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Growing into Buen Vivir

Written by Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss
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Connecting with Affiliates is one of the joys of being an editor of the NSFA. An Affiliate called me recently, emphatically saying, “We’ve got to keep that spirit of Buen Vivir in our Affiliate community. How can we do that?” We offer the NSFA as one way for Affiliates to connect and share living in harmony. We hope that articles in this issue will inspire your and your chapter’s growth in harmony. Several boxes in this issue offer specific ideas to nourish Buen Vivir.

We recognize that we are living in changing times. Octavia Butler, an award-winning Black, science-fiction author writes, “All that you touch You Change. All that you touch Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change.”  We need to see and question the change that engulfs us. Bill Murphy (page 5) and the Easy Meeting (pp. 6-7) question, “Where are you going?” May we ask the questions to help guide the change. 

Share your stories of growth and change in the NSFA (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Articles in this issue:

Maryknoll Affiliates in Hawaii - "This Affiliate chapter began more than 10 years ago after Jack Sullivan recognized their Maryknoll connections, and that they were already meeting..." — Roseyn Devlin

Save the Date - "Hope to see you at the Maryknoll Sisters’ campus in April."— Santa Orlando

The Challenge of the Joyful Poor - "We come away feeling evangelized (or “re-evangelized”) through encounter with people whom we are socialized to dismiss or pity."—Kevin Foy

Living Buen Vivir in LA - "Over lunch we had rich conversation with Daniel [Caño], Teresa, and Ana about Mayan spiritual practice."—Hugh Menton

Earth Dayis Sunday, April 22.  

Pope Francis on Climate Change - "Last November Pope Francis pointed out four perverse attitudes to avoid."—Marie Venner

Beyond the Jubilee - "And so it remains to be seen how well the various facets of the Maryknoll Movement will continue to be adaptive and attuned to the spirit."—Bill Murphy

Easy Meeting: The Power of QuestionsThis Easy Meeting will use questions to help your chapter explore and unpack two issues or concepts.

Nurturing Seeds Planted by Maryknoll Sisters“We need to be bringing more young folks into our Maryknoll Affiliate Movement. They are our future.”—Patti Shannon

Who is the Stranger? - 'Whom do we consider and treat as outside our tribe?'—Met Ford 

ICE Harasses a Permanent Resident - "William and his lawyers said the support of 40 letters and over 30 people at the hearing positively influenced the judge..."—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

The Roots of Our Movement - "The general consensus was that this film is a valuable piece of Maryknoll Affiliate history, especially in light of the passing of Fr. Jim in 2014."—Sharon Mitchell

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