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The need for justice and peace for the Palestinian (and Israeli) people is way overdue.  We need all of those interested in helping bring about a more just situation to join together and try to make sure the U.S. government becomes a positive player for justice and peace in that region.

To do this, we need many advocates in every Congressional District in the country to let our Senators, Congress people and other pertinent government leaders know what they can do to promote justice and peace in this area of the world and that we oppose U.S. government actions that further the injustice and lack of peace in the area.

Therefore, the Pax Christi International Washington Working Group, of which PCUSA is a key member (along with the Columban Center for Advocacy & Outreach, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd), is setting up a national grassroots advocacy network.  Its initial aims are simple - to get at least two Catholics in as many of the 435 Congressional districts in the country as possible to agree to try to advocate by e-mail (or in other ways) with either their Senators and Congressperson (or another relevant government leaders) at least once per month.  

Friday, 08 June 2018 14:36

Volcán de Fuego - Guatemala

Thank You for your prayers, love and concern.

The eruption of Fuego Volcano on Sunday noon was the biggest in more than four decades, forcing the closure of Guatemala´s international airport and dumping ash on thousands of acres of coffee farms on the volcano´s slopes. Two cities where devastated.  As of Monday 6/4, 62 are dead  (as of 6/7, 76 have died and 200 are missing).  Sadly, the vulnerable people were the most affected. They have lost family members. Their houses are underground.  There is no food and some have terrible burns over their bodies. The fire fighters continue to search for bodies…perhaps a few will still be found alive.

For you to have a reference point of one of the cities affected - it was Sacatepéquez, a site approximately twenty kilometers from the Retreat House where many of you participated in MAC 2017.

The people of Guatemala are very supportive of their country men and women, and a lot of help has been in evidence since the date of the tragedy. Some of us are supporting with money, because one of the affiliate is a doctor and she will collect the money to buy medicine needed by the people.  Most of the people are helping with food, clothes, and any other material.


[From Bob Short... The Albany Chapter has been in close contact with the Maryknoll Sisters working in the area, providing many different levels of support.  If you like to see more go to:]

This is a very tragic situation for our beloved people. As always, the vulnerable people gets the worst.

In the name of the Guatemala Chapter and the people from Guatemala I thank you for your -


Rosa Beatriz

Guatemala Chapter & Affiliate Board Member