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Mary’s Call

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Mary Murphy, a Westchester Affiliate and one of the founders of the Maryknoll Affiliates, died February 7th at the age of 81. Mary taught Spanish at the high school and college level. She is also remembered as the co-founder, with Fr. John Hudert, MM, of the “Pachamama Farm” at Maryknoll. Ginny McEvoy shared Mary’s poem, from the December 1993 Not So Far Afield.


The Patience of the Knoll

Mary J. Murphy – Westchester Chapter

Let the Mary of Maryknoll

Call us out of our impatience

When the desire not to continue

Tempts us to diminish our efforts.

Hear the whispering of the voice

That called us to the Affiliates,

And then, respond with the patience

Of our predecessors, Price, Walsh, and Rogers


When the heated or repetitive discussions

Obscure our goals, let’s see them as our limitations.

For many times they are,

and we get lost in emotions.

We must seek the greater purpose

For sharing meetings and deliberations.

This meaning can come through our needs.

Let us give patience room in our souls

So that God can work through us


Patience leaves when questions come

That cannot be answered except with time.

Assessing our achievements is not for us.

Have faith that God will make use of our love.

Let the criteria of others not be ours

For we did hear a voice or perhaps a murmur

When Mary called to us from the Knoll.

Our success is the commitment to answer that call.

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