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Wednesday, 23 December 2015 23:22

An Act of Mercy 

Written by

Matt Rousso – New Orleans Chapter

Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, my wife Janet, along with a friend and co-volunteer from the St. Vincent de Paul Learning Center, took over our kitchen and began a feverish cooking spree. Several hours later, they filled the trunk of their car with huge pans of bread stuffing, bowls of salad, cranberry relish, etc., and headed for a center in one of the impoverished neighborhoods of New Orleans. There they met up with five other Maryknoll Affiliates and five volunteers from the Catholic Worker House. Along with Janet and Francis’s pans of food, more pans of mashed potatoes, baked turkeys, bread, and desserts were brought in and set up for serving.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015 23:16

Martyrs Remembered in the US

Written by

Ellie Hays – Reno Chapter

Photo courtesy of Rev. J. Flynn

In commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of the death of the Martyrs in El Salvador, Ita, Maura, Dorothy and Jean, who died on Dec 2, 1980, I will be taking my 28th annual Vow of Nonviolence at the Carmelite Sisters in Reno.

Jessie Poynton, MM, reminded many of us, “My friend Maura Clark entered Maryknoll the same year I did, in 1950, and was a close friend. And Ita Ford who worked in one of the most difficult missions in Chile for some seven years. Another dear friend. I also knew the other Sister and the lay-person, Jean, because I went to El Salvador when Carla Piette died there about six months earlier, in a flash flood. So I met all those great women. They are people of peace and reconciliation.”

We remember and honor them and hold them close.




Wednesday, 23 December 2015 23:04

Martyrs Live On As Inspiration

Written by

Joe Hastings – Maryknoll Lay Missioner, El Salvador

On December 2, all the branches of the Maryknoll family in El Salvador gathered in the rural town of Santiago Nonualco to commemorate the lives of four churchwomen—Maryknoll Sisters Maura Clarke and Ita Ford, Ursuline Sister Dorothy Kazel, and Jean Donovan, a lay missioner for the Diocese of Cleveland—on the 35th anniversary of their martyrdom. All Maryknollers and the people of El Salvador, and many beyond share the inspiration these women offer.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015 22:33

Resistance at the SOA

Written by


David Stocker* – NSFA Staff Editor

Photo by Tricia Peters, NIL Justice League

Just back from a week in Georgia, I went to Columbus to attend the annual School of the Americas (SOA) protest and to meet the remarkable and controversial Roy Bourgeois, former Maryknoll priest and founder of the SOA Watch. As a priest, Bourgeois was an outspoken critic of US policy in Latin America. Subsequent to the murder of four American churchwomen, two of whom were Maryknoll Sisters,  by SOA-trained assassins, Bourgeois founded SOA Watch and has maintained a 26-year tradition of civil disobedience and protest, including documentation of atrocities in Latin America linked to SOA training programs. 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015 20:59

Northeast Ohio Views the Border

Written by

Northeast Ohio Chapter

Pamela Cibik – “We must secure the border.” Is this not the refrain we so often hear when US politicians are asked to comment on immigration? Pam Cibik, Kathy Ress, and Gerry Mullaney—Northeast Ohio Maryknoll Affiliates—travelled to Douglas, Arizona, in late April to see the border. It is indeed secure, thanks to huge sums our government is spending on miles of “Keep Out” fencing, surveillance cameras, ground sensors, and the ubiquitous US Border Patrol presence. Our gracious hosts, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, gave us a view of this “border security.”

Tuesday, 22 December 2015 20:35

Spirituality, San Diego Style

Written by

A Chapter Profile

San Diego Affiliates used a meeting early in 2015 to ask themselves, “What drew you to become a part of this group?” and “What keeps you coming back?” Their answers, which member Michele Dunne summarized, were very revealing. Personal invitation and a personal connection to someone in the chapter drew them in, and Spirituality and Community (two of the Affiliates’ Four Pillars) keep them coming back.

Sunday, 01 November 2015 05:43

Come and See

Written by

Santa Orlando – Albany, NY, Chapter

As an Affiliate, I have had numerous opportunities to spend time with Maryknoll Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, and many other Affiliates. I have been to the Knoll for conferences, celebrations, and Institute classes and just to visit friends. What was missing in my Maryknoll exposure was contact with the Maryknoll Lay Missioners. I found myself asking, who are they, and what do they do? The desire to know led me to join 14 other travelers for a FAB (Friends Across the Border) trip to Bolivia. I met up with them at the Miami Airport, equipped with my carry-on luggage, a positive attitude, and the willingness to participate fully in the experience.

David Stocker – NSFA Editorial Board

The free flow of global capital and the restriction of migrants desperate to escape violence is a paradox for today. It is impossible to understand the tragedy of poverty, corruption, and violence in Latin America without placing in context the systems of economic extraction and oppression that have gripped the region for five centuries. Knowing our own part in the history of empire, we can begin to discern critical connections, for example, between wildly gyrating global financial markets and millions of refugees in Europe; between the US War on Drugs and the disappearance of 43 students in Ayotzinapa-Mexico; between US rapprochement with Cuba and the immense US military build up in Colombia. 

Saturday, 31 October 2015 18:15

An Appreciation of Ann Carr

Written by

Ossining, New York – October 24, 2015

The October 2015 Board meeting completed Ann Carr’s final year as chair of the Maryknoll Affiliate Board. At a reception that weekend, Board members and many other Maryknoll missioners expressed gratitude for her dedicated service. 

Below are statements drawn from a collection of tributes to Ann that were presented to her that evening. If you would like to add your remembrances of Ann not only during her tenure as Board president, but from any time in her life as a missioner, please feel free to post them on our Maryknoll Affiliates Facebook page.

Ann’s dedication to the Affiliates has kept us going, on track, and growing. I can only imagine the amount of time she has spent in thorough, thoughtful and respectful emails, phone calls, and meetings, late into the night.—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

Saturday, 31 October 2015 18:07

When New Orleans Affiliates Meet...

Written by

A Chapter Profile

Affiliates of the New Orleans/Gulf South Chapter eagerly shared what being an Affiliate means to them and how they maintain an active chapter.

New Orleans Affiliates say: 

  • There’s a spiritual energy in this group.
  • For me the Affiliates can be summed up by Peace through Christ. We’re all in this together. We need to be active pursuing that peace.
  • Maryknoll for me is a faith community that crosses borders, locally and globally.
  • Maryknoll nurtures my faith; I learn about and work for social justice in other parts of the world.
  • I like to hear about the missions, what’s happening, how we can help.
  • We are all on a faith journey.
  • I may not be able to go on the immersions but hearing about the missions of others helps me be in solidarity, to have the Maryknoll Affiliate global vision.
  • Affiliates are a family. We need to be a family to everyone.
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