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Getting to Know  the Guatemala Chapter

Written by Editorial Staff
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We assume life is a mission of service;
Transforming dreams into reality.

OUR HISTORY – In 2007, Sister Connie Pospisil, MM, visited us and introduced us to the Affiliate Movement, as a further expression of the Maryknoll Family. The following year Father Thomas Göekler, MM (decd.), visited us and questioned us, saying: “You live the Maryknoll spirituality, you have to form a Chapter of Maryknoll Affiliates”.


I have come so that they have life, and that they have it abundantly. John 10:10
MARYKNOLL AFFILIATES – People full of faith who respond in community to the call of God to participate in the mission of Jesus. They meet in Chapters to pray, reflect and act. They challenge each other to go more to the frontiers, locallly and globally, to walk with the poor and excluded and to strive for peace and Justice for all Creation.

Affiliates are people of prayer committed to continually forming in their missionary spirituality from the creative tension between “being” and “doing.”


WHO ARE WE? Who are the Maryknoll Affiliates in the Guatemala Chapter?

  • Graduates and people linked to the Monte María College, founded in 1953 by the Maryknoll Cogregation (Sisters) in Guatemala City. 
  • People close to Caminando Por La Paz, founded in March 2008 by Father Thomas Göekler, MM, in Zone 18 of Guatemala City. 

  • Friends linked to the Maryknoll Family who live in different regions of Guatemala: Steve Barrett (Quetzaltenango); Sister Connie Pospisil, MM (Lemoa, El Quiché); Sister Bernice Kita, MM (Chajul, El Quiché); Nelso Gramajo (Coatepeque), Astrid Castaneda, Elisa Pinzon, Leslie Vogel, and Judith Castaneda (Guatemala city).

MARYKNOLL SISTERS Making Gods love visible in Guatemala.

These courageous women have come from other regions, from other countries, and from other missionary projects to start new missions. They expended great efforts to identify needs, find funds, identify places for projects, and train people for their work teams.

These excerpts are translated from the Guatemalan Maryknoll Affiliate website: http://afiliadosmaryknoll.wixsite.com/guate.





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