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A Holiday “Family” Visit 

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John Moritz – NE Florida Chapter

The NE Florida affiliate community had a brief but joyous visit, which can most accurately be described as a holiday family visit, by a part of our extended Maryknoll family. On Dec 18, 2014, Sister Margarita Jamias, MM, shared with local affiliates and the wider community her passion for cosmology and the environment. Our chapter hosted a gathering where Sr. Margarita showed the video, Journey of the Universe, followed by a discussion of what moved and challenged us in the video.

Journey of the Universe is the epic story of cosmic, Earth, and human transformation. We have discovered what no previous generation knew—the ways in which our galaxies and stars, planets and living organisms emerged within the vast drama of the universe. Today, the survival of species and of entire ecosystems depends upon the choices humans make. Weaving modern science with enduring wisdom from the world’s cultures, Journey of the Universe explores cosmic and Earth evolution as a profound process of creativity, connection, and interdependence, and offers an opportunity to respond to the ecological and social challenges of our time. 

This opportunity began with my participation in the Sisters´ General Assembly, where Sr. Margarita asked me if we would be willing to host such an event in Florida when she would be visiting in December. In addition to the presentation, her visit gave our chapter members the opportunity for extended conversation and sharing. Sr. Margarita gifted us with her great understanding of our world but, more importantly, with her warmth and loving spirit.

This very successful event was the result of our getting to know the wider Maryknoll family and communicating together. In September, on behalf of all the affiliates, I promised the sisters that, wherever there are Affiliates, they would find hospitality and a desire for sharing in mission efforts. We relish this small but impactful collaboration within the Maryknoll family—and the joy of a holiday visit. 

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