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Still Talking about MAC 2014

Written by MAC 2014 Attendees
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Translated from No Tan Lejos del Horizonte, August 2014

Fatima Carrera, Perú: Meaning of the Third Wave: I think it’s time for the Maryknoll Affiliates to appropriate the true meaning of its role as laity and take our special role in society. It’s time to discern the signs of the times and in our daily work to be signs pointing to a just and equitable society, to defend human rights, to form a body of opinion about the country in which we find ourselves, to enforce the rights of people who have no voice, to be the hands and ears of God among the people.

Kitty Madden, Nicaragua: Being reunited with Affiliates from the Latin American countries and the US was definitely the best part of MAC 2014 for me. No matter who was sitting next to me at meals or lectures, on the bus, in moments of prayer or socializing I always felt I was participating in a community that shared the spirit of mission and spirituality connected by prayer and the pursuit of peace and justice for everyone. The support was very important and was evident in moments of prayer and liturgy. A key issue for me was being able to share our personal work stories among the Chapters; it also helped to ground our everyday theory.

For me the so-named “third wave” is an invitation to move “beyond the borders” and become aware of what we share in common as citizens of the world and of the call we have to work together for peace and justice for all. It is vital to respect the different ways to get to God; it is a call to value all religions and to establish a dialogue and learn from each other. It is vital that we care for Mother Earth. My hope is that we all learn about and through the Institute of the Third Wave of Mission briefly introduced by Matt Russo and Father Gerry Kelly. I think it would be wonderful if the next MAC meeting takes place in Latin America.

Alberto Bailetti, Perú: It was a significant event in my life. It was an opportunity to hark back to my baptism, but becoming aware that this sacrament made me a missionary of God. To recognize that essentially this implies a commitment to love God and our neighbor, especially the most vulnerable; with those who are reflected in the face of the Infant Jesus in the arms of Our Lady on the Holy Hill in Ossining, New York. I am also happy to have shared at MAC 2014 this same dream with the other members of the Maryknoll family in this new wave of mission.


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