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In dangerous times like these, . . . we have to produce generations of dedicated, courageous, and creative contemplative activists who will join God to bring radical healing and change to this damaged world, before it’s too late. We need this movement—not someday, maybe, but right now, definitely. (Brian McLaren) 

Many of us Affiliates/Maryknollers receive Richard Rohr’s meditations each day. [So do well over 300,000 others.].  I’m pretty sure too that many of us, each in her/his way, wonder if our Church, if Christianity can be a spiritually transformative force in the world… as it once was.  McLaren points out three shifts in Christianity that will need to take place for it to be a truly transformative force.  Click on the link to see the full meditation for January 3, 2020:

Affiliate Board member, Ginny McEvoy spotted this recent article from Nancy Sylvester, our MAC2020 keynote presenter .  In it Nancy expresses her fear about what she is seeing in our present day culture.  

Her article begins:

If we ever needed the Incarnation, we need it today. As the year draws to a close, I can't help but feel sad and a bit fearful for our future. Something seems to be infecting us as a people.

There seems to be a blindness and a deafness to see and hear each other as we truly are and to understand our place within the whole Earth community. Because we can't see or hear, we are stuck right where we are and no amount of facts, moral persuasion or even personal experience of another's suffering is enough to move us.

To read Nancy's article, go to:

Sunday, 22 December 2019 16:27

Christmas Message from Srs. Maureen and Gloria

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Sharing a beautiful Christmas message from the Sisters' Vocation Team

Dear Affiliates Family,

May Jesus, the Reason of this Season continue to grant you the graces you need, especially in the coming year 2020. Know we hold you and your family close in our prayers. We are one with you as you journey lovingly in the Grace-filled mission of Jesus Christ, where the Holy Spirit patiently teaching each one of us the art of Love. Mother Mary Joseph often spoke of the Maryknoll Spirit “as being a reflection of the Love of God – nothing more nothing less than that – a reflection of the Love of God.” (MMJ 1932) Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Joyful New Year.

With love and Prayers, Maureen Hanahoe Gloria Ardenio Agnes Vocation Co-Directors

Monday, 16 December 2019 00:53

Gail's Life Message Lives on in NSFA

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Could it be serendipity, a playful gesture from the Spirit, or…?

Co-editors of NSFA, Mary Hotchkiss-Ryan and Paula Schaffner, could have had no idea that Gail Kelley would die just days before the article about her work with refugees was published as the lead article in the latest NSFA.  If you don’t get the paper copy of NSFA, click on the link below for the article:  If you'd like to receive the paper and.or digital version, email Mary Hotchkiss Ryan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here is a quote from Gail’s that appears in the article, "As a Maryknoll Affiliate, I am proud to be part of this ministry to vulnerable people from whom I learn so much."—Gail Kelley

Thank you, Good Woman!!  Your commitment inspires us.

Friday, 13 December 2019 21:15

MAC2020 - December Update

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  Stock Photo to give a glimpse of a generational mix.

The MAC 2020 team – Ann & Jim Coady, Ginny McEvoy, Celine Woznica and Bob Short – continue to develop the Conference details – small and large.  At our last gathering we spoke about the Saturday morning session with young people (20’s & 30’s) present.  We believe it will be an especially exciting and important session for all of us... How do we of different generations understand and experience commitment, rules, Church (any institution), mission, authority, religion, the digital world, sexuality, vocation, and more?

Registration – people have begun signing up for MAC2020.  Several have have signed up for a single room ($410).  That’s perfectly find.  However, as it will limit the number of participants, there is a limited number available of single rooms available.  Of course, this does not apply to couples.  Gracias.

To register, or simply get a sense of the keynote, workshops, schedule or overall flow, go to:

Wednesday, 04 December 2019 19:23

New Website - Pillar Photos!

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After a little over 6 years with the present website (that served us well), we are in the process of creating a new one for the years ahead.  The new website will have a different look and, in several areas, a different focus.  However, the four pillars – Spirituality, Community, Global Vision & Action – which have always been a core part of the Affiliate commitment will be given even more emphasis – especially through visual renditions. To do this, we’re asking for photos or brief videos from all our chapters. 

So, please send your photos illustrating Spirituality, Community, Global Vision, Action, with a short caption if possible to Bob Short at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can use Google Docs or Dropbox if the photos have too much memory to send via email.  Contact Bob if you have any questions.

Thanks very much!!

Sunday, 01 December 2019 16:06

Coffee with a Cause

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Ron Covey, Affiliate from both the Houston and Guatemala Chapters, has been involved with the Caminando Por La Paz, initiative (see description below) for many years now - traveling from the Houston area to Guatemala many times each year.  Several Affiliate chapters and individuals purchase Family Coffee each year.  It's premium coffee. If you'd like to help out, go to:

     Family Coffee is a project of Missioners Caminando Por La Paz - Guatemala..The project was founded by Maryknoll Mission Father Thomas Goekler ,MM.  Maryknoll affiliates continue various projects in Guatemala City including an Education Program which places marginalized youth in local schools and universities. Although we receive donations from a small core of dedicated donors we  continuously strive to find helping individuals.  When these individuals purchase our coffee they provide materials for our tutoring sessions that we offer to the children we serve. The parents of many of these poor kids can not afford to offer then any other educational opportunity.

    The sale of Family Coffee provides funding to our partners "Productores de café la familia" The group grows this premium coffee in Yauner, San Pedro, Copan, Honduras.   They grow the coffee at an altitude of 1,400 meters (1,593 feet) an excellent altitude for growing coffee.

Sunday, 01 December 2019 15:49

Maryknoll Sisters Mission Institute - A Real Find

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The Maryknoll Sisters Mission Institute

During the Joint Meeting of the Affiliate Board and Regional Coordinators, Sr. Pet Donovan MM was invited in to talk with us about the Mission Institute.  Peg filled us in on something several of us already knew – The Maryknoll Mission Institute is a unique and incredibly valuable find for anyone who would like to get an in-depth look at global mission, spirituality, theology and so much else.  Peg also pointed out that there is a scholarship available for any Affiliate who requests it to attend.

To learn more about programs for the upcoming programs, go the website at:

Thursday, 21 November 2019 18:45

State of the Heart - Joint Meeting November 2019

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State of the Heart - Affiliate Joint Meeting - November, 2019 

Dear Affiliates,

The Forum beckons us once again!

Affiliate Board members and Regional Coordinators once again gathered together in the Forum, the home of the Maryknoll Sisters Mission Institute in Ossining, NY.  We return to this place each year.  In a way, it beckons us.  The spirit present in this space draws us to it.  For us, the Forum is the locus where the four pillars come together to help guide us in our discernment.  It is here we come together to pray, to share, to dialogue and to be one with all Affiliates.

I am writing to share with you my reflections on some of the more important highlights of our gathering.

The focus of this meeting by design was largely a look at ourselves, the leadership of the Affiliates, Board members and Regional Coordinators together, but in the context of our relationship with the Affiliate movement.  As the Affiliate leaders, we are called to “discern how to best guide the Affiliate movement.”  Please repeat that and take some time to ponder it.  Put yourself in my or in another leadership position.  What does this statement mean to you?  What would you do if you had this responsibility?  These were some of questions I asked those of us gathered to ponder. 

The Affiliates are in no way, shape or form a hierarchical organization in the way that most organizations are; typically visualized in the shape of a pyramid.  But the Affiliates have no head.  I and other Board members are not the head.  Bob Short, as the current Executive Coordinator is not the head.  We, individually or collectively hold no authority over any Affiliate or Chapter.  We instead are called to be servant-leaders.  So, what does that mean?  In simple terms, it means we flip the pyramid upside-down.  It means we serve and support the Affiliate movement.  It does sound simple enough on the face of it.  But again, I ask you to put yourself in my or any leadership position and think about this more deeply.  How would you do this?  What would this look like?

Throughout the duration of this meeting, I had the great pleasure of talking with many Sisters and other people during our very limited free time and at meals, and I can’t tell you how many times it was expressed to me how they wouldn’t want my “job!”  Hmm, what do I do with that?  Interestingly, I read just very recently that to be a servant can be a thankless job, full of ungracious demands and humbling circumstances.  Perhaps their expressions to me reflected this understanding of servant-leader and their perception of the difficulties/challenges this position faces. 

“The work of leaders involves hearing and identifying the long notes which play out in daily life, and which point to what is happening at a deeper level, resulting in a discerned response.”

This quote from Sr. Patricia Murray, IBVM is from the recent LCWR conference.  It struck me as very relevant for Affiliate leadership, and so I shared and reflected upon it at our joint meeting.  It served somewhat as an outline for our meeting, as well.  This quote identifies three very important tasks for us–to listen, to discern and to respond.  For me the most important and what must be foundational to the other two is listening; listening through engagement and dialogue.  If we are not doing this, then on what basis can we even consider making decisions or taking action that appropriately and effectively support of the Affiliates?  Wouldn’t you agree that those of us with the responsibility to guide, serve and support the Affiliates must have a pretty good awareness and understanding of the movement, including what is happening in it–the long notes?  And likely the best way to do this is through engagement and dialogue between Affiliates and leadership, right? 

At the Celebration Mass on Sunday (11/10/19) of the Affiliate Joint Meeting of the Board and Regional Coordinators, Co-founder of the Affiliate movement, Sister Ellen McDonald MM gave the homily. Those of us who were lucky enough to be there couldn't help but feel that this was a special moment in our history.  Ellen's homily follows: 

  When I was invited to give today’s reflection, I mistakenly thought it was for the closing liturgy of the Affiliate Board and Regionals Meeting this weekend, that is, with Fr. Russ and the Affiliates who are here.  Only later did I understand that this Sunday’s community liturgy was the “closing liturgy” being referred to.  However, I had agreed because of the reference to the Affiliates and that had not changed.  The Affiliates have been and are a great learning vehicle in my life.  Struggling with a homily for and with them was sure to be another learning experience.  I also express my gratitude to them by taking seriously my prayer ministry assignment which is the Affiliates. 

             Going now to today’s readings, it is safe to say that the pre-Advent scripture texts  we just heard are all about eschatology – the last things, as we say.  Not an easy topic to talk about!  So I began by looking for connections among the readings.  Certainly in both the texts from 2nd Maccabees and from Luke’s Gospel, the theme of resurrection is prominent.  While I hold a firm belief in the resurrection, I am not sure I can say much more about it.  The question put to Jesus about the resurrection highlights the fact that it is not easy to get our mind around this topic.   Jesus’ response that God is the God of the living, not of the dead, is not an immediate help for a questioning mind.  No doubt a spiritual director would tell me to let go of my human way of thinking and let God be God. 

            The theme of afterlife continues in the psalm, beginning with the words, “when your glory comes, Lord.”  And part of the reason Paul was writing to the Thessalonians was because some of the believers there were not working because they thought the Lord’s coming was imminent.  They were distorting the normal development of Christian life.

             My preference in all this was to recognize the pre-Advent texts as calling us, among other things, to go back to thinking about our personal “bigger” vision:  what are we willing to live for?  perhaps willing to die for? (as our own Sister-martyr, Ita Ford, wrote to her niece.)   I felt myself drawn to this letter of Paul’s, said to be the oldest writing of the Christian Testament.  Paul had been rejected by the Jews in Philippi when he dared to direct his preaching to the so-called “pagans” in Thessalonia.  There he succeeds in forming a community.  However, after three months a riot breaks out and Paul is forced again to flee the area.  His big concern now is what is going to happen to these recent converts to whom he had taught the mere basics of Christian life?  With this background, I discovered an interest in reading both letters to the Thessalonians and wondering why they are given such prominence at this time in our Liturgical year.  (Last week we heard from 2 Thess l, this week from 2:2, and next week will be 2:3.) I also had the unholy thought that neither Jim Madden nor I ever had three months to spend with any newly founded Affiliate Chapter! 

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