Thursday, 27 February 2020 23:21

Fox Cities Immigration Task Force

Nancy Bourassa – Fox Cities Chapter, Task Force Chair

ESTHER is a faith-based organization working for social justice.  Four members of its Immigration Task Force are Fox Valley Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter members. Kathleen Gribble, chapter coordinator, has offered her home for asylum seekers waiting for their court date.

The ESTHER Immigration Task Force has evolved over the years into a wide-reaching group with ties to many groups in the community and beyond.  Currently, we are working on auto insurance for undocumented immigrants, we are educating the community through entertainment, we gather and share information about conditions on the border, and we advocate for local immigrants in abusive situations.

Safe Roads is an initiative aimed at culminating in a bill that will allow our undocumented immigrants to be tested to drive legally and carry insurance. A few members of our task force are working on the bill with other groups around the state. It would be a win/win for the state but is still meeting with opposition.

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