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LA Chapter Reflects on Survey Topics

Written by Greater LA Chapter
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14 Members of Greater Los Angeles Chapter

Hearing other Affiliate Chapters share...

  • Leads us to think outside the box. 
  • Shows that each Chapter is a unique personality.
  • Highlights that each Chapter has liberty to focus more strongly on any one of the 4 Pillars; i.e., some are mission-sending (short term), others are local service groups, others stress prayer, support, or social groups. 

What is a Maryknoll Affiliate? 

Being an Affiliate member...

  •  Has opened my eyes to issues outside my normal experiences, such as human trafficking, non-violence, women’s rights, etc.
  •  Is living the Christian values with other Affiliates.
  • Continues the Maryknoll community, based on Maryknoll charism.
  • Is a road to being a Maryknoll Missionary.
  • Is thinking outside of ourselves—out of our comfort zone.
  • We should feel as community, not individuals, and be community builders.
  • Provides the place to remember our call on the journey. 
  • Through the four pillars we are 1) together 2) with the poor 3) in mission spirituality 4) with the tension between being and doing
  • Is a commitment to living the 4 Pillars.  It is not just about going to a meeting. It is who we are.

 General Observation...

  • I believe that our Chapter makes an effort to integrate the 4 Pillars, but we emphasize different ones at different meetings.  I have grown greatly by being part of this Chapter.
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