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Developing Global Vision

Written by Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss
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The Global Vision of Affiliates shines forth in this issue. Global Vision is one of the Pillars of the Maryknoll Affiliate Movement, along with Spirituality, Community, and Action. In this issue we see Affiliates praying for detained children, holding public demonstrations against the separation of immigrant parents and children, and assisting their parish in welcoming and supporting refugees. From Haiti to Mexico to Tanzania, Peru and Cuba, across the US and beyond, the Global Vision of Affiliates recognizes the beauty in other people and other cultures.

Given the fear of the other and violence against refugees or immigrants in the US and in the world, how do Affiliates develop such a Global Vision? Maryknollers and Affiliates come together in chapters for prayer, forming a community and taking action—some in their home communities, some abroad. They cross borders to encounter the other. Getting to know another person and culture seems to dispel fear of the other and develop what we call Global Vision. Sometimes we even “catch” Global Vision at a regional or international meeting such as at MAC 2020 in New York, or MAC 2017 in Guatemala. Visits from missioners who have it, or Maryknoll magazine, can also help Global Vision “go viral.” Tell us how you “caught” Global Vision.

Articles in this issue:

Refugees: Refused or Welcomed? – "As a Maryknoll Affiliate, I am proud to be part of this ministry to vulnerable people from whom I learn so much."—Gail Kelley

2019 All Maryknoll Contemplative Retreat – "As always, the Holy Spirit was very active."—Bertha Haas

Looking Forward to MAC 2020 – "Perhaps we are being asked to respond in new ways..."—Nancy Sylvester, IHM

Spiritual Healers Gather – Sweet Medicine Nation would speak for “all of those who have no voice ... the trees, the water, and the animals.” 

Solidarity, the Border, and Right-to-Life – "Every night my sisters keep asking me, ‘When will our mommy come to get us?' "—a detained immigrant youth

Working with the Migrants – "These people leave their homes with little in the way of material items, spend nights outside in the cold desert, and yet are patient and grateful."—Maureen Doyle

Affiliates Join Fort Sill Protest -– "Our 10-hour bus ride to and from Fort Sill was little inconvenience compared to what those on the border are having to deal with!"—Patty Hinton

When Two or Three Are Gathered -– "Haitians are proud of their history as early adopters of democracy."—Renate Schneider

Active in Seattle – "We are nurtured by our community and by the support we all receive from connecting at the monthly meetings."

How to Cultivate Nonviolence? – "We’d appreciate your suggestions for cultivating the nonviolent message of Christ."—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss


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Mission Institute – 2020 

Canticle of the Creatures 

 If you are more comfortable reading the Not So Far Afield in its print form, you may download a pdf of the November/December issue. 

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