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The Lord said, “Go”

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This reflection was movingly presented by Noel Krebs (Goshen) and Mary Beth Buchner (Albany). 

And the Lord said, “Go!

        and I said, “Who, me:”

        and God said, “Yes you!


      and I said, “But I’m not ready yet and there is company coming, and I can’t leave my kids. You know there’s no one to take my place.”

And God said, “You’re stalling,”

Again the Lord said, “Go!

        and I said, “But I don’t want to,”

And God said, “I didn’t ask you if you wanted to,”

       and I said, “Listen, I’m not the kind of person to get involved in controversy. Besides, my family won’t like it, and what will the neighbors think!”

And God said,  “Baloney!”

And yet a third time the Lord said, “Go!

        and I said, “Do I have to?”

        and God said, “Do you love me?

        and I said, “Look, I’m scared… People are going to hate me… and cut me up into little pieces…I can’t take it all by myself,”

And God said, “Where do you think I’ll be?

And the Lord said, “Go!

        and I sighed, “Here I am, send me!”

—Lois Hodrick



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