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Survey of the Affiliate Movement: A Call to Dialogue for all Affiliates

Written by Ann Carr & Rich Lessard
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Ann Carr – Board President and Rich Lessard – Board member, Survey Committee Chairman

“God exists as the mystery of persons in communion...Only in communion can God be what God is, and only in communion can God be at all...The mystery of divine love is hidden in the other, and it is precisely in the other that God shines through (or hides) in the unbearable wholeness of being.”—Ilia Delio

When asked, “What is a Maryknoll Affiliate?” Affiliates often say they struggle to find the right words and yet they know being one is something terribly important. Last fall, the Affiliate Board began some preliminary work on visioning, discernment, and needs assessment for today’s Affiliate movement—a work which cannot effectively be completed without full Affiliate participation and input. And so, we now invite you to enter this process together with us.

 We ask you first to participate in an individual survey/reflection and then later as part of a Chapter discernment and reflection process.

The Survey 

A committee composed of Board members, Regional Coordinators, and the Executive Coordinator crafted an individual survey that focuses on three main themes: Maryknoll Affiliate Identity & Visioning – How do you understand the unique Affiliate expression of the Maryknoll Charism? What is your/our vision for the future of our movement?  Engagement & Connection – How do we define and strengthen our relationships as Affiliates to Affiliates, Affiliates to Maryknollers? And, Mission Experiences & Demographics.

Why a Survey Now?

1. The Board, Regional Coordinators, and Executive Coordinator want to strengthen connections with the Affiliate membership and to invite members’ greater ownership in shaping our future. We are seeking new and creative ways to foster communication among the Board, Regional Coordinators, and Affiliates.

2. At recent general meetings, the Maryknoll entities stressed “collaboration.” Most significantly, they have invited us to join the Joint Meeting of Leadership (JML). The input gathered from Affiliates now will help us as we participate in this new model of engagement.

3. As the Affiliate movement approaches its 25th Anniversary next year, we hope this survey can help us learn together who we are now.

Completing the Survey

The survey is accessible online at  http://goo.gl/forms/VcWTa6fikB. Your responses will be anonymous, although we do ask you to note your region. If you have access to a computer, please complete the survey online. To ensure your responses have been recorded, be sure to hit the SUBMIT button at the end.

If you do not have access to a computer, please ask your Chapter contact person or Regional Coordinator for a printed copy. Mail it to: Maryknoll Affiliates,
P.O. Box 311, Maryknoll, NY 10545-0311.

Including time for reflection, we think you can complete the survey in 30-45 minutes.


We ask that the survey be completed and submitted by June 30, 2015.

From Survey to Chapter Reflection

We are currently working on the second phase of this call to dialogue, the Chapter Reflection. For many Affiliates, deeper questions facing our movement will be explored most meaningfully within our chapters. Feedback from the individual survey will help us shape the upcoming chapter reflection process.

Thank you!

 We realize the time it takes to complete the survey may seem substantial, but know that your input is essential to helping us understand what’s happening in the broader Affiliate movement now and how best to move it forward. As we move into the future and celebrate this great gift of our charism as Maryknoll Affiliates, we very much look forward to hearing from you.

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