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Friday, 02 May 2014 00:00

The Cosmic Egg Hunt

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Bob Short – Executive Coordinator

An announcement was made during our church’s Easter morning liturgy that an Easter egg hunt for the children would take place immediately after Mass. To the best of my knowledge, no one found, nor did anyone think to hide, the elusive cosmic egg that day. 

The term, found in many creation myths, refers to a kind of beginning (egg) from which a primordial life form or the universe (cosmos) hatched. For the young among us, “Cosmic Egg” is probably better known as the second studio album by Wolfmother, an Australian rock band. If you are close to my age, I suspect you will not find it in your extensive CD collection.

In modern times, the cosmic egg is understood to mean the central paradigm or worldview that, most often subliminally, directs what we do and choices we make on our earthly trek. For all those among us who once again said, “Yes” to Jesus’ resurrection this Easter, it might be a good time to try to get a sense of the underlying message in our guiding paradigm. 

In a very moving and impactful Easter homily at Saint Mary’s, the pastor started off by saying that even after almost 40 years of being a priest, he still, “did not fully get (believe in enough) the radical message of the resurrection… .” Otherwise, he said, his life would have changed more. He would laugh more, care more, put aside his workaholic tendencies, be less petty, try always to see more deeply, etc. The honesty and integrity of his words to this culturally diverse and mostly poor community of parishioners quieted the crowd only a sentence or two into the homily. Sitting among them, I thought to myself, “the Church needs more leaders like this.”

A Scripture passage came to me as I reflected on that day: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:30). I remember many years ago reading a poignant statement on this passage by Paul Tillich, the Protestant theologian and existential philosopher; he said that indeed Jesus’ yoke is easy, but that organized religion very often was culpable for making it burdensome. Like the pastor at Saint Mary’s, perhaps we too don’t yet fully “get” the depth of the Easter message. But, if our guiding paradigm is expansive enough and our daily searching authentic enough, we will begin to speak of our spiritual experience of God as peaceful, easy, expectant, and filled with joy. The children searching for those eggs already seemed to have this down quite well. 



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