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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 03:44

Pray – Study – Act

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We Affiliates have our work cut out for us! As the saying goes, if you’re not upset, you’re not paying attention. I hear that Affiliates are paying attention, they are upset, they have long been upset, and they are taking action.

In this issue, looking for long-term solutions, Marie Venner passionately insists we must end our addiction to fossil fuels for the good of her children, indeed all of our children’s children. Ron Covey, also looking to the future, focuses on the educating marginalized children in Guatemala City. Rosa Beatriz Castañeda de Larios, Guatemala Chapter, has devoted her life to education. Mef Ford tells us about the Boston Affiliate Chapter’s reflection on their careers, life choices, and service roles.

We know that not all of our efforts will be successful in the short term, but as St. Teresa of Calcutta reminds us, “God does not require us to be successful, only that we be faithful.”

I urge all Affiliates to examine your values and direction—with others in your chapter, if possible, to pray together, re-establish your priorities, and take action!

What is your passion? Let us at the NSFA know your priorities, your actions, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue: 

The Time is Now – "We are late in the game, so I must and will say very clearly: it is time for us to get off fossil fuels—now—all of us." – Marie Venner 

Making Time for Kindness – The Affiliate Book Groups are enjoying reading the Orbis book, Abounding in Kindness, by Elizabeth Johnson.

On the Margins: Education and More – "We strive to be an important and accepted member of the community." – Ron Covey

What if 1.2 Billion Catholics Embraced Gospel Nonviolence? – "Which of the wars we have been in is a just war?" – Sister Matty, Mosul

"Light for the People" – "This year in April we mark the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Ben and his Nicaraguan co-workers." – Kitty Madden

Mission Journeys – "Many of our group came of age in the era of cinderblock bookcases, potted avocado plants, and Mateus wine bottle candleholders." – Mef Ford

Getting to Know the Guatemala Chapter – "Maryknoll Affiliates ... respond in community to the call of God to participate in the mission of Jesus." – Guatemala Chapter website

Rosa Beatriz—Educator for Life– She invited all of the attendees to make passion the key to their lives.

Update on MAC 2017 March/April 2017 – Forms for registration and post-conference mission visit options

The Challenge – "We all need to be wiling to be uncomfortable in the pursuit of justice, too." – Sr. Rose Marie Tresp, RSM

Communications Committee Update – Affiliates are asked to contact Bob if they would like their chapter highlighted (on the website).

Board to Meet in May – One area the Regional Coordinators (RCs) will review with the Board is how RCs are selected and how long they should serve.

Virtual Community? – "If you have thoughts or ideas, please let us know!"

Taste of Tanzania 2017 – "Don your African clothes and join us!"

Holy Week Discernment Retreat – "Are you called to Cross-Cultural Mission Service?"

And don't miss our Features:

A poem: Silent

Comments on reviews:    Silence and A Radical Faith 

A place to learn: Maryknoll Mission Institute 2017

A few announcements: March/April 2017

A Lenten reflection guide: Come Pray, Study, Act with Us

To view this issue in its print form, download the March/April 2017 PDF.

Saturday, 31 December 2016 18:17

The Times They Are A-Changin’

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Change is good news, and possibly bad news. We rejoice with the native peoples who are standing up to protect the water. We are inspired by a Guatemalan Affiliate who received national recognition for her work for human rights. We are excited by Pope Francis’s recent message on nonviolence. But we are also concerned to see a backlash against reforms and programs that some may feel have threatened them and their needs. We regret the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and fear the current threats against refugees and immigrants. We agonize about the escalating conflicts that we seem to have no control over.

But Affiliates are all about change, crossing borders, showing love! In 2017 may you continue to join in community and visualize together the change that is needed for us and for the world. Tell us about your vision and action at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue: 

David vs. Goliath: Competing at Standing Rock – "It is a learning experience for me—a white middle class man used to organizing, to be in the minority; to be quiet, to follow, to listen." – Kyle Chandler-Isacksen 

MAC 2017 Update – January/February 2017 – Forms for registration and many more conference details will be available soon.

Retreat at Watch Hill – " 'The Wine Never Runs Out' ... drawing on the Biblical promise of the fullness of life and the symbolism of nuptial radiance." – Bob Short

Claudia Samayoa Speaks – "I have faced the powers that do not want to change, not with aggression but with respect." – Claudia Samayoa

Nonviolence 2017 – "Nonviolence is sometimes taken to mean surrender, lack of involvement and passivity, but this is not the case." – Pope Francis

Days of Infamy: 75th Anniversary –  The woman had said, ”Maryknoll gave me a home when I needed one, so now I will give them my house.” 

Learning About Immigration and Refugees – ...they are planning an evening presentation on these topics with the hope that the parish may sponsor a refugee family. 

Table Talk – "It is difficult, as one grows older, to make new relationships, and yet it is necessary ..." – Kris Neufeld

Virtual Coincidence – Since the first virtual chapter attempts will be considered pilot projects, there is still a great deal of flexibility. 

Seattle Chapter: Working Together – For fun, the Seattle Affiliates helped decorate the Seattle Maryknoll House in preparation for the Maryknoll Christmas party. 

Connecting in Claremont – The Sierra Club has revived its midwinter, midnight walk among the homeless of Skid Row ...

And don't miss our Features:

A celebration of Maryknoll Affiliates' 25 years: 25 Years Ago

A book review:     Living in Bubbles  

A place to learn: Maryknoll Mission Institute 2017

A few announcements: January/February 2017

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Monday, 07 November 2016 23:28

Walking Each Other Home

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There are times when all we can do is walk with  someone in need. There may be nothing we can do, nothing we can change, but we can be there.

Especially after the rancorous US political campaign, we Affiliates must be there. We can reemphasize our mission, our counter-cultural, intercultural eagerness to walk with our brothers and sisters, and with the earth.

In this issue we see many facets of accompaniment: 

  • The Southern Regional Conference in New Orleans emphasized that accompaniment is essential to mission. 
  • David Schaffner mourns the recent losses in Haiti. 
  • Dan Heuer spent time with and learned about the other Abrahamic faith traditions to help build interfaith partnerships. 
  • Fred Goddard, the former Affiliate Executive Coordinator, tells us about the organizations he is now walking with. 
  • The tale of Tisquantum prods us to think, who are we to walk with now? 

We ask that you also walk with the NSFA by sharing your reflections at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue: 

Working for Change – "The idea is for organizations to be accountable for their work by assuring that their projects create real change in the lives of people..."  – Fred Goddard

¡Buen Vivir! – "LIFE is a gift from God that we must care for and defend every day of our existence; we respect and enjoy being happy and making others happy. " – Claudia Samayoa

State of the Heart—Fall 2016 Board Meeting – "In my short time as Board chair, it is clear to me that it takes a small village to keep the Affiliate Committee

Korean Affiliates Share News – "I want to keep in touch and let other Affiliates know what we are doing."

Read, Discuss, Grow! – "We’re looking forward to the second Maryknoll Affiliate Book Group, which begins in January."

Tisquantum: A New Tale from the Old World – "Our remembrance of Thanksgiving is upside down." – David Stocker

"Walking Each Other Back Home: Mission As Accompaniment" – "...a day center for the homeless in New Orleans can be a mission when folks get to know the homeless while they provide them service." – Matt Rousso

What Happened at the Southern Region Conference—A Deeper Look – "... it was clear from the start that we were connected by and committed to the Maryknoll charism of accompanying those who have little or no voice in our clamorous, disjointed world." – Bob Short

Mission Is about Walking Each Other Home – "I have often been moved when I realize this is how God in Jesus has been with me all during my life —slowly and lovingly walking me home." 

Long-Distance Accompaniment – "...Mwanza Affiliates sent colorful cloth bags from one of their women’s projects..."

Building Abrahamic Partnerships – "The highlight for me was a small group experience led by a Jewish rabbi, a Muslim woman, and a United Church of Christ woman minister." – Dan Heuer

Call for Nominations – "Are you dedicated to serving the Affiliate movement and committed to building a strong and sustainable organization? " – Mary Massaro

Coming Soon to Your Mailbox! – "Working together we can do it!"

And don't miss our Features:

A blessing: The Gift of Enough

A book review:     Just Water - A Right to Life Issue 

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Saturday, 27 August 2016 23:12


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We are a brave and loving community! This issue of the NSFA provides reflections and news from several active Affiliate communities. We also feature an EZ Meeting that asks chapters, or individuals, to reflect on our Affiliate community and ponder its relationship to the Kin-dom of God.

Bob Short provides insights on the Affiliate mission of seeking/creating/forming global community, which can lead us to wholeness. The article on “Family,“ from No Tan Lejos del Horizonte, the Spanish-speaking Affiliates’ newsletter, reminds us that the family provides us the grounding and formation that we need to be able to evolve into wholeness.

But there are impediments to wholeness. Demagogues, cults, and fearsome (and fearful) individuals may seek to maximize their benefits and protect themselves, disregarding the common good. The Affiliate community does not exclude the other but rather is supportive of the quest for knowledge and of care for our earth and its peoples, especially those less able to protect themselves. 

Send your reflections and efforts for wholeness to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can share it with our global community.

Articles in this issue: 

Oaxacan Community Speaks – "The opposition to the Education Reform now includes not only the teachers but the parents of the school children."—Mary Gill and Pat Denevan

Will Your Chapter be Represented? – "Perhaps chapters could share the cost for a member to represent them."

Genuine Community – "In a small but important way, here is where the Affiliate vision, Seeking Global Community, can make a meaningful contribution, offering a heartfelt core to the emerging conscious unity."—Bob Short

The Problems with Palm Oil: Human Rights Abuses in Guatemala and Honduras – "The Guatemalans talked about palm oil plantations’ connection to water projects in their communities, and the Hondurans told of state repression and assassinations of indigenous leaders who protest large dam projects that threaten indigenous territories."—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

Maryknoll Affiliates in Tanzania – "One of the charter members of the Mwanza Affiliates, Agnes Medard, generously shared with Bertha the importance of Affiliate membership in her life."—Bertha Haas

Korean Affiliates Meet – "The sharing was an opportunity to look at how we as believers can respond to the issues we are faced with."—Lydia Kim

Emphasis on Action – "Several members who are not able to travel overseas are involved in local efforts."

Easy Meeting: Family-The Affiliate Community-The Kin-dom of God – "Nothing can separate us from the love of God and nothing can separate us from each other. We are made in the image and likeness of God."

Family in Guatemala – "For me, family is... The people who love, care for and hug you a lot."

LA Chapter Reflects on Survey – "Being an Affiliate member...  Is thinking outside of ourselves—out of our comfort zone."

Talking Points – "Being a Maryknoll Affiliate... Gives you the opportunity to rub elbows with veteran, lifelong missioners and draw on their wisdom."—Ken Eppes

FOSNA/Maryknoll Links – "Stand for truth and justice without violence. Resist evil without doing evil."—Naim Ateek 

Book Group Suggestions – "I look forward to ‘seeing’ everyone each week.”—Gabriella Maertens

Welcome Home Party for Bertha – "Now, in her retirement, she spends about a month each year at the school..."

Option for the Poor in County Jails – "An estimated 30 percent of the debit cards holding released prisoners’ own money are never used and are completely consumed by the fees."

And don't miss our Features:

A poem: The Homeless 

A book review: A Theology of Peace   

And: Event Announcements Sept/Oct 2016   





Wednesday, 29 June 2016 18:08

Wholeness or Divisiveness?

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It seems many people are accepting a negative political and international atmosphere that leads to fear, prejudice, and withdrawal. In contrast, several Affiliates have provided articles for this issue which highlight their efforts to move towards wholeness. Their positive ideas, advocating for peace and nonviolence, having environmental discussions, participating in interfaith groups, and performing service work are all in the direction of wholeness. 

The Maryknoll Affiliate Book Group is reading Ilia Delio’s book which discusses wholemaking. In an article in this issue Lenore Smith-Aman asks, “Since we are connected to each other as Affiliates, how can we consciously and creatively work to transform the present political climate from extreme divisiveness to wholeness?”

We encourage Affiliates and Affiliate Chapters to talk about what they are seeing, to not be silenced by the fears and the rhetoric we hear, but rather to intensify our efforts in wholemaking, building Community and taking Action, with a prayerful and loving Global Vision. Then share your concerns and efforts with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

Affiliates Work for Wholeness – "As people of faith and hope, imbued with the values of Maryknoll, what can we offer?"—Lenore Smith-Aman

Book Group Divides – "It’s exciting to have this opportunity to build community among far-flung Affiliates and other Maryknollers as well."—Paula Schaffner

Calls to Mission – "As a member of the Maryknoll Affiliate Leadership Board, I invite you to consider accepting our call to serve on the Board."—Mary Massaro 

You’re All Invited – "For the first time ever, our global vision takes us outside the US for our international Maryknoll Affiliate Conference (MAC). "—Rosa Beatriz Castañeda de Larios

On the Sultan and the Saint – "There are no barriers except those we put up ourselves."—Penny Robinson

Spotlight on the Sacramento Chapter – "We do not have any one project that all of our members are involved in, but individuals participate in many ministries throughout Sacramento and the world."—Patty Symkowick

Albany Chapter Event – "On a pleasant May weekend, Affiliates from the Albany Chapter visited the Maryknoll Sisters in Ossining."

Laudato Si: Care for our Common Home—A Day of Reflection – "As an older person and a grandmother, a compelling question for me was, “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us?”—Mary Moritz

A Mission of Accompaniment – "The theology of accompaniment doesn’t require any grandiosity."—Kris Neufeld

Are You a Teacher? – Southern Poverty Law Center surveyed approximately 2,000 teachers, asking them how the presidential campaign was affecting their students and their teaching.

Remembering Kerrigan: Priest, Poet, and Prophet – The Washington County, Oregon, Peace Vigil noted his passing and honors him by continuing his work for peace and nonviolence.

Calling All United States Christians – We hope that you will read the statement carefully and join those who have already signed their names.

Nonviolence Conference – Nonviolence and Just Peace, a new global initiative launched at the conference, reaffirms the centrality of active nonviolence to the vision and message of Jesus...

Notices – Conference, Guatemala Immersion Trip, and more!






Tuesday, 03 May 2016 00:39

Spring into Action

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The editors were privileged to attend and energized by the Affiliate Board/RC meetings at Maryknoll in April. Our devotion to all things Maryknoll helps us to survive this election year’s depressing rhetoric.

This issue shows that Affiliates in their various chapters and in their visits with Maryknollers in mission, find much greatness, goodness, and civility. We encourage all Affiliates to reach out to their neighbors, to other chapters, to missioners. We hope you can attend an upcoming Affiliate conference (or two!) to energize yourselves—and share what you find with the NSFA, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you prefer to read the NSFA in its printed form, please go to May/June 2016 Not So Far Afield to read and/or download this issue.
To read articles online, see  Articles in this Issue, below.


Do you Like Maryknoll Affiiates?

Don’t just visit our Facebook Page, like and follow it to hear the latest. This is your page—be sure to post your chapter’s news, announcements, and concerns.

Are you a facile Facebook user? We need you! Contact Bob Short (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to help with

Articles in this issue:

State of the Heart, April 2016 – "Of many decisions taken by the Board/RCs that are promising and exciting, I will highlight two. " – Dave Schaffner

Join the New Affiliate Book Group – ...several Affiliates suggest discussing Making All Things New: Catholicity, Cosmology, Consciousness, by Ilia Delio, OSF.

See you in New Orleans? – Matt Rousso will talk about “Mission as Accompaniment” and the role of dialogue in mission.

MAC 2017 – ¡Guatemala! – The Maryknoll Affiliate Board encourages each chapter to send a member and will again offer travel grants to promote broad attendance.

Lynn Houston—The First Affiliate – ...Lynn had a great heart for Maryknoll and was always looking for ways to deepen and widen the circles of the Maryknoll Affiliate family.

Visiting the Contra Costa Affiliates – "Their South American connections help provide the group with a Global Vision." – Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss 

Finding Connections in Southeast Asia – "I was struck by unexpected long-distance links between Maryknoll folks." – Charlie Reilly

Solar Sister – "Sr. Rose Marie now proposes using New Mexico’s plentiful sunshine as an alternative to mined uranium-dependent nuclear power." – Mary Ryan=Hotchkiss

Heartstrings Tied to Tanzania – "Our relationships have grown with the years, sharing spirituality in the progress of children to adulthood..."  Roger Schiltz

LA Chapter—See How They Partner – For them, collaboration is the key to powerful action.

Our Jamaican Immersion Trip—2015 – "Fellowship and presence was such a blessing to all who participated." – Deacon Herb Casey

And don't miss these features: 

New Mission Education Workshop – The Maryknoll Lay Missioners offers a Mission Education Workshop ... to explore every Christian’s baptismal call to mission.

 Maryknoll Mission Items – Institutes, Connections, Ideas for ways to connect with missioners

Mary's Call – Ginny McEvoy shared Mary Murphy’s poem, from the December 1993 Not So Far Afield.






Tuesday, 01 March 2016 15:36

Affiliate Seeds

Written by

Maryknoll Affiliates persist in planting seeds knowing that we might not see the harvest. We grieve when we lose someone—but we can rejoice when we find new ways of mission, such as the Coadys endowing a chair to continue their mission work. We admire and want to work with all those who follow their own diverse paths, searching for the transcendent, such as those at the Parliament of World Religions, or those who join other religious orders.

Seeds planted by Affiliates last summer in a survey are now springing forth in plans and action from the Board and Executive Coordinator. At our 25th anniversary, we are in young adulthood, poised for continued evolution and development. Executive Coordinator Bob Short reminds us that, “Only love can transform us.”

We Affiliates persist in planting seeds with love even as the media abounds with shouts of walls, fear, exclusion, and hate, warping the truth and heralding the short-comings of others. Our love will lead to a win/win. Spring is coming!

Be sure to share your seeds of change and growth with your greater Affiliate community at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

The Endowed Chair – "It was time for me to get out of the way."—Jim Coady

25 Years and Growing – "The Affiliate model is said to have enough structure to hold it accountable and provide solidity and form but not so much as to make it burdensome."—Bob Short

Parliament of the World's Religions—Awesome – "So much peace and goodwill showed in everyone’s faces, and we shared the same mood of cheerful greeting."—John Martin, MM

Survey Report Posted – "To connect with Affiliates more directly, the survey asked what being an Affiliate means to them, how they relate to other Maryknollers, and their deeper heart wishes, passions, and abiding commitments."—David Schaffner

New England Retreat – "[It] reinforced the need to keep the three A’s of Maryknoll Spirituality front and center in our daily lives."—James Comes

Affiliates Need Your Help – "If you could serve, or know someone who needs a special invitation, please contact Bob Short."

Regional Conference in New Orleans – "Spend a weekend on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain with fellow Affiliates and other Maryknollers."—Matt Rouso

Hello, Affiliates – "Thank you, all who welcomed me so kindly to the Affiliate meetings and who gave me insights into your mission trips overseas."—Paul Wilkins

To read this issue in its print version, you may access and download the pdf at Downloads- Not So Far Afield - 2016 03 04 NSFA. And don't miss the entries in this issue's Features and  The Board and EC Speak!


Thursday, 24 December 2015 00:29

Radical—or Violent?

Written by

We’ve read about it, maybe even met them, ...radicals. Some become radicalized at the border, or when working in another country.

Maura, Ita, Francis, and Jesus, were radicals. They embody radical love, radical hospitality, radical mercy —and nonviolence. In this NSFA issue, Maryknoll Affiliates experienced radical hospitality and love when they went to the border, in Haiti, in Guatemala, and El Salvador, New Orleans, or Georgia. Countercultural, radical views often develop through Maryknoll mission experiences, as does nonviolence.

Have you been radicalized? Tell us how you’ve been changed, experienced reverse mission, even been radicalized, by your nonviolent mission. We encourage you to share your next steps with the Affiliates at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

Spirituality, San Diego Style – These Affiliates each have their work—their mission, and they come together not to work on a joint project, but rather to share, receive support, reflect, and enjoy sustenance in a like-minded community.

Together in God’s Mission of Mercy – During the Year of Mercy, as missionary disciples through Baptism, you are invited to share mercy moments that you have witnessed or acts of mercy that you have offered to or received from others. 

Northeast Ohio Views the Border – "Dialogue between all the different persons involved in immigration opens up space for growth, deeper understanding and
change.." —Kathy Ress

Building Community & Dialogue – "May we walk into our future together with a commitment to wholemaking that (in the words of the Maryknoll Sisters) 'discovers God’s
energy all around us and celebrates our larger selves.' "—Ann Carr

Resistance at the SOA – "Today, the stronger-than-ever message from the SOAW Vigil is that the issues of the disenfranchised are profoundly interconnected, that we are   all accountable for the condition of humanity and the condition of the earth on which we depend."—David Stocker

Martyrs Live on As Inspiration – "The speakers’ very personal stories all shared a common message: the martyrs continue to strengthen them to work for the poor and   build the Reign of God here on earth."—Joe Hastings

Martyrs Remembered in the US – "We remember and honor them and hold them close."—Ellie Hays

An Act of Mercy – "It’s what I think Pope Francis calls 'going to the peripheries.' "—Matt Rousso

Are We One of God’s Little Miracles? – "We invite visitors to help in whatever role fits them, including teaching English or working with the children."—Ron Covey

To read this issue in its print version, you may access and download the pdf at Downloads- Not So Far Afield - 2016 01 02 NSFA. And don't miss the entries in this issue's Features and  The Board and EC Speak!

Sunday, 01 November 2015 06:07

The World Needs You!

Written by

Yes! The world needs Maryknoll Affiliates. Bob Short emphasized this at two Regional Affiliate Conferences this summer and now in this NSFA.

This issue also includes a tribute to Ann Carr by the Board and other Maryknollers for her many years of service as she leaves the Affiliate Board. Please post your special memory of Ann on the Maryknoll Affiliate Facebook page.

We’ve also been inspired by the Pope’s US visit and his challenging environmental encyclical. Several Chapters, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Sacramento, and New Orleans, plan to study and reflect on Laudato Si. The USCCB’s discussion guide and the Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns’ newsletter, Encounters, add to the conversation.  John Moritz’s formation article on Prophetic Witness also provides reflection questions that could be used in an Affiliate gathering.

Please send news about your chapters and mission activities to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

News from the Maryknoll Affiliate Board: 

  • At the October 2015 Board meeting, David Schaffner was selected to replace Ann Carr, the outgoing Chair, and will serve as Chair for the next year. 
  • Coming Soon! The annual request that you help cover our operating budget will arrive in your mailbox by December. Please be prayerful and generous in your response. 

Articles in this issue:

Come and See – "When asked, 'What did you do?' my reply is, 'We played with the children, giving them our attention. We met with the elderly, showing them they, too, were worthy of our visit.' "—Santa Orlando


The World Needs Maryknoll Affiliates – "When asked if the Affiliate movement was beginning to wind down, she immediately replied, “No! It can’t wind down; so much in the world needs people with our vision and commitment.”—Bob Short


Creating a Context for MaryKnoll’s work in the Global South – "In an age of rapid globalization and gaping wealth disparity, Pope Francis’ message transcends religion, culture, and language, calling us to end the systems that cause disenfranchisement and despair."—David Stoker

An Appreciation of Ann Carr – "The future of Maryknoll will be a reflection of your leadership."—John Moritz

When New Orleans Affiliates Meet... – "We share what we’re doing but don’t spend a lot of time socializing."

New Northwestern Regional Coordinators – "Janet and Ralph make a great RC team.."

Whose Prophet Am I? – "By where we live, what kind of car we drive, everything we do, we proclaim what we hold dear to us."—John Moritz 

To read this issue in its print version, you may access and download the pdf at Downloads- Not So Far Afield. And don't miss the entries in this issue's Features and  The Board and EC Speak!


Sunday, 30 August 2015 00:00

The Spirit is Moving [Us]

Written by

Wherever two or three are gathered...but especially when Affiliates have a conference...the Spirit is moving. This issue gives just an inkling of the Spirit of this summer’s conferences. If you weren’t able to make it to one of the two Conferences featured in this issue—The Midwest Regional Retreat Conference or the Western Regional Affiliate Conference—see the advance notice on this page from the New Orleans/Gulf South Chapter. As with any regional conference, all are welcome.

You may have received the NSFA attached to a new email. Our updated database means more people than ever are receiving the NSFA. If you haven’t already, please send your updated chapter contact list to the NSFA and to our Executive Coordinator, Bob Short  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), so that everyone in your chapter will receive the NSFA and other important Affiliate communications.

The NSFA still hasn’t received an Affiliate reflection on the Pope’s environmental encyclical, Laudato Si, but we have heard that one chapter is supporting a Campaign Nonviolence action themed, “Caring for our Common Home.” They stand in solidarity with Pope Francis as he addresses the US Congress on September  24th. 

Write us with your reflections and news at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Articles in this issue:

Renewing the Joy of Mission—Shifting into the Future – "Our approach to developing the schedule may be a key to why the weekend was so satisfying."—Kathleen Gribble


Western Regional Affiliate Conference – "The Seattle Affiliates worked as a team, making the weekend flow smoothly for all of us. They looked like they enjoyed being together, and they worked as a single unit, like honeybees."—Kitty Schiltz  


Missing Affiliate Marie Parmly – "Although 85 years old when our Chapter first formed, Marie came to our meetings faithfully and often got others to come with her."—Mary Moritz

Friends Across Borders in Brazil – "I set out imagining a country with some native Indian tribes, having been colonized by the Portuguese. I ended up visiting a multi-ethnic, diverse country with a large Japanese population (invited to come as farmers), Italians, Germans, Syrians, people from different countries in Africa, and an indigenous Indian tribe (the Guarani Mbya)."—Mary Morris Williams

Planting Seeds of Nonviolence – "Mary [Hanson] cautioned us to not cross the blue line on the pavement marking the edge of federal property. Crossing would be considered criminal trespass."—Manny Hotchkiss

My Visit to the Casa Materna in Matagalpa – "I thought it would be wonderful to actually see for myself the operation of this wonderful Maternity Home."—Gabriela Maertens

A Day in a Lay Missioner’s Life – "My job title [Communications Coordinator] is hilarious to me, as I feel that at any given moment I am lucky if 80 percent of the conversation is understood by both parties."—Karen Bortvedt

And don't miss the entries in this issue's Features, Events, and The Board and EC Speak!


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