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Easy Meeting: Visioning the Affiliates

Written by Editorial Staff
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Join the Maryknoll Affiliate Board in envisioning our future.


1. Read through the meeting plan. If you wish to work from the two-page pdf of this Easy Meeting, go to Easy Meeting 2017 09 10 - Visioning the Affiliates.

2. Plan who will read the passages and prayers.

3. Determine who will lead the discussions.

4. Gather markers, a flip chart or large sheets of paper
    and tape, and pens and paper for individual use. 

Meeting Plan

Opening Prayer:

A member reads these excerpts from Marlene Marburg’s poem, “Dreaming a Grace”:

I imagine a place

people gathering, sharing

their deep desires

for the way things can be

in this world at this time

in places

where a new consciousness

of God in all things

is emerging.



While visioning at their May meeting, our Maryknoll Affiliate Board discussed:

  • Where will the Affiliates be in 5 years?
  • Where do we want the Affiliates to be in 5 years?
  • Name 1-3 action steps to get there.

The Affiliate movement, as are all of us, is challenged by an evolving world. The Board was excited by the possibilities presented by the actions of international chapters and our ever greater collaboration with the other Maryknoll entities. The Board wants to broaden the conversation to include input from Affiliate chapters and individuals. In response, Bob Short posted the article, “Where Will We Be in 5 Years (or less)?” It reads:

A key question scheduled for the recent conference call between Board and Regional Coordinator members was: “Where do you want the Maryknoll Affiliates to be in five years?”  Board Chair Dave Schaffner suggested that to that question, we attach a second one: “Where do you think we will be in 5 years?”  They are critical questions for all of us to consider. Hopefully many Affiliate Chapters will take up the question as well.

Agnes Walsh of the Long Island Chapter recently wrote to say that their chapter will be addressing those two questions in their upcoming meeting on June 11th.  In her email, Agnes added, “When I read in the Spring 2017 Focusing (a Publication of The Sisters of St. Joseph, Brentwood, New York), “Dreaming a Grace,” a poem by Marlene Marburg, I thought that this might be a way to spark a conversation about the above two questions. I wanted to share this idea with you as a possible way for other chapters to use for reflection and sharing.”


Consider the Four Pillars of the Affiliate Movement—Spirituality, Community, Global Vision, and Action—in envisioning the future of Affiliates, Affiliate Chapters, and the Affiliate Movement.

Individual Affiliates could privately consider the following (during the meeting or before, if the meeting organizer chooses to contact them beforehand):

I. Where do I want to be as an Affiliate in five years?






II. What could I do to get there?

(Below are some ideas. Please make your own list of priorities.)

  • Attend a regional or national Affiliate meeting
  • Experience a short immersion trip
  • Participate in a longer-term mission
  • Commit to a local project
  • Host an informational meeting on a justice topic at my parish
  • Volunteer as a chapter contact person, regional coordinator, or board member






Chapters. Where do we want our chapter to be in five years with respect to:

  • Spirituality
  • Community
  • Global Vision
  • Action?

(A flip chart or paper taped to a wall would be handy for capturing the group’s responses for each area.)

I.  What could we do to get there?

(Below are some ideas. Please list your own ideas.)

  • Host an informational meeting
  • Hold a retreat
  • Organize a regional meeting






II.  What do we plan to do as a chapter?





After affirming your chapter plan, Affiliates are invited to share their individual goals and plans.

The Affiliate Movement. We are part of a Movement. We are each important in guiding our future. As a chapter, we envision:

  I. Where do  we want the Affiliate movement to be in five years?





II. What are some actions the Affiliates could take?






III. What could our chapter do to participate?






Closing Prayer: Members share prayer needs, followed by an Our Father or other prayer.


Follow-up: Please send your chapter or individual visions to Bob Short (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or to the NSFA.



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