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Emphasis on Action

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A Chapter Profile

While California Central Coast (CCC) Affiliates share a potluck meal, they talk of their passions and missions. Affiliate Joan Bogle worked with the Alzheimer Association and helped lobby for successful legislation that secured funding for related programs. By facilitating a small Alzheimer support group, she repaid the support she received when her husband was suffering with Alzheimers and she was his sole caregiver. Now she looks for ways to involve the Senior Adult Ministry of her parish in mission.

Joyce Miller’s passion is the Montessori preschool she and her husband founded 35 years ago. She was happy to hear that the Maryknoll Sisters in Tanzania were involved in a Montessori school. Over the years she and her husband have also helped raise thousands of dollars for Alpha, a right-to-life organization that counsels pregnant women and supports mothers.

David and Paula Schaffner count themselves lucky to have volunteered in Namibia, Thailand, and Haiti with both Maryknoll and other organizations. Margaret Mott and her husband have supported Maryknoll mission efforts in Kenya for years.

Several members who are not able to travel overseas are involved in local efforts. Joan McKenna, a social worker who works through a hospital, often assists the homeless. On occasion, she enlists help from the chapter to volunteer at events, such as a golfing fundraiser for a local homeless coalition.

  Tricia Witt and Paula Schaffner enjoy helping at a golf event. 

Tricia Witt and Paula Schaffner enjoy helping at a golf event.

The Central Coast Chapter acts as the yeast in their parish working for justice. For example, the CCC provided the inspiration and organization for their parish to help build a Habitat for Humanity house.

Meetings often include visitors: Affiliates from other Chapters, A Maryknoll priest, Maryknoll Lay Missioners Kathy Bond and Flavio Rocha from Brazil, and other mission volunteers. 

One Affiliate said she is usually tired from work and typically won’t go to evening meetings, but she always looks forward to the Maryknoll Affiliate gatherings.



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