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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 01:07

Affiliates in Solidarity

Written by Carlos Apcho
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Carlos Apcho – Chapter of San Francisco de Asisi,  Lima, Perú 



Thank you, brother and sister Maryknoll Affiliates, for your support of the people of Peru who recently suffered from terrible natural disasters.

We are very grateful for your strong gestures of solidarity with our brothers and sisters affected by the natural disasters that our country, Peru, suffered a few months ago. We continue to suffer the consequences of the intense rains—landslides and overflowing rivers. Cities and towns were flooded, thousands of people were left isolated, and agricultural and cattle lands were destroyed. These disasters left more than 100 dead, affected 150,000 people directly, and impacted almost one million nationally, according to the Center for Operations of National Emergency, which monitors natural disasters in Peru.

Help in the form of financial donations came from our Affiliate brothers and sisters of several countries. They maintained contact with our brother Robert Short, Executive Coordinator of the Maryknoll Affiliates, with Maryknoll Missioner Father Joe Fedora, MM, and with the San Francisco Chapter in Lima. Our chapter went to work taking food to Rinconada, one the many towns affected in the country. Rinconada, in the district of Chimbote in the department of Ancash, is an eight-hour bus ride north of our capital, Lima. We brought food (rice, sugar, milk, oat noodles, oil, and other essentials) for more than 400 families who met in small groups called “Common Pot.” In two days, we distributed to more than 50 common pots.





The villagers themselves helped to distribute the food, making the short time frame possible. The local parish community also helped, because they knew what was most critical.




In these weeks of emergency in our country, the San Francisco Chapter Affiliates also helped our brothers and sisters suffering in the eastern part of the city of Lima, where significant flooding also took place. We brought food to affected families who were left without housing. In this outreach, the donations came from Sister Rosemary McCormack, MM, who received funds from her Sister community, and from Sister Allynne Manauis, who received a donation from our brother and sister Affiliates in Seoul, Korea. These donations benefited more than 90 affected families to whom we brought food and donated clothing.

We are truly grateful to all Affiliates and others who helped us. Without all the help from the Affiliates and the faith they placed in us, we would not have been able to help as we did. The donations, the spirit of solidarity shown, and accompaniment at a time when our country was so in need after a horrific disaster, made a great difference. This display of solidarity brings to mind the words of Jesus: “Truly I say to you, when you did it to the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it to me.” (Matthew. 25:40)

Again, many thanks, Maryknoll. We are sincerely proud to have carried out this mission, helping those in need. Our overall mission—working for the care of our planet—continues.

Note: Our thanks to Bob Short for ably translating Carlos Apcho’s message into English.


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