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Family in Guatemala

Written by Editorial Staff
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Two simple questions were answered by family members from age three through adult of both genders, some members of Affiliates families: What is family for you? What do you most enjoy doing with your family? Their responses confirmed that love and care are essential elements for families of hope in a society.

Just as a plant needs love and care to develop in all its splendor, in families, love and care are the seeds necessary to the growth of a person capable of critical thinking, integrated, always seeking freedom for self and others, and in the future able to project the love and care they receive.


Here is a sampling of the responses*:


3 to 12 years:

  • The people who love, care for and hug you a lot. 
  • People who support me always no matter what happens 
  • A symbol of union and love. They are the ones who give you security and support, are with you in good times and in bad. 

13 - 22 years:

  • A gift of God, the people who love you unconditionally, support you and always seek the best. 
  • The nucleus of society. It is a fundamental element of the person, since we form our identity within the family. 

23 and older:

  • A pillar. It is the home base. 
  • It is part of what makes us who we are, those whom we can trust, who help us in good times and bad, always with us (even when we’re away), the people whom we love most. 


3 - 12 years:

  • Put together puzzles, go to the park to play every day.
  • The ultra-fun activities where everyone laughs. 
  • Go to parks, to the movies, to marathons together. 

13 - 22 years:

  • Vacations where we share experiences.
  • Travel together to different parts of Guatemala. 
  • Search restaurants or cafes to try new foods and share the tastes of each. 

23 and older:

  • Watch movies and travel. 
  • When we are having lunch together or assembled in a room or doing any activity all together. The family love, a big hug. 
*For the unabridged original version of this article, dust off your Spanish skills and go to http://maryknollaffiliates.org/news/downloads/no-tan-lejos-del-horizonte/53-no-tan-lejos-del-horizonte20-may-june-2016/file.html, page 8.

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