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Angels Come in All Sizes

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Dave Schaffner – Affiliate Board Finance Committee

Knock, knock.
Who’s there? – Dave!
Dave who? – Dave Schaffner, the appeal letter guy.
Oh, I got your letter!
     ... (Where did I put it?)

 I’m pleased to say that Maryknoll Affiliates have responded generously to our annual appeals, meeting the goal for the last four years. You should have received your letter in November, opening the Affiliate appeal year, which runs from November 1 to October 31 (Available at: Appeal Letter and Form) Our goal this year is $21,900, to fund the 2015 operating budget. This covers expenses such as travel, printing, and costs of communication. Our partners—Maryknoll Sisters, Fathers and Brothers, and Lay Missioners—provide the salary and benefits for our Executive Coordinator.

Mid-Year Letter. What about that letter your received last July? For the past several years, we have also been sending a mid-year reminder, in case you had put the November letter in the “to do” slot in your desk, and find many months later (as I often have) that the “to do” was never done. We encourage you to make your 2015 donation now. Then, when that letter comes next summer, you can look at it as a “Thank You,” not as a request for a second contribution. Of course, if you choose to contribute again, it will be gratefully accepted.

Periodic Transfers. Many of you have avoided forgetting our appeal in your “to do” slot by arranging for periodic transfers to the Affiliates from your checking account or credit card through the Fathers & Brothers, who handle our account (for which, by the way, we are very thankful). Of course we appreciate periodic payments; it helps to know those funds are coming in regularly, whether monthly, bimonthly, or on some other schedule. These periodic transfers continue until you stop them, saving you the hassle of responding to the appeal in future years. If you wish to change the account or amount, be sure to contact the Fathers and Brothers directly.

Our Angels. Your support of the Affiliates has been outstanding. Over the past four years, the number of contributors has increased sharply, from 120 to 190 households. In addition to meeting our operational budget goals in recent years, we have carried out special projects such as the MAC 2011 and MAC 2014 Scholarship/Travel Grant programs and our 2014 website redesign. We have been blessed with some large donations, and these contributions are most welcome, but we recognize that the financial health of the Affiliates depends upon all our angels; we need a broad base of support. Thank you and God bless.

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