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Easy Meeting: The Power of Questions

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Poster displayed at MAC 2017

Ask and you shall receive.


  1. Read through this whole Easy Meeting. If your chapter is exploring a particular issue or concept, you could substitute your own issue. 
  2. Plan to have a practice run at the beginning of your meeting, asking questions on a general interest concept or issue. 
  3. Decide who will read the prayers and who will lead the discussions. 
  4. Have available some large pieces of paper and markers to record the group’s questions, and paper and pens for individual use.

Meeting Plan

Opening Prayer:

Ask and it will be given you; search and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks, receives, and everyone who searched finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7:7-8


This Easy Meeting will use questions to help your chapter explore and unpack two issues or concepts. First practice the questioning process.

Sample concept: Use of my free time

Questions from participants could include questions like:

  • Why do I waste time on TV?
  • How long has it been since I went on a walk?
  • When can we go dancing?


Your chapter’s practice concept: _______________________________

Allow a few minutes and let each person ask at least one question. No one may answer, comment on, or evaluate the questions.

List your chapter’s questions about the practice topic.

Concept 1: Growing Our Chapter

Try to have each question go deeper than the one before.

As each question is asked, write it on a large sheet of paper.

List your chapter's questions about Concept 1.


After a few minutes, pause and inquire if more time is needed for questioning.

When the group is ready, ask them to select and underline key questions, without discussing the question. 

Note those questions and set them aside for consideration at a future meeting.


Poster displayed at MAC 2017

Concept 2. Building Our Community

Again, try to have each question go deeper than the one before, and as each question is asked, write it on a large sheet of paper.

As before, question as long as is comfortable.

List your chapter's questions about Concept 2.


Select the key questions for Concept 2.

Note those questions and set them aside for consideration at a future meeting.



Did your chapter find this process stimulating? Enjoyable? What other issues or concepts your chapter should pursue?


Closing Reflection:    

 We Are

For each child that’s born

a morning star rises and sings

to the universe who we are.


We are our grandmothers’ prayers.

We are our grandfathers’ dreamings.

We are the breath of the ancestors.

We are the spirit of God.


We are Mothers of courage,

Fathers of time,

Daughters of dust,

Sons of great visions.

We are sisters of mercy,

Brothers of love, 

lovers of life and the builders of nations.


We’re seekers of truth,

And keepers of faith,

Makers of peace, wisdom of ages.

We are one.



Consider sending a summary of the questions to all your members, even those who were not able to attend, to prepare for their future participation. We encourage you to share your key questions and possible follow-up with other chapters and with the NSFA (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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