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Buen Vivir Through Maryknoll

Written by Lizbeth del Rosario Gramajo Bauer
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Lizbeth del Rosario Gramajo Bauer – MAC 2017 Organizing Committee

Maryknoll is a movement that began over 100 years ago in the US and has since developed its missionary work throughout the world. This movement is made up of four expressions: Maryknoll Society of Priests and Brothers, Maryknoll Sisters, Maryknoll Lay Missioners and Maryknoll Affiliates. Even though the four expressions evolved at different moments in history and with specific mission focuses, we ask the question, what unites us?

Yes, from the beginning, each of the four expressions has felt called to:

  • Live the charism of mission
  • Cross borders
  • Make God’s love visible
  • Opt for the most needy
  • Be compassionate
  • Work for peace and justice for the whole of creation.

Maryknoll is not just a movement but also a large family, and just as with any large family, its diversity does not prevent it from being united in love and respect. With this in mind, MAC 2017—the Maryknoll Affiliates Conference—is an invitation to strengthen and unify this diversity and look for other, more efficient ways to be united. 

The theme that has been chosen for the MAC conference is BUEN VIVIR: Harmony between People and Nature. This theme calls us to be in harmony with the indigenous peoples of Latin America and the whole world. ‘Sumak Kawsay,’ a Quechua word that means live well and in harmony, is an invitation to the abundant life we are called to live. 

The concept of BUEN VIVIR—Harmonious Living has many similarities with the missionary charism of Maryknoll. We are invited to move out of ourselves and be open to the diversity around us.

Father James Walsh, one of the founders of the Maryknoll Society, said: “May the missionary spirit be enkindled today in the hearts of all the faithful…”

And Mother Mary Joseph, the founder of the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation added, “We know that God is everywhere: mountain tops, the depths of the earth and the sea. God is in us and the marvel of it all is that we realize it so little. If we did realize it, we would be overwhelmed...” 

Since its origins, the Maryknoll family has felt called to open itself to diversity and accept the gift of mission and to promote the dignity of life, and seek harmony for all of humanity.

We invite our Maryknoll family of every continent to ‘cross borders’ and participate in the next Maryknoll Affiliates Conference, which will be celebrated in Guatemala from November 9 – 12, 2017. 

If you can join us, please complete the registration form found at the Guatemala Chapter web site: http://afiliadosmaryknoll.wixsite.com/guate.






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