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2017 Climate March

Written by Manny & Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss
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Manny Hotchkiss – Board Member, and Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss – NSFA Co-Editor

“We Speak for the Earth.”

Even at 90 degrees in the shade, we were exhilarated by the more than 200,000 upbeat, committed activists who came to Washington, DC, on April 29th to emphasize their concern for the earth. We started the day with a Mass attended by several hundred Catholics brought together by the Catholic Climate Covenant, the Franciscan Action Network, and the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns.

Then we moved to the Capitol Mall. Susan Gunn and Gerry Lee of MOGC gave us signs (pictured), and we brought our handwritten signs identifying us as Maryknoll Affiliates. Then we waited for hours while the various parts of the Climate March assembled. A continual stream of people carrying funny, creative, and inspiring signs kept us entertained:


I’m with Her (the Earth)

The Earth is my larger self.

Don’t burn our Future.

Liar, Liar, Earth on Fire!

Love the Creator? Care for Creation.

The Climate is changing—Why aren’t we?

Denial is not a policy.

There Is No PLANet B.

Coal is so 90s —1890s.

Separate Oil and State.

Think outside the Barrel.

Tax Carbon and Wall Street Trades.

Green Energy Makes me Happy.

Wind and Solar create more jobs than coal.

Renewable is Doable.

Clean energy is People Power.

Wake up!—Stay Woke!

Now it is up to each of us.


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