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Affiliate Seeds

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Maryknoll Affiliates persist in planting seeds knowing that we might not see the harvest. We grieve when we lose someone—but we can rejoice when we find new ways of mission, such as the Coadys endowing a chair to continue their mission work. We admire and want to work with all those who follow their own diverse paths, searching for the transcendent, such as those at the Parliament of World Religions, or those who join other religious orders.

Seeds planted by Affiliates last summer in a survey are now springing forth in plans and action from the Board and Executive Coordinator. At our 25th anniversary, we are in young adulthood, poised for continued evolution and development. Executive Coordinator Bob Short reminds us that, “Only love can transform us.”

We Affiliates persist in planting seeds with love even as the media abounds with shouts of walls, fear, exclusion, and hate, warping the truth and heralding the short-comings of others. Our love will lead to a win/win. Spring is coming!

Be sure to share your seeds of change and growth with your greater Affiliate community at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Articles in this issue:

The Endowed Chair – "It was time for me to get out of the way."—Jim Coady

25 Years and Growing – "The Affiliate model is said to have enough structure to hold it accountable and provide solidity and form but not so much as to make it burdensome."—Bob Short

Parliament of the World's Religions—Awesome – "So much peace and goodwill showed in everyone’s faces, and we shared the same mood of cheerful greeting."—John Martin, MM

Survey Report Posted – "To connect with Affiliates more directly, the survey asked what being an Affiliate means to them, how they relate to other Maryknollers, and their deeper heart wishes, passions, and abiding commitments."—David Schaffner

New England Retreat – "[It] reinforced the need to keep the three A’s of Maryknoll Spirituality front and center in our daily lives."—James Comes

Affiliates Need Your Help – "If you could serve, or know someone who needs a special invitation, please contact Bob Short."

Regional Conference in New Orleans – "Spend a weekend on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain with fellow Affiliates and other Maryknollers."—Matt Rouso

Hello, Affiliates – "Thank you, all who welcomed me so kindly to the Affiliate meetings and who gave me insights into your mission trips overseas."—Paul Wilkins

To read this issue in its print version, you may access and download the pdf at Downloads- Not So Far Afield - 2016 03 04 NSFA. And don't miss the entries in this issue's Features and  The Board and EC Speak!


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