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Friday, 28 February 2020 00:07

One’s Own Country

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What makes Maryknoll Affiliates so exceptional? Generosity? Deep spirituality? Openness to new ideas? Love for our neighbors? Willingness to take action? Global Vision?

Articles in this NSFA issue show Affiliates sharing their Global Vision through the Quo Vadis program and by helping at Maryknoll church dates in the US. We see Affiliates open to new ideas with immigrants and nonviolence. Others take action by forming communities and extended families abroad. Affiliates are all called to rise above the clamor of the comfortable simplicity of a litmus test and see that our Global Vision connects us in a complex web. I’m reminded that every complex problem has a simple answer—and it’s WRONG!

What can we be doing, especially in this interim time of changing eras? As people of Love and Action Affiliates can be a yeast that spreads though the world prioritizing the common good. Can we reframe a narrow issue? How do we bring others to our big, complex table?

Please tell us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about your and your chapter’s special outreach with those for whom dedication to a particular focused issue obscures the big us. May the Affiliates Global Vision guide these actions in our own country.


Articles in this issue:

Quo Vadis Success at Le Moyne College – "The Albany Affiliate team was deeply touched by being present to the students and sharing their experiences."—Santa Orlando

A Maryknoll Partnership – "...Seattle Affiliates decided to partner with the visiting priests by helping to alleviate some of their work load at the parish level."—Carolyn Creighton

Fox Cities Immigration Task Force – "We meet monthly at a local church and invite interested citizens to join us in our efforts for a better life for our immigrant families."—Nancy Bourassa

A Letter from Nicaragua –  "I send gratitude to all of you for continuing to hold the people of Nicaragua in your prayers."—Kitty Madden

Nonviolence Expert Speaks to Our Chapter – "As a group, we were very moved by his stories of how nonviolent approaches stopped violent attacks and turned people around."—Marie Wren

The Right to Stay in One’s Own Country "Standing up for children and youth is particularly important in Guatemala ... "—Steve Barrett

Gail Forms a Mission Community – "We will always remember her and miss her.  May she rest in peace.”—Teresa Mariche

Tanzania Party: Maryknoll Values Live On – "Today, Fathers, Sisters, and lay Tanzanians carry on that whole Maryknoll set of values."—Roger Schiltz   

Our Chapter Retreat: A New Tradition – "I thank all the chapters that inspired me to plan this retreat."—Mary Moritz

At MAC2020: Talk With Those Who Walk the Talk - "Be sure to enhance your global vision by attending MAC 2020 and joining in the conversation."

The News from the Board is all about MAC 2020: 

The Affiliates’ Interim Time 

Don't forget our various feature articles: 

Confused Catholics Called to Rise Above – a poem by Al Drinkwine

Everyday Spiritual Readingsthe review of a book co-authored by Affiliate Mary Moritz

What Is Your Theme for Lent? – spiritual resources available at Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns

Maryknoll Mission Inst. 2020 – Maryknoll Sisters' institute beginning in May

If you prefer to read the Not So Far Afield in its printed form, you may download it here: NSFA March/April 2020


Friday, 03 January 2020 18:54

Taking Maryknoll Places 

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I am very grateful that my life has been influenced by Maryknoll, but I hadn’t thought how I might also have affected Maryknoll. Ellen McDonald, MM, said in 1994, “We [Maryknoll] need those of you who have been touched by Maryknoll and have taken Maryknoll’s call out to places we did not dream of.”

In carrying Maryknoll to new places, this issue touches on all four pillars of the Maryknoll Affiliates: Spirituality, Community, Global Vision, and Action. John Moritz shares a new paradigm for a religious community. Renate Schneider continues hoping and working for Haiti.

We in North America are stretched by the Affiliates in Central and South America. See “Circular Economy” and “Peru March For Nonviolence." Like the Perú Affiliates, we want a Church of nonviolence. In NE Florida, the Williams work in prisons, and others write letters, listen, and dialogue. Rich Lessard especially asks us to dialogue with Affiliate leadership; he wants to listen and explore with us our Affiliate identity. We need connection and communication through engagement and dialogue.

In 1994—and today, Ellen McDonald asks, “What is my personal call at this time? And how am I faithful as part of Maryknoll’s call?” Where has Maryknoll taken you? Where are you taking Maryknoll? Tell us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

Co-Meditation: A Sacramental Experience  –  "I participate in this communal gift of self, a very real communication of “I am the group, the group is me.”—John Moritz

Who is Maryknoll? – "We need those of you who have been touched by Maryknoll and have taken Maryknoll’s call out to places we did not dream of."—Sr. Ellen McDonald, MM

!Presente!  – "There were no plans for civil disobedience this year but we were all asked to commit to the principles of nonviolence."—Manny Hotchkiss

Circular Economy: A Practice for Good Living  – "At present, the overall economy is stuck in a system in which everything seems to favor the linear model of production-consumption-waste."—Marcela Gereda

Perú March for Nonviolence  – "This year, the march was attended by more than 800 people, including school children, neighbors, and leaders of the sector."—Carlos Apcho

Haiti in Turmoil – "The worst was to be a prisoner in my own house, hesitant to venture out."—Renate Schneider

Deported to Cambodia! – "His knowledge of the written and spoken Cambodian language and culture was very limited."—Marie Wren

Crossing Borders and Coming Together  – "We hope that they will also visit us and build a connection with our chapter."—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

Catholic Nonviolence Initiative - "The Catholic Nonviolence Initiative asks that we no longer use or teach “just war theory.”

A Letter to Pope Francis  – "We struggle to be Church and value your leadership."

Meeting Topic: Addiction  – "Many products and activities are potentially addictive, not just those we traditionally think of as vices..."—Shelby Miller

Learn more about your Maryknoll Affiliate Board and Executive Coordinator in these articles:

Board Meeting Outcomes  

Maryknoll Affiliate Leadership 

And enjoy these features:

Quo Vadis: The Next Step 

Being Myself   

Maryknoll Mission Institute - 2020 

  If you are more comfortable reading the Not So Far Afield in its print form, you may download a pdf of the January/February 2020 issue. 



Thursday, 31 October 2019 17:11

Developing Global Vision

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The Global Vision of Affiliates shines forth in this issue. Global Vision is one of the Pillars of the Maryknoll Affiliate Movement, along with Spirituality, Community, and Action. In this issue we see Affiliates praying for detained children, holding public demonstrations against the separation of immigrant parents and children, and assisting their parish in welcoming and supporting refugees. From Haiti to Mexico to Tanzania, Peru and Cuba, across the US and beyond, the Global Vision of Affiliates recognizes the beauty in other people and other cultures.

Given the fear of the other and violence against refugees or immigrants in the US and in the world, how do Affiliates develop such a Global Vision? Maryknollers and Affiliates come together in chapters for prayer, forming a community and taking action—some in their home communities, some abroad. They cross borders to encounter the other. Getting to know another person and culture seems to dispel fear of the other and develop what we call Global Vision. Sometimes we even “catch” Global Vision at a regional or international meeting such as at MAC 2020 in New York, or MAC 2017 in Guatemala. Visits from missioners who have it, or Maryknoll magazine, can also help Global Vision “go viral.” Tell us how you “caught” Global Vision.

Articles in this issue:

Refugees: Refused or Welcomed? – "As a Maryknoll Affiliate, I am proud to be part of this ministry to vulnerable people from whom I learn so much."—Gail Kelley

2019 All Maryknoll Contemplative Retreat – "As always, the Holy Spirit was very active."—Bertha Haas

Looking Forward to MAC 2020 – "Perhaps we are being asked to respond in new ways..."—Nancy Sylvester, IHM

Spiritual Healers Gather – Sweet Medicine Nation would speak for “all of those who have no voice ... the trees, the water, and the animals.” 

Solidarity, the Border, and Right-to-Life – "Every night my sisters keep asking me, ‘When will our mommy come to get us?' "—a detained immigrant youth

Working with the Migrants – "These people leave their homes with little in the way of material items, spend nights outside in the cold desert, and yet are patient and grateful."—Maureen Doyle

Affiliates Join Fort Sill Protest -– "Our 10-hour bus ride to and from Fort Sill was little inconvenience compared to what those on the border are having to deal with!"—Patty Hinton

When Two or Three Are Gathered -– "Haitians are proud of their history as early adopters of democracy."—Renate Schneider

Active in Seattle – "We are nurtured by our community and by the support we all receive from connecting at the monthly meetings."

How to Cultivate Nonviolence? – "We’d appreciate your suggestions for cultivating the nonviolent message of Christ."—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss


Learn more about your Maryknoll Affiliate Board and Executive Coordinator in these articles:

Board News: Board/Regional Coordinators Meet & More 

Will Your Chapter Be Represented?


And be sure to enjoy the Features in this issue:

Quick Quiz 

Mission Institute – 2020 

Canticle of the Creatures 

 If you are more comfortable reading the Not So Far Afield in its print form, you may download a pdf of the November/December issue. 

Thursday, 22 August 2019 23:21

Actions and Options

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Action is one of the pillars of the Affiliate Movement, along with spirituality, community, and global vision. We can count on Affiliates to respond to opportunities and to find ways to take action, to be of service. In this issue, Bob Doyle shares his odyssey in Arizona, mourning the deaths of migrants in the desert and serving the survivors. The North Bay Affiliates were captivated by returned Maryknoll Lay Missioner Vicki Simon’s reflections after she volunteered at a migrant refuge in El Paso.

Vicki also lists some opportunities for service to immigrants. Dick Horstman describes a short-term mission opportunity for aiding migrants in Eagle Pass, Texas.

While we Affiliates are usually eager to do service, this issue also tells of 71 Catholics who recently chose another path, civil disobedience at the US Capitol, to protest the inhumanity of detaining children at the Border. Maryknoll encourages us to contemplate before and during our actions.

Whether we choose service, peaceful contemplation, or civil disobedience, we know that “Apathy is not an option.”

Tell us about your actions and options at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

Migration in the Nogales-Tucson Area – "While asylum seekers are being assisted at shelters in Tucson, some 800 others in Nogales, Sonora, are waiting to present their credible fear claim in hopes of being allowed to seek asylum in the United States." - Bob Doyle

MAC 2020 – The theme is: Witnessing Love in the Interim Time.

Vicki Simon at the Border – "One had to be ready for a “fluid reality,” as Vicki described it, and try to hold onto paying personal attention and listening to each migrant while attending to their immediate needs..." – Marie Wren

Sharing with our Chapter Companion – "Our Affiliate group was also happy to learn of Maryknoll’s program which sponsors men and women to come to the United States to study for the religious life." – Shelby Miller & Mary Williams

Is a Lay Missioner Coming to Your City? – "We saw that Affiliates could be helpful to the Maryknoll Lay Missioners in their promotional efforts..." – Paula Schaffner

Catholics Protest Immigrant Child Detention – It was “a privilege to participate in civil disobedience, to be arrested, to stand with detained families…” – Dan Moriarty

A Visit with Albany Affiliates –  "I know our Northeast Florida Chapter will try hard to extend Maryknoll hospitality to any of you who come our way!" – Mary Moritz

Border Actions to Consider – "If you cannot travel or volunteer at this time, get involved  "in organizations working with recently arrived refugees and migrants." – Vicki Simon

Hospitality In addition to the practical benefits of this hospitality, it provides an opportunity to get to know other members of the Maryknoll family.

Learn more about your Maryknoll Affiliate Board and Executive Coordinator in these articles:

John Moritz: Our Newest Board Member  

Letter from  Rich Lessard     

And be sure to enjoy the Features in this issue:

Pope Francis Reading Club   

Cultivating Nonviolence   

Short-Term Mission Opportunity 

Maryknoll Connections      

You Belong   

QTM #5    

 If you are more comfortable reading the Not So Far Afield in its print form, you may download a pdf of the September/October issue. 

Saturday, 29 June 2019 17:23

Mission Without Borders

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The Maryknoll Affiliate Mission Statement includes the phrase,

“Maryknoll Affiliates challenge one another to witness to mission as a way of life by going beyond borders (italics added for emphasis)...,” 

but this issue gives examples of Maryknollers and Affiliates not going beyond borders, but rather going to the southern US border and serving the great needs there. 

Several articles show it is not even necessary to physically go to the border to make a difference. David Schaffner points out that shoelaces are such a simple item but are providing a tangible way to connect with those in need and also to educate the local community about the situation at the border! Affiliates in this issue also say their mission is in the community: teaching English to immigrants, offering hospitality to traveling Maryknollers, or joining a Campaign Nonviolence action.  Santa Orlando points out the many ways the Albany Chapter maintains connections and is a catalyst and conduit of communication. She says Affiliates are called to Relationship.

And Affiliates contemplate. Before, during, and after actions, we contemplate our place in the global human family and know our hearts have been fracked. We “ain’t gonna study war no more.” Please share the fruits of your contemplation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

Staying Connected - "It was wonderful to have representatives from the Sisters and Fathers with us."—Santa Orlando

Meeting Maryknoll in St. Louis - "When we admired a symbol Debbie was wearing, she asked, “What is the symbol of the Maryknoll Affiliates?”—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

Boston Affiliate Working with Rotary - "The goal of the project was to change the practice of cooking with open fires on the floor, eliminating exposure to smoke and reducing health issues."—Jim Comes 

More Excitement? - "A little preparation can lead to a lively meeting."—Matt Rousso

Maryknoll Lay Missioner/Lawyer - "Walls and detention centers are not the answer. Central America needs to be a place where people can stay if they want, with job opportunities, fair wages, and security."—Heidi Cerneka

Maryknoll Nuns at the Border - “God does not ask us to ask if people we help have all their immigration papers in order, or are they legally asking for asylum, before we feed, clothe and give them something to eat or give them shelter."—Sr. Maggie Sierra, MM

At the El Paso Migrant Refuge - "One of the best things about doing volunteer work is meeting other volunteers from different locations."—Don Gonzalez  

The Shoelace Project - "Thus, the Humanitarian Respite Center operated by Catholic Charities in McAllen, Texas, and similar facilities along the border, need a constant supply of shoelaces."—David Schaffner


Learn more about your Maryknoll Affiliate Board and Executive Coordinator in these articles:

Welcoming Maryknollers

Bird Lessons

Poetic Response to Contemplative Action 

Prototype Progress and Success


And be sure to enjoy the Features in this issue: 

Deepen Our Compassion

Week of Actions 

Cultivating Nonviolence 

Maryknoll Mission Institute 2019

 If you are more comfortable reading the Not So Far Afield in its print form, you may download a pdf of the July/August issue. 




 Without consciously planning to, most of the articles in this issue mention ways to strengthen chapters and the Affiliate Movement. You could solidify your chapter by having a Covenant renewal, as was done by Misioneras Hispanas Santa Maria in North Carolina. To help recruit new members, Seattle will distribute information about their chapter when they help at Maryknoll events. Sharing your meeting minutes with your regional coordinator, the Executive coordinator, and the NSFA will keep you and them in the loop. Individually you can strengthen your connection with other Affiliates by responding to the Question of the Month. Hosting a regional conference would allow you to meet and be inspired by Affiliates outside your chapter. Bringing a Quo Vadis presentation to your area would also introduce you to new people and deepen your dedication to mission.

Chapters and Affiliates can be animated by working together on a project such as serving at the Border, as described by Roger Schiltz. The Las Vegas Chapter picks local nonprofits to support financially or with a special event. Las Vegas also suggests using Skype to connect with another chapter. Inviting visitors, as Northeastern Florida does, can enliven your chapter meetings.

Did I miss any? Share your other ideas with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

Promoting Maryknoll and Your Chapter – We encourage your chapter to customize and utilize a handout about your chapter...

Why Quo Vadis? – "Why might Quo Vadis be important for the Maryknoll Affiliate Movement?'—Bill Murphy

Maryknoll Leads Them to Action –  "We try to take the positive from each group we meet.”—Punch Fermin

One Woman’s Missions – "On December 3rd, I took my Vow of Nonviolence* at Carmel of Reno for the 31st straight year."—Ellie Hays

Greetings from Peru "A group of us collaborates at Casa Bartimeo, which is directed by Maryknoll Father Kyungsu Son, MM."—Hugo Castro Campos

Covenant Continues – "...these women were walking in the footsteps of the 'Tar Heel Apostle'—Father Thomas Price."—Gail Kelley

A Special Visitor from Tanzania – "Do you know how many houses that could buy where I live?”—Sister Mariana Clemence

Water, Water, Everywhere? "I have been thinking a lot about how blessed I am to have such easy access to clean water..."—Matt Rousso

Border Volunteers from Kirkland, WA – "What a beautiful experience we had working together cleaning the filthy toilets and washing towels and clothes."—Roger Schiltz

Learn more about your Maryknoll Affiliate Board and Executive Coordinator in these articles:

Share the Joy   

Question of the Month 

Introducing Roxanne Hughes-Wheatland

And be sure to enjoy the Features in this issue:

Appalachia Immersion 

Maryknoll Mission Institute 2019

 If you are more comfortable reading the Not So Far Afield in its print form, you may download a pdf of the May/June issue. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2019 04:31

Sharing Hope, Feeling Joy

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Even in the cold of winter Affiliates feel a deep, lasting joy, hope, and love. That’s what Affiliates are about.

Noel Krebs tells us about the lasting joy that he and fellow Affiliates experience in their accompaniment of residents of the New York State prison system, giving the prisoners hope. After a home restoration mission, Bob Short and Affiliates journeyed to Nada (which
means hope), Texas, inspiring us to include our US neighbors in our global vision. Maryknoll Sisters and Los Angeles Affiliates try thinking wrong to make things right. They commit to collaborate, practicing their loving care for creation.

The presence of refugees and migrants continues to challenge our values. British poet Brian Bilston in his work, "Refugees,"  turns pat statements about refugees upside down and forces a look at them the from another direction. The Pinneys in Walla Walla are planning a service to connect their parishioners with migration concerns and each other. They offer to share that service template with us. Affiliates from Seattle travel to McAllen, Texas, showing love and compassion to recently released detainees.

That’s what Affiliates are about: joy, hope, and love, impelled by our Affiliate pillars of Spirituality, Community, Global Vision, and Action.

This winter how have you felt joy, hope and love? Share with your fellow Affiliates at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

The Biggest Joy of My Life - "They say they are always spiritually better than before the retreat..." – Noel Krebs

Chapter Companions Team Up - “We believe that our chapter will be blessed by this connection.” – Mary Moritz

“Thinking Wrong” in Monrovia - "Pando believes that a hopeful vision of the future is possible, and that the Maryknoll compound in Monrovia can model it for Los Angeles County." – Hugh Menton

News from Encuentro and the Border - "What to do if all vulnerable people are silenced?" – David Stocker

Compassion and Hospitality on the Border - "At the Respite Center, people from all over the US provide a continuous flow of love and outreach—and the need is immense." – Jerrie Drinkwine

Seeking Peace in Peru - "During the March of Nonviolence, we are sensitized against using violence toward children, men, women, animals, or Mother Earth, ..." – Carlos Apcho

What a Few Affiliates Can Do - "Without your help, we could not have continued the work that was left to us by Fr. Tom’s untimely death." – Ron Covey

Learn more about your Maryknoll Affiliate Board and Executive Coordinator in these articles:

The Trip to Nada  

News from the Board: Meet Ted Miles 

Kenyan Affiliate Chapter Welcomed 

And be sure to enjoy the Features in this issue:

You Talk – We Listen

Notices March/April 2019 (Book Group, MAC 2020, and more);

Maryknoll Mission Institute 2019

Poetry: All-American Mosaic and RefugeesPotluck Recipe Exchange;

and a prayer - Old Monastic Benediction.













Maryknoll Mission Institute – 2019 - /news/not-so-far-afield/item/1846-maryknoll-mission-institute-%E2%80%93-2019.html

Friday, 28 December 2018 22:43

Changing Year

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The new year beckons. Are we open to change? Will our actions and words change us, or others?

On our cover, Evelyn Brush experiences Radical Hospitality and says she is forever changed. Seattle Affiliates learn that racism cripples all of us, but that the words and actions of the transformational values of abundance, transparency and collaboration could change unjust systems.

Pope Francis’ new peace prayer urges communication with new words and actions as the way to peace. Our executive coordinator, Bob Short offers the possibility of a deeper knowing with wordless contemplation, as does a new virtual chapter.

In transformational action, ten Affiliates came together in Texas, prayed, reflected, and then transformed a house damaged by hurricane Harvey. Email the Kleemans, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you’re interested in repairing more houses, possibly the first week of April 2019.

The NSFA invites your plans, words and actions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Articles in this issue:

Border Crossing - "I had been truly out of my element."—Evelyn Brush

Building the Beloved Community: Racism and Beyond - "As Christian Americans seeking justice, we need to face up to our role in racism."—Kitty Schiltz

The Inspiration for Chapter Companions - "Now we are working to get the word out to all chapters, wherever they are, that they can have a Maryknoller as a companion."—Mary Moritz

The Blessings of Companionship - "There is such potential in the Companions program to add to the richness of the Affiliate experience."—Gerry Mullaney

Houston Chapter’s Maryknoll Affiliate Mission - "It was obvious that the Holy Spirit sent the right people with the right skills to get the job done."—Judy Horstman

Sustaining Huruma - "So many awe-inspiring developments in the past year!"—Bertha Haas

Easy Meeting—Global Vision – "Over our meal, we had many conversations with each other about our global connections."—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

Nicaragua: Speaking Truth to Power - "No one could have imagined the catastrophic changes about to emerge."—Kitty Madden

Learn more about your Maryknoll Affiliate Board and Executive Coordinator in these articles:

Knowing in the Wordless Spaces - Jim Coady insightfully added that almost always, “We learn more from experiences than from documents.”

A Presence with Past Connections – "Because of my interest in our Affiliate movement, I am happy to be one of the liaisons to the Maryknoll Affiliates."—Sr. Norie Mojado, MM

And be sure to enjoy the Features in this issue:

Notices January/February 2019 (including an announcement for this year's Book Group); Prayer of Pope FrancisKARIBU - Come On In ; and Maryknoll Mission Institute 2019.

If you are more comfortable reading the Not So Far Afield in its print form, you may download a pdf of the January/February 2019 issue. 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 20:27


Written by

Coming from our regional conference on nonviolence and then the Affiliate Board and RC meeting, I am energized by the possibilities for connecting.

Rich Lessard, our newly elected Board Chair, seeks stronger connections among leadership, Affiliates, and chapters, with the other Maryknoll entities, and indeed among all of us as leaven in our communities.

In this issue, the Pinneys from Walla Walla, WA, who have worked quietly for years with their Guatemalan sister parish, now reach out to Affiliates. New Orleans Affiliates made friends with immigrants at the border. David Stocker asks us to join him at the November SOAWatch/Encuentro at the US-Mexico Border. Kevin Carroll, Maryknoll Office For Global Concerns, invites us to advocate for the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, substituting Just Peace for Just War.

The Affiliate Movement empowers us to connect and to prototype our ideas for mission. At the Board meeting, we were urged not to fear failure as we develop prototypes, rather to fail fast, to iterate, and to progress, perhaps not perfectly, but one step at a time. We are seeing the fruits of a prototype virtual chapter. Technology means geography need not limit our connections. Mission is wherever we are and wherever we can connect!

Tells us about your connections and your ideas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Articles in this issue:

Our Long-Term Mission - "They found vibrant activity in Sololá but also great need."—Judy Pinney

The Art of Nonviolence - "The nonviolent direct action we have learned can be applied to many issues in our world, ... making our resistance creative and vibrant."—David Stocker

Just War or Just Peace? - "CNI calls on the Church to ... respond to the monumental crises of our time with the vision and strategies of nonviolence."—Kevin Carroll

NW Regional Mini-Conference on Peace and Nonviolence - "[Rivera Sun's] statistics that nonviolence  succeeds more often than violence for regime change, civil rights actions, and fair working conditions were heartening."—David Stocker

Mission in the Texas Rio Grande Valley - "Education, Engagement and Empowerment became a theme for me."—Janet Rousso

Texas-Mexico Border Accompaniment - "... I see faces of real people and their fortitude, belief in God, endurance."—Kim Nunez

Mass of Solidarity and Hope - "The palpable spirit of the gathering, rooted deep in our Catholic faith, was the desire to express concern for and solidarity with immigrants."—Joe Hastings

Peru Affiliates—Moving Spirituality - Carlos Apcho says he uses Google Translator to read the Not So Far Afield.

The Board and EC Speak:

On the Way from the Forum - "A movement must have connection, without which there can be no Movement."—Rich Lessard


Maryknoll Mission Institute – 2019

Spotlight on Mission

 If you'd like to read this issue in its printed format, please download the pdf version of November/December Not So Far Afield. 


Saturday, 04 August 2018 01:31

The Examined Life

Written by

Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” This issue makes it clear that Affiliates do not live unexamined lives. I see Affiliates consciously choosing to be positive, constructive, loving, and active, and having lives worth living. Our cover shows Affiliates standing up for families fleeing violence and separated from their children at the US border. On page 11, Rosa Beatriz reminds us to be more than just connected to each other, to be intercultural. We choose to take on new and challenging approaches, such as Active Nonviolence through the Mission Nonviolence conference or perhaps a Virtual Mission, as Paula Schaffner did. Bob Short meanwhile nudges us to practice contemplation and think about what we may need to let go of. What do we really need?

Examine your life as you read the articles in this issue about advocacy for immigrants by Kathy Ress, or about immersion trips by Margaret Mott. John Moritz suggests reading some great Orbis books. Affiliates and Maryknollers in Guatemala jumped into action and report on their relief efforts for those suffering from a recent volcanic eruption. Affiliates in Houston invite you to join them near Houston, November 11-17, to help reconstruct houses damaged by Hurricane Harvey (see A week in Mission in Texas).

Write to us with your news or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

#Families Belong Together - "First, our faith impels us to welcome the stranger."

Mission Nonviolence - "Moving our Broader Community to Nonviolence and Peace"

Advocacy for Immigrants - "Overall, panelists at this conference urged us to dig deeper into the root causes of immigration..."—Kathy Ress 

Maryknoll Spirit Lives in Cincinnati Chapter -  "Mission and Global Vision are evident in their actions for peace and justice in their current professions or volunteer work."

DIY Mission Nonviolence - "Here’s how to explore Active Nonviolence on your own."

How a Maryknoll Immersion Trip Changed My Life - 'When we left, we knew that we wanted to do something to help the Kenyans.'—Margaret Mott

Thanks from Guatemala - "Your solidarity keeps alive our HOPE!"

Affiliate Mission in Texas - "No special skills are required—work is likely to be installing drywall, painting and clean-up."

My Virtual Mission - "Although I sat on my couch to do this volunteer work, I felt it was a worthwhile offering."—Paula Schaffner

Pre-Mini-Conference Gathering - "They look forward to seeing you in Portland, Oregon, and pursuing Active Nonviolence."

The Board and EC Speak:

Letting Go 

Diverse Cultures United—New Alternatives Emerge 

What Do You Think? 


Thoughts on God 

About Berrigan

A Reader’s Love Letter 

Read Up on Dialogue 

 If you'd like to read this issue in its printed format, please download the pdf version of September/October 2018 Not So Far Afield. 


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