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Berrigan’s Letter speaks to Affiliates

Written by Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss
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Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss – Portland Chapter

We are teachers of the people who have come on a new vision of things. We struggle to embody that vision day after day, to make it a reality among those we live with, so that people are literally disarmed by knowing us; so that their fear of change, their dread of life are exorcised, and their dread of human differences slowly expunged.
—Daniel Berrigan, The Village Voice

Priest, peace activist, poet, and felon, Dan Berrigan, SJ,  passed away peacefully at age 90 in 2016, but he is not forgotten.

The conference, “Daniel Berrigan and a Spirituality of Prophecy,” hosted by the San Antonio, Texas, Oblate School of Theology this spring, reiterated Berrigan’s message of peace and nonviolence. The Fellowship magazine’s Spring 2017 issue included his Letter to the Weathermen, which had been published in The Village Voice, New York City, in 1970.  The Weathermen were infamous for their revolutionary acts of sabotage and property damage. Dan’s letter counseled them as a brother, even while he was sought by the FBI for his own infractions, saying, “No principle is worth the sacrifice of a single human being.”

His letter not only has historical value; it speaks to our current situation and is a message of hope. Read Berrigan’s writings in Fellowship ( or a book relating to his life, such as those found at

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