Thursday, 27 February 2020 23:14

A Letter from Nicaragua

Kitty Madden – Affiliate

As I continue my time-of-life review and recycling, I am grateful for the opportunities I have had these past 34 years to document my experiences with the Sandinista revolution of the 80s and also our accompaniment of Nicaraguan women and families through 27 years of Casa Materna Mary Ann Jackman in the northern highlands of Matagalpa.

The ending of the Casa in December of 2017 seemed to be an early example of the government’s desire to do away with or strongly control all nongovernmental organizations. We are just grateful that we were able to attend close to 18,000 women with high risk pregnancies and contribute greatly to the reduction of maternal deaths in Nicaragua.  Of the Casa mothers, there were only two maternal deaths, neither of which happened in the Casa.

I apologize that I am not able to send an update on Nicaragua for the Affiliate NSFA newsletter at this time, but I am looking forward to sharing my perspective with any interested Affiliates when we gather for MAC 2020 in New York in June. I send gratitude to all of you for continuing to hold the people of Nicaragua in your prayers.

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