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Tuesday, 31 July 2018 21:17

About Berrigan

A review of

AT PLAY IN THE LIONS’ DEN, by Jim Forest, Orbis Books, 2017

Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss – Portland Chapter

This biography and memoir of Daniel Berrigan, recently released by Orbis Books, has justly received much good press. It was reviewed by both America ( and NCR ( 

As I began reading, I was impressed that there are pictures on almost every page, and that the book has an extensive index, notes, and a bibliography. Pertinent quotes fill frequent sidebars, and readers are treated to snippets of his poetry. 

In just the first few pages, I learned that three former Maryknollers were included in the Catonsville Nine, who were tried with Berrigan for their 1968 burning of draft records that earned him and several others a prison term.  Some stories added insights into Berigan’s close relationship with Phil Berrigan, his activist priest/brother.

My uncle’s vim and vision and vitality crackle out of the pages of Jim Forest’s book.
Dan Berrigan, Presente!
—Frida Berrigan

I kept reading, enjoying the personal stories, his connection with prominent authors such as Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day, and his evolving consciousness about the Viet Nam War, war in general, and nuclear weapons. Since I have lived through some of the same evolutions and times, his memoir allowed me to see with a new perspective and to better acknowledge the troubling positions of the Catholic Church and our country with respect to war.  Orbis and Jim Forest have done it again—bringing us great stories and insights. I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this book!

Note: Affiliates, don’t forget to ask for your special 40% discount! 



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Tuesday, 31 July 2018 21:03

My  Virtual Mission

Paula Schaffner – California Central Coast Chapter

When the opportunity has presented itself, I have enjoyed being physically present to engage in short-term mission work. However, this time the call came as a request for “someone to help update our website” in Chicago Affiliate Renate Schneider’s Haitian Connection newsletter. My husband and I had twice volunteered at the university she spearheaded after the 2011 earthquake, and we knew of some of the various programs Renate shepherds through her NGO. Having learned how to post articles on our Maryknoll Affiliates’ website and not having an overloaded schedule, I thought I could help support her efforts in this way.

The updating became a matter of starting a new website from scratch with a WordPress format, partly because I don’t know how to “write code,” the way her original website had been developed. I had to learn new skills even to do this, but no one else had offered to help, and Renate was extremely patient. After only about six months, off and on, we were able to launch the new website. From now on, my volunteer job will be only to post occasional updates.

Although I sat on my couch to do this volunteer work, I felt it was a worthwhile offering. My frequent struggles reminded me of one bible scholar’s comment that God asks us to perform from our weakness, not our strength. Maybe that’s so we’ll realize God was helping us when we succeed.

Besides sharing this experience to encourage you to be open to new ways of doing mission, I want to invite you to visit Renate’s new website:

Learn about the many initiatives she has developed—building homes for women, microcredit, small business startups, mental health programs, and more. Maybe you will see a way that you can help!


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Tuesday, 31 July 2018 20:53

A Reader’s Love Letter


Hi Bob, 

I’m writing to you, but feel free to share it with anyone.  

I think it’s due to all the crap going on in the world, or here in our once wonderful country, but when I read the latest issue of the Not So Far Afield, it just lifted my heart in a beautiful way that I desperately needed.

Although I know there at many people doing wonderful things around the world, these articles helped to put things in a better perspective so that I can try to look at things in a different way. It really made a difference in my attitude—at least until the next ... fiasco.

So thanks to you and all the Affiliates for your great contribution to the disadvantaged in this world.

      Love, Kathy*

*Kathy Wright served the Maryknoll Lay Missioners for over 30 years, in the role of 
Admissions Co-coordinator for a good part of that time.


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Tuesday, 31 July 2018 20:45

Read Up on Dialogue

John Moritz – NE Florida Chapter, SE Regional Coordinator

Why focus on inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue? Maryknoll has always included finding and crossing the borders, the boundaries, to encounter the “other,” that which is foreign, different. Inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue are necessarily an integral component of our mission. We, as Affiliates, reflect that charism, and these offerings are valuable resources for both reflection and action.

Words to Live By: Sacred Sources for Interreligious Engagement, edited by Rose, Ziad, and Hessler

This collection of essays by authors from various religious backgrounds is very readable and gives flesh and blood to the notion of dialogue. The stories convey a sense of the oneness that people experienced in developing relationships with those of different backgrounds and faiths. This is a really good source book for personal reflection in preparation for interreligious dialogue activities.


A Christology of Religions, by: Gerald O’Collins, SJ

Just as I began to tire of what was becoming too academic or remote in this readable but scholarly text, another gem would jump out. O’Collins placed the traditional elements of Christology in the context of today’s’ emerging understanding of Church. His Christological framework, well within traditional teachings, helps on my journey to move from an ego-centered to an eco-centered theology.


The Risk of Hope: How to talk about God in the World Today, by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

This book proclaims all that Maryknoll stands for in a most humble, caring, and truly loving manner. Cardinal Tagle shares himself in a series of anecdotes which illustrate that this man “gets” servant leadership. People who have endorsed his writings say that he has to be on a very short list for successor to Pope Francis at the next conclave. I sure hope so.

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Maryknoll Affiliates in Action

While saber-rattling and violence makes the news, Portland Maryknoll Affiliates urge you to take action positively by joining them for Mission Nonviolence, Sept. 21-23. This free regional conference if open to all Affiliates and Maryknollers. Come to learn and experience more of our tradition of nonviolence, its beauty and effectiveness. Come and share your story of growth and reconciliation with organizations who are working nonviolently for the Beloved Community. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or with this completed RSVP form.

Mission Nonviolence  – RSVP           

Maryknoll Affiliates Mini-Regional Conference

              Portland, Oregon   Sept. 21-23, 2018

Moving our Broader Community to Nonviolence and Peace

We explore Active Nonviolent approaches for addressing the challenges before us.

Bring information about your causes.

Email this document as your RSVP to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please provide your information below and mark each event you will attend.

Date__________ Email_________________________________ Affiliate Chapter _______________

Name_________________________________________   Phone _____________________________

Suggested free will donation: $10 to Spirit of Grace.  Donations are appreciated and help cover our costs 

____ Friday, Sept. 21, 6 PM – Maryknoll Affiliate social and casual dinner at the Hotchkiss home.

         Location: 35 NW 107th Ave., Portland OR 97229.  Food and beverages are provided.

         FOCUS: Share your ideas about Maryknoll Spirituality and Community.

____ Saturday, Sept. 22, 9 AM-4 PM – Active Nonviolence Workshop Open to the public.

           Rivera Sun, Active Nonviolence trainer will provide strategies for addressing change.  

           Location:  Spirit of Grace, Mission of the Atonement                  Lunch is provided.

                         7400 SW Scholls Ferry Rd., Beaverton OR 97008       MAP link  

          5:30 PM Catholic Mass at Spirit of Grace.

____ Sat. Sept. 22, 7:00 PM: Affiliate Open Mic – enjoy pizza and share stories, songs, skits, etc.

 ____ Sunday, Sept. 23, 12:30 PMMaryknoll Affiliate gathering and catered lunch.

           Location to be announced at the workshop on Saturday, Sept. 22.

           FOCUS: Share your ideas and plans for Global Vision and Action.

To honor the practice of Active Nonviolence and Care for Creation, all provided meals are meatless.

____ I have a special diet and I will bring my own food. (Refrigerator and microwave are available.)

The conference does not provide housing. A few motels close to the meeting location:

     Peppertree Inn (503) 641-7477;    Embassy Suites (503) 644-4000;    Marriot Courtyard (503) 641-3200  

     Staying with friends in the Portland area? Invite them to RSVP and join us!

____ I need local transportation. My cell phone: __________________________

____ I can provide local transportation. My cell phone: _______________________

(We may share phone numbers between those who need/can provide transportation.)

I am happy to help with: (Please mark all that apply.)

Friday:   Greeter ____    Set-up ____     Clean-up ____

Saturday Workshop:   Greeter/Door person____     Song leader____     Set-up/Clean-up____  

Saturday Mass:   Lector____   Eucharistic Minister____  Music leader/Music selection ____  

Saturday Open Mic:  MC ____   List organizer ____    Entertainment ____     Clean up ____

Sunday 12:30 Lunch:  Greeter____   Set-up/clean-up____   Other:____________________ 180703

Tuesday, 17 July 2018 17:50

Free Webinar: Rejoice & Be Glad

Date: July 24, 2018
Time: 2:00 pm Eastern
Presenters:        Deacon Matt Dulka (green hat)
                        Associate Director
                        Maryknoll Church Engagement
                        Fr. Bob Jalbert, MM (white hat)
                        Maryknoll Church Engagement
Cost: Free. Registration is required.
  We need a spirit of holiness capable of  filling both      our solitude and our service, our personal life and      our evangelizing efforts, so that every moment can    be an expression of self-sacrificing love in the         Lord’s   eyes. (Gaudete et Exsultate, para. 31)

Dear Affiliate Community,

As members of the Maryknoll family we are blessed by the over 100 year legacy of Maryknollers bringing social justice and ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of peoples around the world. 

We all need to recognize our individual and collective responsibility in protecting the Maryknoll name and insuring that it is not misused in any way. The attached statement titled, "Maryknoll Relationship" summarizes our responsibilities. While it has been in place for many years, this is probably a good time to refresh our memories. Please print this document and take it to your next Affiliate meeting for a short discussion.

If questions arise where you need counsel, please contact Executive Coordinator Bob Short at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, for Maryknoll positions on many global issues, Gerry Lee, Executive Director, Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Best wishes and peace,

Dave Schaffner, Board Chair, Maryknoll Affiliates

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


Maryknoll Affiliates Our Maryknoll Relationship

The relationship between the Affiliates and other Maryknoll missioners is to empower all parties to be connected to the people they both serve—in global vision, spirituality, community, and mission action.


Maryknoll Affiliates commit themselves to the mission goals of Maryknoll through an Affiliate relationship. All who respect Maryknoll’s Catholic identity are welcome to participate in this Affiliate relationship. Maryknoll Affiliates are respectful of the human dignity of every person.

At all times, Maryknoll Affiliates strive to conduct themselves with integrity and in a responsible manner that will reflect positively on the reputation     of Maryknoll. This includes all dealings with Maryknollers, other Maryknoll Affiliates, and especially with all the people whom Maryknoll serves. Additionally, from time to time, Affiliates work with Maryknoll missioners in mission education and promotion in schools and churches and participate in short-term mission service. In those situations, Maryknoll Affiliates abide by all policies and procedures of the responsible Maryknoll entity.

Maryknoll Affiliates assume their own financial and legal responsibilities. As Maryknoll Affiliates, members are not agents, employees, representatives, or members of any of the three Maryknoll entities and are not under legal  or financial obligation to Maryknoll (except for the Executive Coordinator or others who are employed by Maryknoll). Maryknoll does not compensate a Maryknoll Affiliate for gifts or talents shared with any of the Maryknoll entities or for injuries, sickness, or death incurred when acting within the Affiliate relationship or otherwise.

Maryknoll is not under legal or financial obligation to a Maryknoll Affiliate and is not legally responsible for any action or representation of a Maryknoll Affiliate unless such act or representation is specifically authorized by the responsible representative of Maryknoll leadership.

Maryknoll Affiliates’ Responsibilities

Maryknoll Affiliates:

  • participate in the mission goals of Maryknoll by joining with others in a local or virtual Affiliate
  • after an appropriate period of discernment, may be officially recognized as a Maryknoll Affiliate by the local Affiliate
  • participate in local Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter meetings faithfully attending at least three each
  • respect and participate in the four Affiliate pillars of: Spirituality, Community, Global Vision, and

Maryknoll Affiliates strive to be respectful and loving to all and will not:

  • participate in any harassing behavior including epithets, slurs, negative stereotyping or threatening, intimidating, or hostile
  • display or circulate material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward any individual or
  • make intimidating, hostile, derogatory, contemptuous or otherwise offensive conduct or remarks.
  • engage in any behavior that may be harmful to the health and safety of the
  • engage in any behavior that may be detrimental to
  • discriminate against any other person on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or the presence of any physical, mental, or sensory

This behavior is affirmed primarily in the local Affiliate Chapter, where fellow Affiliates encourage one another to live in a spirit of mutual commitment, trust, and accountability. Should a Maryknoll Affiliate violate the above standards, which may have potential legal ramifications and/or may harm the name of Maryknoll, the Regional Coordinator and Executive Coordinator should be contacted immediately.

Sunday, 08 July 2018 15:42

Regional Event - Mission Nonviolence






Inviting all Maryknoll Affiliates to

Mission Nonviolence:

Moving our Broader Community to Nonviolence and Peace

Regional Maryknoll Affiliate Conference

Sept. 21-23, 2018

Rivera Sun, noted author, activist, and Active

Nonviolence trainer will lead us to address change.

Learn from nonviolent activist organizations.

Friday, 6 PM – Maryknoll Affiliate Social and casual dinner

Bring your ideas about Maryknoll Spirituality and Community.

Saturday, 9 AM – 4 PM – FREE Active Nonviolence Workshop Saturday workshop

Open to the public – bring a friend!

Saturday workshop followed by 5:30 PM Affiliate Mass, pizza, and Open Mic

Sunday, 12:30 PM – Maryknoll Affiliate gathering and lunch. Share your ideas

and plans for Global Vision and nonviolent Action.

To practice Active Nonviolence and Care for Creation, all provided meals

are meatless.

Special diet? Bring what you can enjoy and eat with us!

Housing and transportation are NOT provided.

All events and meals are FREE! Free-will offerings will be gratefully accepted.

Hosted by the Portland Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter

Contact Mary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or 503 317-2185 to RSVP for each day



Sunday, 01 July 2018 17:35

Families Belong Together!!

Families Together - New London CT June 30, 2018

On Saturday 6/30 Paula and Dave Schaffner participated in the Families Belong Together March/Rally in San Luis Obispo, CA with 500 – 1000 others who came out to express their voice against the administration policy (one of too many) that is separating children from their families.  The photo above was taken by Bob Short as people were gathering for a rally he attended in New London, CT. with 400-500 others from around that small city. 

If any of you had the chance to participate in a March or Rally in your local area for this cause, please send photos with captions to NSFA editor Paula Schaffner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..