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Manny Hotchkiss & Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss – Portland Chapter 

“New” Affiliates in Lima have deep Maryknoll roots. 

In his introduction, Raul Llamas, the coordinator, explained that the Niño Jesús Affiliados de Maryknoll work as a group with the poor, with drug addicts, with those experiencing family problems, and with the youth in the streets. “We are a community that formed to serve our neighbors.” Amelia stated that some of these people’s problems come because they lack faith. She hopes that those they serve will come to know Jesus in their heads and in their hearts.

Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:00

Justice and Nonviolence

Written by

Kathee Bautista – Los Angeles Chapter

[The editors asked Kathee Bautista, mother of Kimberly Bautista, to update us on Justice for My Sister. The Jan/Feb 2014 NSFA featured Kimberly’s film and Kathee’s Guatemala travels.]

Over the last 2 months, the Justice for My Sister organization has co-sponsored two workshops in Los Angeles on healthy relationships. Kimberly Bautista has taken the film to Mexico City and New York City. In addition, the Justice for My Sister campaign against domestic violence is moving through Ecuador. Kimberly will be traveling to Ecuador in late April to join the volunteers there. See their Facebook page,

Wednesday, 07 May 2014 00:00

Affiliates Meet in Anaheim

Written by

John Hernandez & Kathee Bautista – Los Angeles Chapter  

Photos taken at Congress, including this one of Affiliates “gathering with” Pope Francis, may be viewed on the LA Maryknoll Affiliates’ Facebook page at:

Maryknoll Affiliates gathered at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress at the Anaheim Convention Center. Two attendees commented:

John Hernandez – On Saturday, March 15, several Affiliates gathered at the RE Congress.  Los Angeles Affiliates present were Tim Moffett, Sister Kathryn Shannon, Irma Pazmino, Richard Perez, Kathee Bautista, Joe and Peggy Santos, and Deacon Leonel Yoque. Fr. Jack Moynihan, a Maryknoll Father who lives in the Bay Area, joined us. Fr. Jack is planning to attend our next meeting in Los Angeles, since he will be in town at the time, and we will give him time on the agenda to introduce himself to us.

Kathee Bautista – We had a great time at the Congress. I worked at the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers booth both Saturday and Sunday and met wonderful people while we distributed 380 to 400 of our fliers. We can expect to see a few new folks at our next meeting in Little Tokyo, including parishioners from St. Francis Xavier. We met several graduates from Maryknoll Schools worldwide who continue to embrace the Maryknoll spirit. Youth leaders expressed interest in immersion trips. We also made contacts with groups that might want to collaborate with us in the future. 



Tuesday, 06 May 2014 00:00

Playing Big 

Written by

Mef Ford – Greater Boston/New England Chapter 

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 

 Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond

 ... Your playing small does not serve the world. 

 ... We are all meant to shine, as children do.” 

             —Marianne Williamson

The Greater Boston/New England Affiliate Chapter meets bimonthly to enjoy reflection, personal sharing, prayer, and a potluck meal together. About a dozen members include those who have served mission needs on their own or with other groups, as well as former lay missioners, sisters, and priests. Maryknoll brothers and fathers had attended until recently but have since moved elsewhere. 

At our meeting this month, we reflected on Nelson Mandela and Jim Madden, MM, men who were not afraid to play big, as well as on personal models who saw our individual lights and encouraged our living full-out. But laying wreaths at the feet of others can beg the challenge to fill our own shoes. So we went on to reveal to each other ways in which we are playing small or are confronting fear and taking the risk to act powerfully. 

Monday, 05 May 2014 00:00

A Chapter Meeting to Remember

Written by

Kathie Gribble – Fox Cities Chapter, Affiliate Board Member

“Good meeting” was the feeling all around.

Our Fox Cities-Wisconsin Chapter is active in various local and global activities, but we meet as Maryknollers only three times a year. This February we had an exceptional meeting. Only four of our six members were present, but the simple Easy Meeting format carried us through all the information we needed to share and enter into a deeper experience.

We honored the memory of our dear co-founder, Fr. Jim Madden, MM, following the Irish Funeral Prayer format. After “Touchdown”—sharing in a few sentences our most current concern, interest, or joy, we highlighted recent Maryknoll developments:

Monday, 05 May 2014 00:00

Please Pray for Her Family…

Written by

Mary Logan – Red Bank Chapter

Kelly Gordon, my former student and a Red Bank Maryknoll Affiliate for three years, was killed on April 10th as she attempted to cross 84th street in New York City.

Kelly, a senior at Boston College due to graduate in May, was in NYC with her sister to interview for a job. Kelly was a quiet and wonderful young woman who had a deep sense of compassion for all, but especially for children.




Pat Denevan and Mary Gill Denevan – Merida Chapter 

Take Care of the People

We have a small grocery store in our neighborhood called Abarrotes Don Chucho. Abarrotes are groceries; Don is a title of respect, and Chucho is a short name for Jesús. If you remember your Spanish you can translate the extenso surtido (great choice) they offer. 

Saturday, 03 May 2014 00:00

Where Am I Eating? – A Review

Written by

Paula Schaffner – CA Central Coast Chapter

Where Am I Eating? by Kelsey Timmerman, published by Wiley, 2013.

Author Kelsey Timmerman, having previously taken readers through the question, Where Am I Wearing?, next tackles food products (Wiley, 2013). Traveling to countries that are major exporters of coffee, chocolate, bananas, lobster, and apple juice, Timmerman seeks to experience a day in the life of the grower/harvester of each product. 

Friday, 02 May 2014 00:00

The Cosmic Egg Hunt

Written by

Bob Short – Executive Coordinator

An announcement was made during our church’s Easter morning liturgy that an Easter egg hunt for the children would take place immediately after Mass. To the best of my knowledge, no one found, nor did anyone think to hide, the elusive cosmic egg that day. 

Thursday, 01 May 2014 00:00

Maryknoll Affiliate Board Nominations

Written by

John Meyer - Maryknoll Affiliate Board Nominations Committee

  We are currently seeking nominations of individuals for appointment to the Maryknoll Affiliate Board. We need members who are dedicated to serving the Affiliate movement and who will share our commitment to building a strong and sustainable organization.

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