple of zero, I have to suspect that other motivations are at play with Board members. Rumor has it that all this can be said of many other Affiliates as well.

Monday, 06 August 2012 15:04

Updated Website

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After weeks of work, I have just switched over to our "not quite ready for prime time" updated website. I say "not quite ready for prime time" because there are still some things to do.

What does this mean for you and for the Maryknoll Affiliates? Most of the changes were "behind the scenes." It was in some ways like upgrading the operating system on a computer, like going from Windows 95 to Windows Vista. Just like on a computer, though, when you upgrade the operating system, you have to upgrade some of your programs. I did this for several reasons, primarily to make it easier for those who will be taking over maintenance of the website and to make sure that it is secure as we can make it.

Given that our November/December 2011 edition of Not So Far Afield had the theme of youth and the future of mission, the message of Pope Benedict XVI for the Celebration of the World Day of Peace could not have been better timed. The theme for this year's message is Educating Young People in Justice and Peace. You can read the entire message at:


Friday, 30 December 2011 15:56

Maryknoll Affiliates are on Google+

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Expanding our Social Networking presence, Maryknoll Affiliates are now on Google+. If you use Google+, be sure to check out our Google+ page.

Thursday, 29 December 2011 15:55

Meet Maryknoll Days 2012

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People gathered at MaryknollDuring 2012, Maryknoll will offer a unique experience to young men and women to answer the call of Jesus and serve in overseas mission.

Prospective candidates for the four entities of Maryknoll will gather at different locations around the country for a day long program to discern a call to overseas missionary work. Some will come to contemplate a lifetime commitment as a priest, brother, or sister to witness and proclaim Jesus Christ to the poor overseas. Others will come to discern a three year commitment as lay missioners or to join the Maryknoll Affiliates.

All who attend these informative events will learn that Maryknoll is indeed a family committed to heed Jesus' command to go forth to all people everywhere!

Participants will have the opportunity to meet current and returned missioners; and listen to mission stories from those who have worked in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The day long encounter is an opportunity to learn about life as a Maryknoll missioner and begin to reflect on whether God is calling you to ministry in overseas mission.

Click here for more information and to apply online.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011 20:38

NSFA Themes for 2012

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We just received the list of the themes for Maryknoll magazine for next year. As we did with this year, we will follow those themes in Not So Far Afield.

The themes for next year will be:

January/February 2012: Option for the Poor - deadline 11/18/11

March/April 2012: Maryknoll Brotherhood - deadline 1/27/12

May/June 2012: Good Stewardship of God's Creation - deadline 3/16/12

July/August 2012: Refugees and Migration - deadline 5/18/12

September/October 2012: Mission in Partnership - deadline 7/20/12

November/December 2012: Mission in the United States - deadline 9/14/12

USCMA Conference Logo

The United States Catholic Mission Association

September 16, 2011

Mission Conference 2011 Early Registration Deadline

If you have not registered for the Mission Conference,"Push out into the deep... Communion and Missionary Discipleship," it's not too late to take advange of the early registration fee. Make sure you register before September 23, 2011, to lock in the early bird rate. There is a lot of excitement about this Conference and we encourage you to spread the word to your mission partners and friends by inviting them to join you at the Conference. To register online for the conference click here or you can call us at 202-832-3112.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

We look forward to seeing you in Miami!


The USCMA Staff


Phone: 202.832-3112 • Fax: 202.832-3688
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.uscatholicmission.org

Tuesday, 10 May 2011 19:26

USCMA Seeks Executive Director

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USCMA LogoThe United States Catholic Mission Association (USCMA) is in search of a new Executive Director. 

The USCMA seeks an Executive Director with strong mission experience who will work with the board to promote the vision and mission of the organization. The position offers numerous opportunities for national leadership in the area of mission and global solidarity.

Monday, 18 April 2011 03:53

Maryknoll Affiliate Website Update

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We have added all Maryknoll Affiliates for whom we have email addresses to our Maryknoll Affiliate Website Update that goes out each Monday. As we explained in the most recent edition of Not So Far Afield, these updates are sent automatically each Monday when there has been new content added to our website the week before.

As we share more information on the website, we felt it important that all Maryknoll Affiliates receive these updates. You can, of course, unsubscribe to these updates by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

If you unsubscribe because you are no longer active in the Maryknoll Affiliates, we would appreciate your letting us know. If you would like to use a different email address, you can update your subscription profile from the link at the bottom of the email, too. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions or if you do want to be removed completely from all our mailings, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

USCMA LogoWashington, DC - "Miami is waiting to welcome you to the 2011 Mission Conference 'Push out into the deep... Communion and Missionary Discipleship,'" said Archbishop Thomas Wenski of the Archdiocese of Miami. Capturing the message of the he said, "Inspired by the Gospel of St. Luke, Chapter 5, this call to communion and missionary discipleship is a call to put out into the deep and like the promise of the deep, be surprised by God's bounty."

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