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Dream and Do the Possible

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Roger Schiltz – Seattle Chapter 

Sr. Tuzinde, Mother of trees, and Roger planting trees in the Field of Dreams

 “First you do what is needed, then you do the possible. Then the impossible will happen.”

Kitty and I were in Chipole, Tanzania, waiting for the rain. Very little rain had fallen for five months. Everyone was waitting to plant when the new moon was in decline and the rainy season had begun.

This year we brought our daughter Laura and her friend Jenny with us. It was their first experience in Africa, and it was a pleasure being with them as they experienced the Tanzanian people. Two years ago, many people prayed for our daughter Laura when she was sick with Goodpasture Syndrome, a kidney disease. Many sisters in Chipole prayed for her. I was overwhelmed when I saw some of the sisters hug Laura, telling her that they had prayed for her and were happy to see her alive.


Jenny and Laura eat chicken cooked by Sr. Tuzinde.

We accompanied Laura and Jenny to see the animals in the Selous Game Reserve and to swim in the blue-green Indian Ocean at Zanzibar, but taking them to the Field of Dreams (ten acres of trees we had helped plant) was the greatest experience for Kitty and me.

Mama Miti (the mother of trees) met us at the kibanda (hut) in the Field of Dreams, where she was cooking a chicken for Laura and Jenny in a clay stove. We ate it together, enjoying the Tanzanian cultural practice of serving chicken to welcome visitors, while we shared the experiences and the spirituality of tree planting.

We are experimenting with many ideas in the Field of Dreams. Some have succeeded. There are about 4,500 trees. Some are two feet tall. Some are 20 feet tall. This will be the third year of planting ten acres in sunflowers. The sunflower seeds are squeezed for sunflower cooking oil. Last year we planted passion fruit that produced a supply of juice for the sisters. We will increase the amount of passion fruit this year, as many plants survived the five months of drought. Many of the new passion fruit plants are growing along a 100-foot-long arbor of passion that you can walk through. The entry way is called mlango was paradiso (door of paradise). We do have some fun explaining the name to people who are invited to visit the Field of Dreams and enter the Door of Paradise.

Sr. Tuzinde, her brother, and Roger discuss “long bar” beehive under recently constructed covered apiary.

Our newest adventure in the Field of Dreams is beekeeping. We now have six honeybee hives and expect six colonies of bees this year at harvest time. Sr. Tuzinde (the mother of bees) is learning about bees for the first time in Tanzania, and Kitty and I are learning beekeeping at home in Lacey, WA. We sent Sister a bee suit and smoker when we got home. It should be interesting for all of us. 

First you have to try something, such as beekeeping. Take a risk. Then you have to do the possible, and the impossible will happen.




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