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Book Group Suggestions

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Participants in the first Maryknoll Affiliate Book Group session this summer replied to a survey sent by Executive Coordinator Bob Short, giving feedback about their positive experiences and making some suggestions. Some participants would prefer being in a smaller group or meeting at another time. Smaller groups could allow more time choices. 

Gabriella Maertens wrote: “I wondered how a book club by phone could work. I agreed before I received the book and then I wondered how we could discuss such a difficult book—Making All Things New. But I have been really happy with the group discussions that have taken place and impressed with the insights of our group. I look forward to “seeing” everyone each week.”

 During the 10 weeks or so of the discussions, some groups posted their reflections on Facebook, including, “We continue to be challenged by all the new ideas and ways of thinking of the world, God, and our place in the universe. Even if we did not follow all the science behind Delio’s thinking, the chapter gave us a greater appreciation of how deeply interrelated, entangled, and interdependent all of creation is” and,”...we talked about wholeness as a community. We decided the future depends on our willingness to be open and to listen. Someone asked how incorporating these new thoughts can affect us directly where we are; can we be more aware of our surroundings and let this awareness influence how we respond to our world?”

Participants enjoyed sharing thoughts and suggestions with each other. Kathy Morefield posted on Facebook: “Along with Delio’s book, I am reading Seven Brief Lessons On Physics by the Italian quantum physicist Carlo Rovelli. In the Preface of his book, Rovelli writes, ‘These lessons were written for those who know little or nothing about modern science...’ The book is only 78 pages and is beautifully, lyrically written.”

Most participants said they want to continue in the next book group but might need to switch to a more convenient time. Many suggested books at Orbis for the next round by authors such as Richard Rohr, Thomas Berry, Diarmuid O’Murchu, Elizabeth Johnson, or Christiana Peppard.

The start date for the next Affiliate Book Group has not been set, but January is a possibility, since fall and holiday times are often busy. All Affiliates are invited to send their suggestions to Bob or the NSFA for the next book, whether a book they’d like to discuss, or one they’ve read and recommend. Orbis books are preferred since Affiliates enjoy a large discount from Orbis. (Editor: The NSFA is always happy to receive book reviews from Affiliates.)

Please contact Bob Short (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the NSFA (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you’re interested in participating in the next Book Group or have a book suggestion. 



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